Friday, June 29, 2007

# 207: "Onward Christian Soldiers . . . "

2nd Timothy 2:3-4: "Take your share of suffering as a good soldier of Jesus Christ, just as I do, and as Christ’s soldier do not let yourself become tied up in worldly affairs, for then you cannot satisfy the one who enlisted you in his army." There are a number of Biblical variations for the words “worldly affairs.” Simply, they all are implying the same Christian principle; Paul is saying not to get involved in anything that distracts us from doing the work of the Lord. Also, it is corroborated by 1st Corinthians 15:58. "Therefore my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourself fully to the work of the Lord." There are many more like it, with at least seven verses using the phrase "make every effort."

Being Christian soldiers does not mean we will go to war against other nations that may be a threat to our security and freedom. In fact, we are commanded to love our enemies. This theme of love for our enemies is throughout the New Testament. I give just one verse: Matthew 5:43. "You have heard it said, love your neighbor and hate your enemies. But I tell you: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons [and daughters] of your Father in heaven." Then the question comes up: As soldiers of Christ, how and whom do we fight? 2nd Corinthians 10:3-4. "For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ."

Paraphrased, this is what Paul is saying: Because of the love we have for our enemies, we will destroy arguments according to the truth as it is presented in Scripture, and disintegrate every heresy which is presented as being wisdom from God. As soldiers of Christ’s army, we never, under any circumstances, inflict physical harm on anyone who disagrees with God’s truth, regardless of what they do to us. As it commands in Matthew 10: 23, "When you are persecuted in one place, flee to another." In short, the weapons we will use are to present God’s truths in a clear and polite way, with no form of coercion. That is how we fight evil. There is much significant scriptural evidence to verify that principle; here is one such verse: Romans 12:21. "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."

In order to do that, we must know exactly what is commanded in the Bible, apart from the opinions of professionals who preach according to what is best for their financial gain and their numbers. That is where this unique blog comes to the rescue. This blog is committed to only one criterion: Everyone needs to know, is entitled to know, and deserves to know, in an unbiased manner, exactly what the New Testament teaches.

This above-mentioned verse, Matthew 10:23, along with three verses in Acts chapter 8:1 and 8:4, also 11:19, are telling that when Christian solders of love are being persecuted because of their beliefs which clash with how worldly people live, they must not retaliate with like action, but move elsewhere (scatter). God’s purpose for the scattering was to spread the gospel wherever they went. That means wherever they go, they would be a minority, living in enclaves surrounded by foreign and possibly hostile countries. That is the price they/we must pay so that the Good News will be spread.

This strongly implies that the Christian religion, regardless of where they go, will never be the dominant religion of any country; if they were, they would have to help in physically defending their holy turf. Acts 8:4, along with 11:19, gives the reason for their action: They preached the word wherever they were scattered [God’s purpose], thus eventually spreading the gospel throughout the entire Roman world.

As anyone can tell, that is not how it turned out in the world nowadays. Unfortunately, what was substituted in its place, especially in America, were people who are Christian only by name, who have assimilated themselves with the people of the world, and thus became part of them without even knowing it. This integration process has been going on for about five centuries, since Martin Luther’s time.

I am certain many people who take the name Christian resent any part of being Christian soldiers. They may say, "When I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, thus being born-again, no one told me I was going to be classified as a soldier for Christ. Can’t I be a Christian soldier on furlough (temporary leave)?"

This next section is going to take all the courage I can muster up in order to put it on the internet. In fact, I will possibly receive more flak from this section than I have to date. Before I stick my neck out and get clobbered, what follows is in accord with the New Testament, although I have never heard even one denomination or independent church bring up this subject; if they did, the next week their pews would be nearly empty. It is based on the principle of love for our enemies, which all Christian soldiers (hopefully you and I) are commanded to obey. What I am about to espouse is an undesirable Christian axiom, which the vast majority of the religious community in our country has not and will never accept.

