Monday, December 05, 2005

#114: Anatomy of the Human Race

This post, with a few unanswered questions—which readers can answer—will be the most difficult subject I have ever attempted to explore. I don’t even know if I—or anyone, for that matter—is even qualified, whatever “qualified” implies. The reason is that there are countless variables that make us do and be what we are. Here are a few: Heredity (nature) most likely is one of the biggest factors. Environment (nurture) may also be a big factor; these two are engaged in a never ending controversy as to which is more dominant. Also, mutations during gestation play a part in creating esoteric individuals, either in positive or negative ways. After birth, what we become will depend on our environment, above and beyond what nature dictates.

All humans are unique as to their desires and motivations. But is there one factor in which we are alike? I think so, of course, with a few exceptions. We have the ability to become like the One who designed us. If that is true, the vast majority of us have failed. And even though we failed, that doesn’t mean we don’t retain at least several aspects of that potential, one of which is to feel/think as if we are more important, in our own eyes, than the next person. The reasoning behind that statement is that the designer is more important than all of us, and that inherited trait, for whatever reason, does not leave most of us. A well known term is “survival of the fittest” (“hooray for me and boo for you,” or “I love me; who do you love?”). That is the main reason for our present existence. But the dark side of survival is greed, to any degree, which stems from insecurity as to what tomorrow will bring, or other selfish motives. Many will justify the word “greed” by replacing it with euphemisms such as “prosperous,” “fortunate,” “go-getter,” “wealthy,” “enjoying the good life,” “hard worker,” “blessed,” the American dream,” etc. Nevertheless, greed, when we attempt to deny its harm, or our desire to dress it up as legitimate, is where many of humanity’s conflicts start and never end.

We all desire to be loved and needed, though some will deny that fact. When we start to examine why this is so, we realize that without being needed or loved, we may feel worthless, unwanted or many other negative emotions. Therefore, to be joyful and happy, we need to feel important within ourselves, and being loved/needed, to a degree, accomplishes that. Then, some will strive to make up for that feeling of rejection, loneliness or insecurity with wealth and materialism, but that endeavor by itself will without question fail to produce meaningful love. One can own the whole, material world—if that were possible—and still feel unloved. Like the song says, “Money can’t buy me love.” Of course, some attempt to find needed love and acceptance through romantic relationships. That may suffice for a while, but when they become “old hat,” that type of admiration fails to produce the type of love humans desire. Even pure love—if there is such thing–between husband and wife can end in disaster: death of a spouse, a midlife crisis, etc. ends in divorce, which neither loving partner could have ever envisioned. We must face the fact that there are no lifetime guarantees with our somewhat frivolous human love.

Some have a desire to dominate others (king of the hill). This trait creates hatred and is the reason for strife and most wars. Desiring to be “king of the hill” is a throwback trait from some of our aggressive, "prehistoric" ancestors who did not know how to meaningfully express their need for love. Do modern adults express that need in constructive ways? The shame is that many times religion’s deities (God, Allah, Jesus Christ, etc.) are motivating scapegoats in this aggressive attitude. It could be that more people have died along with the ensuing devastation of religious wars–like the religious one Bush started—than any other reasons. And their reason usually is to expand their territory, or destroy the enemy for the safety of the homeland, and consequently, the world. Remember, the United States of America with George W. Bush as its god (leader), backed by his high-tech military power, is the most powerful “king of the hill” on this planet. As God sees this materialistic, war-hungry country, I believe the next three years and beyond may become the most tenuous years America has ever known. This is the reason I make such a strong statement: Anyone who can read between the lines of life could easily come up with the same conclusion. Just look at all the negative events happening in our great country, coupled with the underhanded ethics, corruption and scandals of many government appointees and elected officials, but mainly look at the out-of-control deficit. I could go on and on, but I don't have the space. It soon will be time to pay the fiddler.

