Wednesday, March 16, 2011

# 305: The Infinite God of Love

The human mind, with even the stretching of our imagination, will never be able to comprehend all the abilities of an infinite/limitless God. And yet, this post will attempt to explore that unknown.

Our God, the God of our planet and solar system, is also the one God of other forms of intelligent life of planets in our own galaxy, along with an infinite number of those in the universe that already have acquired intelligence, are getting closer to becoming intelligent, and planets on which God has already accomplished His purpose. Some of these distant planets no doubt have more advanced forms of intelligent communication than us humans, such as mental telepathy, vibrations, etc., with which we are not very familiar.

Here is a mind-boggling attribute of the God that controls the complete universe: He is one God, and yet He can have His attention on an endless number of different topics according to whichever planets He is working on. On each planet that has an environment conducive to physical life, He is there guiding the natural process of a few that will/might eventually mature into beings that will eventually become part of His fold.

I am totally convinced that there are such planets in our Milky Way Galaxy. The most convincing evidence is in what we have been calling “flying saucers.” I wrote about an experience I had about fifteen years ago in a post, but I forgot what post it is in. It is worthy of repeating.

My master bedroom had a covered balcony. One night before I went to bed, I went out to get a breath of fresh air, and to gaze at the countless stars. As I was looking in the southwest sky, I saw two objects going in small circles rather quickly. I knew there was something different about these circles because they were going in a complete circle every few seconds. Lo and behold, they merged into one circle. I think I lost track of them for a few minutes until I saw a lighted object fairly close to the ground—I would guess a thousand feet or so—as it passed just west over my house. I lost track of it as it went out of my sight because my roof was in the way. I ran down stairs to see if I could still see it, but I couldn’t find it.

In the morning, I called the police station to find out if anyone else saw it. I was disappointed that no one else reported seeing it.

I have been an ardent organic gardener the majority of my life. I had a gigantic garden with a large pumpkin patch. It must have been late summer or early fall, because some of the pumpkins were orange. The next morning, as I was going about my usual early-morning weed patrol, I was surprised to see one small pumpkin close to my balcony. It was about 6 or 7 inches in diameter, and wasn’t totally orange yet; half of it was missing. It had a perfectly straight cut, not jagged or crooked. I said to myself, there are no kids in the neighborhood who would have stolen only half of a small pumpkin that wasn’t even ripe yet, when there were many that were fully ripe and much bigger.

I had my youngest daughter still living with me. I told her what I saw that night and told her about the half of a missing pumpkin. I told her it must have been aliens. That was the first time in my life I have ever seen her frightened. When she came home that evening, I mentioned to her again about what I saw and about the pumpkin again. She got the frightened look again and said, “Please, Dad; don’t talk about it.” Years later, I mentioned the same topic. “Dad, please; I don’t want to hear it.” It must have been very frightening for her, and for good reason. She never told me, but I guessed she must have thought that with aliens so close, she could have been abducted.

This experience convinced me that there are other intelligent beings most certainly living in our galaxy, which are extremely advanced in their technology. That half of a pumpkin is the first hardcore physical evidence—to my knowledge—that we have distant neighbors who may be interested in us (our planet). I want to mention again that what got me thinking it was someone/something outside this planet was the precision of the cut, and that it happened the same/next day that I saw the strange flying objects.

The questions I now ask myself are these: Were the occupants of that flying object friendly or dangerous? Did they have knowledge of a Supreme Being (God)? What were they looking for? What type of fuel did they use to travel such a great distance? Did they take that half of a pumpkin to see what type of food we earthlings eat? Did they take only half of the pumpkin and not a bigger one that was ripe, because they may have been concerned about extra weight for their craft? Did they take the seeds from that pumpkin and plant them to see if they would grow in their environment? How long did it take for them to acquire the knowledge to enter into other solar systems? Is our planet in danger of an invasion from intelligent beings that are losing their ability to remain on their planet because of their dimming suns, or from the pollution they released in their environment, or other detrimental scenarios? One thing I am certain of is this: They are not examining planet earth just for a pleasurable joyride.