According to the New Testament, any and all forms of active aggression toward our enemies is immoral, regardless of whether it's justified or not. The only exception is just punishment by the appropriate non-Christian authority for egregious crimes committed. Repeating, that does not include any Christian organization. If one of our own commits an act of aggression, we put him or her out of our fellowship and let the civil authorities take over.

When I first started Religion’s Crime Against God two years ago, I had a blog named "American Democracy’s Fatal Flaws." I spelled out this principle to some degree, but was easy with my words. Now I will be more explicit. Just remember this: I am an American who used to love my country before I knew better. Now as a devout soldier of Christ, I am ashamed of its immoral practices. I am referring to the military action we take against nations that possibly mean us harm. It may be only logical to act this way, but never in the name of Christ. Don’t forget this: The world thinks we are a Christian nation since the majority of Americans claim to be Christians. But we are not. We are as atheistic as a nation can be, especially with Bush as the warmongering president. It may have been all well and good for him to start this Iraq war even though it ended up that he was wrong. But for him to claim to be a born-again Evangelical Christian makes the situation extremely troubling for anyone who knows the heart of God.

Now this is the part that saddens me: Eevery soldier that enlists to fight for our all-volunteer U. S. military is a partaker, in principle, by eventually engaging in an act/s that is/are immoral. For those U.S. soldiers who claim to be Christians, are they aware of what the Bible commands about harming our enemies? You see, Christian soldiers were never meant to fight their enemies. Genuine Christianity is a religion of love for all peoples. One cannot love them by hurting or killing them, even in self-defense. Remember, the way Christianity works best, if not in all situations, is to live only in small groups (enclaves), not giving their allegiance to any world government or flag, but only to Christ and to each other.

Why? Because only people out of their right mind would desire to live as Christ commands. Yes, Christ’s teaching is that outlandish. It is true, Christian soldiers are out of their mind by refusing to live as the world requires, but in their right mind when it comes to living for Christ. If anyone doesn’t understand what is being said, just read a few of the posts in this blog, or diligently study the New Testament, trying to put aside what you have been previously taught by religion, and you will see that aggression of any sort or reason is never a part of the Christian life. That begs the question: Should genuine Christians support the war and/or our troops who are committing immoral acts against our God and the principle of love which is the basis (foundation) on which all else in the complete New Testament depends? Leave a comment.

Here is what bothers me most of all: I am an extremely empathic person; much more so than is normal. I have a grown family and a little grandchild. I could just see their father or mother getting killed for a war that is absolutely stupid in God’s eyes and in the sight of all real Christians. There isn’t much that is crueler than to take a parent away from a child forever, and think of the mothers and fathers who lost sons or daughters. And almost just as bad is to have one come home maimed for life or to a broken home. The long-term consequences of this war will be with us for generations, and in more ways than one. This is not to mention the thousands of human beings (Iraqis) with feelings like us Americans. The pain and suffering many are going through will be theirs till their eyes are closed in death. The list of hardships and pain is endless for both Americans and Arabs. And all for a stupid satanic president who is inspired in all he does by the one who glories in the immorality of all wars, Satan the devil.

Even if we were to get out of this war as soon as possible, this conflict will continue between Arabs against Arabs, and Arabs against Jews, and Jews against Arabs, and Arabs against Americans, and Americans against Arabs. What a hornet’s nest one ungodly man has stirred up (one of the modern-day antichrists) who claims to be a born-again Christian. Click on post # 168: "War With no End" for more details. Some may ask, "What right do I have to condemn Bush?" As the Commander in Chief, he is self-condemned for he has violated the Christian law of love for our enemy in the most egregious manner possible. Or is he exempt from Christ’s commands because he is the president of the United States? Could it be that I am reading the New Testament with wrong motives? Leave a comment, or send me an email. I need a good challenge from anyone who believes Bush is a man of God, and the New Testament is wrong.

In ending, genuine Christian soldiers (having Christ as their example) must fight with God’s love which was freely given to us; that holy love, which displays itself in many forms, does no harm to its enemies. Love and only that love is meant to heal the hatred our enemies have for us, and in doing so, destroy unbelief. Are we who call ourselves Christians doing that, or do we even have a desire to do that? Without that love, a person possesses little, if anything, of true value. But I know there are many bloggers who have that precious love. There are great gifts which God has in store for you. Matthew 7:7. "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and he who knocks, the door will be opened." Amen. These promises are meant for all Christian soldiers.