I will add a spiritual note to this anatomy of the human race. The role Bush plays, as mentioned in previous posts, can’t be mentioned enough. Bush is fighting this war as a person who, via his own mouth, was inspired by Jesus Christ: without question, a bogus Jesus Christ. The Biblical Jesus Christ could not have inspired him, because the New Testament gives the criteria as to what Christianity consists of, and Bush violated two of the most basic concepts: 1) To love your enemy, do good to those who persecute you; and 2) It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Only genuine, not warmongering, “Christians” will be eligible. That pretender has millions of $$ along with his rich cronies like Dick Cheney, etc. Even the Old Testament calls Jesus Christ (the promised Messiah) the Prince of Peace, not the prince of war; see Isaiah 9:6. This fact angers me more than words can describe. How naive can Evangelical Christians be? Can’t they spot a fraud? Do they know what the New Testament commands? I just don’t understand. Repeating, I just don’t understand. Of course, it is only natural (the ways of the world, survival of the fittest) for Americans—not I—to strive for wealth and to get even with their enemies. Hatred toward one’s enemies, and especially war—INNOCENT men and women dying—is immoral and grievous in God’s sight, according to the New Testament, with no ifs, ands, or buts. Consequently, to justify immorality in the name of freedom and security of the homeland is giving evil/Satan a holy name. To live that way and protect one’s turf is only natural (animalistic). However, that is not what Jesus Christ emphatically teaches. You know something? That is a horrible way to start a sentence. I doubt these words, spoken in all honesty, will change few, if any, from their set beliefs. And I understand; it is very difficult, if not impossible, to change lifelong beliefs. That is part of the anatomy of the human race. I also understand why some/many “Christians” constantly bad-mouth me and send me nasty e-mails. I simply delete them, most often not reading more than the person’s name who sends them. It just comes with the territory. I thank God, for He gave me broad shoulders.

There is another human tendency which we are guilty of. I devoted a complete post to this subject, which is laziness. We like life to be easy (the course of least resistance). Some will deny this accusation; still, the truth is that we may fight it to some degree or not recognize it, but in the end, most of us succumb to laziness. Some will say, “What is wrong with being a bit lazy?” To answer that question, read post #29, “Born to Be Lazy.” That natural trait is responsible, in large part, for the condition the world is now in. Check out the harm it produces in our lives.

The next trap we fall into: “Out of sight, out of mind.” The majority pay too much aesthetic attention to our physical bodies and not enough to mental and emotional needs. And then some even neglect giving the physical body what it needs to function correctly: proper food with no excess, a good exercise program, a healthy state of mind, ample sleep, avoidance of stress, etc. This disaster is worldwide. And we in America are paying the price with our soaring healthcare costs. Along with that, there now is a pill for every imaginable ache, pain, sickness, disease, discomfort—and now have even made the dubiously named “Restless Legs Syndrome” a medical condition. All those pills have made the pharmaceutical conglomerates, along with their comrades, rich beyond measure, at our expense and health. Like it or not, that is the way most of us are. Notwithstanding, there is a pending silent horror with all medicines which we are not told about often enough: all medicines, from a simple aspirin to the newest cutting-edge lifesavers, have hidden dangers. The term “side effects” is used as a ploy to soften medicine’s deadly, though inconspicuous, risks. Some of these effects become apparent soon after taking medicine, but the insidious effects of others may not become apparent for years; still they are silently doing their dirty work. Here is the science behind that statement: In order for any medicine to be effective, it must first get into the bloodstream. Once it does, the blood, along with the medicine, bathes and nurtures every one of our trillions of cells. The majority of those cells do not have the qualifying receptors for a certain specific medicine, so the medicine is rejected and is only accepted by the cells that have the desired receptors. But, and a big BUT, there are cells that have somewhat congenial receptors, and they accept hopefully only a small amount of that unneeded medicine, thus hampering its function. Depending on how long those cells can tolerate those unwelcome invaders (poisons), a totally unrelated malady could occur that has nothing to do with what the medicine was intended for in the first place. That doesn’t seem fair. For that reason, it is imperative to keep away from all patent medicines unless they are needed because of extreme life-threatening circumstances. The good news is that there are ways to cleanse those contaminated cells once the medicine is stopped. How? Through an extremely healthy lifestyle of eating foods and nutritional supplements that are rich in chlorophyll (green foods). Ask me for a list of them. Also, chlorophyll is the best cleanser of most toxins we all have stored in our bodies. Ask for a list of them. Besides, there are many natural ways to treat most illnesses: alternative medicine. If some are not familiar with natural medicine, they will be astounded with the myriad ways to avoid patent medicine and at the same time gain/retain superb health. Nevertheless, the Food and Drug Administration knows it is much easier to just pop a pill in one’s mouth than to get into all this health stuff, which brings no profit to the medical establishment. I thank God the FDA doesn’t have control over natural food supplements and the like. If they did, we might have to go to a doctor for a prescription to buy a bottle of vitamin A and D; we might even need a prescription for a box of raisins since they are rich in iron. If one keeps up with how they conduct business, it becomes apparent that the FDA is in cahoots with the pharmaceuticals, doctors, hospitals, and the health care industry; their motto is to always attempt to C.Y.T. (“cover your tush”). Is the FDA really concerned with the safety and health of the American people? Think about it. The human race likes things fast and easy. That is the way we are, and the majority of us will not change, regardless of the effects.