A frightening thought is this: What advanced cognitive and mind-altering abilities do aliens have? Do they have the technology to take over our planet without our knowledge by entering mind- altering “whatever” to negate the thought process of certain healthy, robust individuals, and thus take over their complete cognitive functions? At this time, there may already be a few powerful individuals on earth who have had this sort of mind-altering cognitive transplant without even knowing it.

Although this may seem like some sort of comic book fiction, when dealing with advanced civilizations, our threat of demise, or benevolent transformation of our “out-of-control greed” may come from aliens. When college students—my daughter was one—are studying cognitive neuroscience, they and their instructors would be the ones who may be aware of the almost limitless possibilities (good or bad) because of the plasticity and intricateness of the human brain, which advanced civilizations may have already mastered.

Getting back to our great God whose works are beyond human comprehension, the question that must be silently asked by many is this: What is the fundamental reason for the existence of our gigantic—to say the least—universe, which was created by the workings of Almighty God’s mind?

This is a good place to slip in a poignant question for all atheists or Christians who have atheist friends: Ask them to please give a logical answer as to where the physical material, regardless how large or small it was, came from—since matter can’t create itself out of nothing—that they believe formed our gigantic universe. If they don’t have a creditable/rational answer, they better start investigating the Christian God. When physicist Stephen Hawking was asked that question, he responded, “ At that point in time, that is where our law of physics breaks down.” Although his answer was correct and honest, it still is an extremely poor theory for science to embrace.

Since our God is eternal, He had to have an eternal mission, which is to display His love and goodness to all living beings who desire to join Him in this eternal task. Love and goodness are the main attributes that completely satisfy all living beings who have attached themselves to Him.

However, of all the celestial planets and whatever else may be in the universe, the bulk of them will never have an environment conducive of supporting physical life. Therefore, they are there only as useless debris that may eventually disintegrate, and then coalesce to become more habitable planets.

Repeating: The moral of this eternal, universal process is that the only thing God is interested in is to keep producing intelligent beings who live only for uncompromising, selfless love and God-type goodness. That fact implies that the only goal of everlasting values in our universe is intelligent beings of spiritual substance who have attached themselves to Almighty God.

A thought/fact that not many think of is that our physical universe is not everlasting/eternal. Our sun will end its life in about 7 billion years, possibly as a supernova. This infers that eventually, ALL the heavenly bodies we can see because of the light emitted by the billions upon billions of suns/stars will also succumb to the same fate as our sun. Then the universe will be but a mass of useless debris, which most likely will return from whence it came: to the mind of Almighty God.

As time does not exist in God’s abode, space is also not needed, because spirit beings take up no space. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for physical beings like you and me to visualize this concept. Heavenly beings will not need food, sleep or any of the commodities that we needed and were/are so accustomed to on earth. God Himself will be our light and the source of all our other needs. Revelation 21:23. “The city [anywhere in heaven] does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light . . .” Revelation 22:5. “There will be no more night. They [heavenly occupants] will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light.” Also, the celestial body called “the new earth” mentioned in Revelation 21:1 will also be made up of spiritual substance.

God and all His offspring will dominate the complete universe for all eternity. All the bad memories of what existed before will be no more. It is difficult for physical humans to contemplate a love that is not self-seeking or envious in any way, because all our needs—whatever they may be—will be satisfied by all the Godly love that we will be surrounded by forever.

In conclusion: I am certain many Christians have asked this question: What will we be doing that will keep us occupied for all eternity? My inspired insight/intuition indicates that we will never get tired of being in the company of Almighty God. That would include continually being exposed to all His wonders for all eternity. But one thing is for certain, if I am not correct; there will never be a dull moment—if moments exist—for the infinite number of heaven’s occupants. Matthew 29:30: “. . . they [we] will be like the angels in heaven.”


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Anonymous said...

really like your hard edged and honest acurate blogs telling it like it is and not how many would wish it to be.
i am not sure though if this last blog is serious. "aliens stole my pumpkin" i think ufo,s are a 20th century thing. why are thier not sightings of flying saucers in history books etc. maybe i am wrong but the lack of biblical references to these things seems strange.the only one to gain from trying to convince us of life on other planets etc is satan in order to draw us away from god.