Friday, June 22, 2007

# 206: Compassion and Mercy

Without God’s compassion and mercy, which spring from His love for us, there would be no Savior and thus no Salvation from the fires of hell. In order to function as required, we must consciously rely on all the goodness God consistently lavishes us with. There may be times we may not be aware of how His love keeps us fueled up, which enables us to live in a way that pleases Him.

We don’t deserve His mercy, but because of our commitment to believe in all that His Son Jesus Christ has done for us, God freely by His grace (undeserved kindness) gives us all we need to live in a way that fulfills His purpose for us. Apart from words, how can we thank God in a way which shows our appreciation for counting us worthy to live in His company? Or do we take for granted all His compassion and mercy, and make light of it? This blog has the answer.

We as genuine disciples of Christ may occasionally and unintentionally act in a way which displeases Christ. When we are aware of our error, we can go to Him in repentance (which implies we are sorry and will never do it again), and from the bottom of our heart, ask for forgiveness. And because of His great compassion and mercy, He will forgive us. Isn’t that wonderful? We can rightfully say that He is a Savior that meets our every need.

In spite of all that our wonderful God does for us through His Son Jesus Christ, there are areas of the Christian life where His hands are tied, if you will, in his ability to bestow His compassion and mercy on us. Personally, this is the area of the Christian life that has inspired the building of this blog. That is when people take on the name “Christian” because they possibly go to church and/or are active in other religious rituals, but do not live in a way that is pleasing to God. They continually take His compassion and mercy and use it as a tool (alibi) to live as they please. They do this either by continually being disobedient to the teaching of Christ or, more likely, ignoring much of what is required to remain in the good grace of the One who desires to have them with Him for all eternity.

They may be living this way because of lack of knowledge of what is expected of them, since they may not be intimately familiar with the New Testament, or, more likely, because many large denominations remain silent concerning much of what is required to live according to the truth. That is where this blog is a Godsend: to vividly, and in minute detail, describe what the New Testament Scriptures command. Usually that deadly silence considers precepts which go against what this world tells us is just normal. Click on post # 142: “Conspiracy of Silence.” This type of deceptive teaching (half-truths) results in parishioners unknowingly acquiring a lack of genuine belief which quenches God’s holy desire and ability to give them His precious grace (which is filled with compassion, mercy, etc.).

There is another area of the Christian life which hinders God from giving us His mercy, and that is a lack of fear of the Lord. Luke 1:50. “His mercy extends to those who fear him, from generation to generation.” Also, click on post # 193: “Fear of the Lord.” Some may ask, “Why should we fear the One who has such a great love for us?” That is a deceptive attitude. The reason we must fear The Lord God is because without that fear, we may take lightly His teachings; also, we will not be acutely aware of the retribution waiting for those who continually disobey God by ignoring His Will. And if we keep up this type of disobedience which springs from lack of belief, we will end up separated from God for all eternity.

In ending, as great, wonderful and powerful God’s mercy and compassion are, they cannot continually override the disobedience, unbelief and lack of repentance from many people who call themselves Christians; they take on this holy name just because it is honorable and respectable. And who will argue with them?

Friday, June 15, 2007

# 205: To Seek and to Save

Many of us may not like to do some things which are beneficial because they are not easy to do; so, we make up excuses not to do them, to our detriment. In the same way, many of us refuse to eat foods which we don’t like which would give us better health; regardless, we still don’t eat them, to our disadvantage. Basically, the reason we act this way is because we are pleasure-seeking creatures.

That is the hard truth. But those of us who are aware of what our lazy human nature enjoys and the consequence of living in compliance to it, will not act according to its commands—the King James Bible calls our human nature “the flesh.” The reason being, our animal nature is sinful, mostly of the devil. It always seems to say, “I want it my way, regardless.” But to win over that powerful innate force is easier said than done. We must fight tooth and nail, to say the least, to free ourselves from the areas which are spiritually destructive.