When it comes to our spiritual needs, most of us get a grade of “F.” Many of us don’t even know what our spiritual needs are. Those needs are believing and living as the creator and designer indicated by His recipe for life. I have found that recipe in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. That book, most likely, is the most printed book in the world and the least read. And one wonders why the Christian religion, per se, is confusing and controversial. But when that recipe is experienced, it cannot be contained, come hell, high water, or bankruptcy; it must be shared with the world. I am not just talking about holy words, but lifestyles that contain such a great degree of excellence that it would sound like a fairytale to those who are not experiencing it. As I write the words in this post, I am attempting to share that recipe, by the best means available, with all humanity through simple, easy-to-understand words. However, these words are often quite difficult, if not impossible, for some to accept and apply.

Another damaging aspect of humanity is the “fight-or-flight dilemma.” Whichever we choose, the result is stress. Stress is one of the most destructive of all health busters. Our human bodies were not meant to be under stress day-in and day-out. Then, some will call it “challenging fun.” Sure. And because we choose high-paying, stress-filled jobs, we eventually pay with our health. Also, our golden years may turn into “enjoyable” years, engulfed in fool’s gold. Another contributor of stress is our fast-paced, “want-it-now” lifestyle.

Also, let’s look as the human race engaging in harmful habits, such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, excess or unhealthy food, lack of exercise, gambling, etc. It is a wonder we haven’t already become extinct by our own doing. Most of us know these vices are detrimental to all the good we desire for ourselves; nevertheless, we just keep on indulging. At birth, the vast majority of us were given a well designed body, at which I still marvel. As we become adults, it is our responsibility to care for that human machine with the utmost care in order to keep it running smoothly without glitches (sickness, pain, disease, atrophy, etc.). The sad fact is that many of us don’t. Could those humans honestly be called stupid? No, stupid is too good of a word for their idiotic, moronic conduct. “I don’t want to hear it; get off my back; we are only human” is what I hear some saying. Yes, I know. Bad habits are difficult, if not impossible, for some to break. Is that a legitimate excuse?

If anyone has an answer to this next question, please let everyone know. Why is everyone concerned with what others think of us? We dress a certain way, fix our hair just so, and most always want to look our best, etc. Some will say, “That is not true.” Okay, here is my rebuttal: If everyone in the world was blind but you, would you be concerned with how you look? I don’t think so. Again, why do most of us have a desire to impress others? Here are a few reasons: We want to be admired, loved, respected, accepted, and made to feel important by keeping in style with whatever the fashion, and we discard all else. By the way, who started the fashion and style trend, anyhow? It must have been the rich and famous; that is why the wannabe crowd, who emulates the rich, follows along. Do these desires to impress spring from our secret desire to someday become rich and famous, and thus be WORSHIPED? Many will deny the aforementioned. My question: Is there one overall reason we want to impress others? I have an idea. If we actually were created in the image of God, and I truly believe we were, God desires/demands to be worshiped because of His Grandeur. Could that be the underlying reason we attempt to impress others, because of one trait only God should possess: a deep-seated, God-inspired desire to be worshiped? If that is the case, how can we combine humility (a necessary attribute for Christians) and desire to be worshiped into the same person? There seems to be some kind of conflict, unless we demonstrate humility in the here and now, and save the joy of being/feeling worshiped for the hereafter. Let me hear your input on this off-the-wall theory. Some will respond, “That is the way humans are.” That is not a good enough answer. Repeating, there must be a better answer. What is it?

The human race, with all the knowledge we have acquired, is, without a doubt, intelligent beyond comprehension. And with all those smarts, many of us act more stupidly than the lesser of God’s creatures. Why is that? Does anyone know the answer to that question? Can anyone add to this anatomy of the human race? Let us know. The readers of this blog and I desire your answers, questions, and comments.

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