We are extremely gullible (believe the lies) when it comes to what that nature says to us. It also entices us by saying, “If you do what I say, I will reward you with many pleasurable things. So don’t be hardheaded; all you have to do is to bow down and worship me; you won’t be sorry.”

Isn’t it remarkable that this is almost identical to how the devil was attempting to entice Jesus after He was done fasting in the desert for forty days? Luke 4:9. “‘All this I will give you,’ he said, ‘if you will bow down and worship me.’”

The point I am making is that our human nature, whose main interest is “survival of the fittest” is much more deceptive than most humans can imagine when it comes to what is best for us. Of course, for those not interested in spiritual matters, quite often that naughty nature is right on target for them.

I have heard it said numerous times in the past, and still hear it to this day. In fact, I heard it as I turned my TV to T.B.N. last night to watch what type of holy-bull type trash they are shoving out to naive people—that was on Joel Osteen’s 30-thousand member ministry. Joel mentioned the unconditional love of God. His audience must sometimes be thinking: “And it seems only logical that if Joel Osteen says God’s love is unconditional, who are we to say otherwise? He couldn’t have gathered that many followers on a lovely unbiblical lie.”

Please, if anyone can find even one verse in the Bible which says or even implies that God’s love is unconditional, leave a comment. God’s love is too great to be described in human words, but when it comes to the great love He has for His people, a word we can all understand is “conditional.” Yes, from Genesis to Revelation, His love is conditional. And that is something this blog has been publishing since post # 1: Our faith in Christ, coupled with our love for God, is displayed by our obedience to all the teachings/commands in the New Testament; the end result is works, deeds, and fruit, which are one in the same. Those conditions cannot be separated. Noncompliance to even one of these requirements, and a deadly heresy has been born for the pleasure- seeking, “christian naiveté.” Some may need to read this paragraph one more time because of the extra-long sentence, which I was unable to make shorter without diluting the thought.

But I can wholeheartedly understand why many churches continue to preach this deceptive unconditional message. It could be called “christianity made easy.” Some conniving preacher wouldn’t outright call it unconditional love, but would have ways to mealy-mouth (circumvent) it so the lie doesn’t look so unscriptural. The clergy knows that if they preach a message that rubs people the wrong way, regardless of whether it is the truth, their membership and revenue will start to diminish.

The only way Christianity can continue in its original form, as it was presented by Jesus Christ, is to live as He did and teach what He taught. It is that simple. But we must remember, as sincere as we may be, we will intuitively shy away from most things that are contrary to what our human nature dictates, because it loudly says, “Take live easy, eat, drink and be merry, while still getting as much as you can of whatever.” Another thing we must remember is that Jesus Christ turned the majority of the precious values of our human nature upside down.

Even though the Christian life is the most meaningful life in existence, because we are partners with the one who created us, and who knows better—but because of the resistance of our intuitive desires—that Godly life will be the most challenging in the world because we are being taught by Scripture to live in a way that is contrary to what is physically pleasurable. That didn’t fly in the first century to any degree, and still is the main theme in our pampered culture: “I want it fast; it must feel good and be effort-free.”

Now anyone with even a little bit of divine wisdom can see why the Catholic church has survived for almost 2,000 years. I don’t often use derogatory words in the few times I mention it, because I think most everyone knows it is the most un-Christlike of all Christian denominations because it does not agree with the New Testament, except in trivial matters. But not everyone knows that. It takes absolutely no effort to be a Catholic. So, if they or Evangelical churches, etc. promise heaven—which they do—as genuine Christianity does, what would be the first choice of the majority of gullible people? You guessed it correctly: the one which sounds the closest to what our “take-it-nice-and-easy” human nature agrees with.

Now, to continue where I left off several paragraphs ago . . . The work of Christ was to seek and to save what was lost. Repeating what was written a short while ago, the only way Christianity can continue in its original form, as it was presented by Jesus Christ, is to live the way He did and teach what He taught.

Each one of us has a different gift or manifestation of the Spirit. We all are part of the body of Christ; one person has this gift and another has that one. And yet, while each one has a different gift, we all have the same common goal. In whatever way the Lord leads us, we are all to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ; and His footsteps lead us to seek and to save the lost. There are very few legitimate excuses not to follow in His footsteps. That is the mission or bottom line for hopefully every born-again Christian.

That is what we don’t see in most Christian denominations. The lives of most churchgoers are centered around going to heaven (to save their own skin, as it were). The main event in the lives of many Christians is going to church on Sunday morning. Does anyone truly believe that was what Jesus had planned for us? If the Spirit of Christ is in us, there are no limits as to what God can do through us when we actively are continuing His work. If you and I don’t do it, who will? We can make a difference in the lives of a few, possibly many, people. Repeating, that is the work, fruit and deeds Christ left for us to accomplish. He doesn’t command us to do His work to get saved, but as evidence that our faith expresses itself through our love for God and neighbor. Those works also signify that we are obedient to His commands. We can’t love God and be obedient to Christ’s commands without making a great effort to get out into the world and start touching people with our love and truth of the complete gospel.

In ending, the reason we don’t see this all-important part of the gospel active in the lives of many people who call themselves Christians is because it is not regularly preached from the pulpit. The clergy, without saying it outright, imply that it is their duty to seek and save the lost; or that it is the responsibilities of special missionaries, etc. That is what we are made to believe. That type of implication has had grievous consequences for all concerned. 1st Corinthians 15:58. “Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” Are this verse and others like it just a friendly suggestion or a command? Be very careful how you answer this all-important question.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

# 204: Hope, Joy and Peace

What would the Christian life be without hope, joy and peace? These are three necessary attitudes which make our lives worthwhile.

HOPE: In the world, we don’t rely on hope too much since we were taught to be in control at all times. And then we have the “I hope so” situation. This type of hope is no more than optimism: It is hoping for the best, that something good will happen (desire accompanied by expectation).

Nevertheless, hope plays a big role in the Christian religion. Everything we believe about God, as to what will happen to us, depends on hope. That type of Godly hope comes from the trust we have in God, and is only as reliable as the word of One who promised something of value (Eternal life). The Christian hope says we will receive immortality at the death of the physical body. That hope is sure, but only as we continually respond to the conditions required from the One who does the promising. Therefore, hope is the underpinning of Christian faith. Hope can be risky when in the hands of a false entity (Satan, disguising himself as Jesus Christ). Hebrews 11:1. "Now hope is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." [emphasis added].

JOY: True lasting joy is missing to a great degree in the lives of many Christians. We substitute joy with happiness. Happiness comes and goes depending on circumstances. Happiness is derived from the root word “happen.” If what happens pleases us, we are happy; if something happens that is not pleasing, we have no happiness derived from that situation.

Joy is a bit more stable. Joy doesn’t rely on circumstances, but is an inward quality that doesn’t fluctuate but remains intact even in hard times. Gaining this inward joy may not come easy. It is the result of acquiring faith in the Salvation given to us by Jesus Christ. Christian joy is an attitude which is a fringe benefit of our faith in Jesus Christ; along with that, it is a precursor of the joy we will have in the company of the Father and His Son. If this joy is truly from our association with Christ and not from something we fabricated, it cannot and will not be shaken in any and all tumultuous situations. And if we are doing the work of Christ, which is continuing what He has started, those troubling times will come.

There are many events which will happen that will make our joy more intense: for instance, seeing others living for Christ as they should; allowing Christ to work through us in ways where many others will be blessed; spending time with those of like beliefs; actually, this list could be endless.

When you see Christians who lack Christ’s joy, it is evident there is something in their lives which is out of kilter. No doubt there are times and things that will come our way which will be hard for us to handle, but we must look at them as occasions in which our faith can/will be strengthened. Since we know our outcome, or I should say, we know the One in control, our joy will not falter. We must always remember that our joy is, or should be, similar to the joy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Joy may sound like a secondary virtue in comparison to faith in Christ or love for God, and it is, but that doesn’t mean we could or should live without it. I can’t see how any true Christians didn't find Godly joy once they realized they were intimately connected with the creator of the universe. The joy I have been experiencing for some time is one of the main emotions which keeps me going. I believe much of my joy is derived from the publishing of this blog. It actually is a great privilege that God has allowed me to help Him in this way; I believe it may have helped me as much, if not more, than many of the bloggers who subscribe to this blog. Again, Christ-type joy is something which no one in their right mind would/should belittle.

PEACE: There are at least two types of peace: the kind that comes from God, and the type we receive from the world, derived from things we have done to secure peace in our lives, which are a result of our own accomplishments. I will reflect on the peace that is mentioned numerous times in the Old and New Testament.

Isaiah 26:3. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee." (K. J. Version). That verse, in just 18 words, tells it all. God’s perfect peace comes to those who keep their mind on Him and the Lord Jesus Christ. How many American Christians fit into that category? I won’t answer that. God’s peace makes Christians carefree of the burdens the world attempts to enslave us with. Without that divine peace, the Christian life would be a tiresome chore. And yet, for those who are inspired to live their lives around promoting the cause of Jesus Christ, that all-consuming peace will enchant their God-given joy. I am sure there are many of God’s people who have His peace in lesser degrees since they are not able to devote their time exclusively to Godly matters. Either way, peace with God—and of God—truly gives a peace of mind that is unequaled.

In ending, Christian hope, joy and peace give disciples of Christ the ammunition needed to help us fight off all the lovely enticements the world can throw at us. The end result gives us the ability to love God and our fellow man/woman as required. No doubt you are aware that there are several other Godly qualities, principles and virtues not mentioned in this post which are pertinent in living a Godly life.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

# 203: Little Gems: Deep Truths

The Christian Bible teaches what love is and what it is not; how to love and how not to love; who to love and not to love; and then clearly displays how to activate that love through faith in Jesus Christ.

Life is a journey of choice. When we choose to live as God commands, our journey will end in His presence. When we choose to live as the world dictates, we end up in the arms of the devil.

When people hurt you in word or deed, never hurt them in return. Instead, attempt to somehow love them, because that is what they unknowingly need. What they are desperately trying to do is to get you to share in their hidden hatred and unhappiness.

The Christian’s most beneficial potential in life is to become like Jesus Christ to the greatest degree humanly possible. We become like Him by believing, loving and living as He commands.

Webster defines fellowship as “companionship and intimate personal intercourse.” If that is what the New Testament means by fellowship, then we know what is missing in the majority of established churches.

While on earth, Christ was God in the flesh; since He is our supreme rolemodel, we also should attempt to live and believe as if we are God with a physical body. What an imposing aspiration.

God could not exist as a God of love without creating a people in His likeness with a free will to receive His love and reciprocate that love. We were created in His image for the expressed purpose of having that potential.

What the majority of the clergy does not tell (hard-edged verses) to the laity could be more harmful for their eternal Salvation than if they preached nothing at all.

The things we possess or desire attach us to this world, and as a result we place infinitely more value on them than they deserve, thus holding us back from placing more value on the things of God.

Desire without determination is a wishbone type of desire. And its result will be a big pile of dried-up wishbones. True desire will always be accompanied by determination.

We are saved by our new spiritual birth through our faith in Christ Jesus; at that time, we are actually given a spiritual credit card stating we are spiritual billionaires (the sky is the limit). If we truly believe what our limit is on that card, we will start to live like spiritual philanthropists. Nothing will be impossible for us. Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t believe this lofty principle.

Love for others is giving them God’s truth so they, through that truth, can believe and find lasting contentment in the life of Christ.

One can only enjoy life when living it the way it was originally meant to be lived. Then they can honestly say, “I am on a twelve-month-a-year vacation.”

Until we love the way we were meant to love (God’s way), we cannot live in a way that gives us complete and continual satisfaction.

The only time God gives us extra grace is for things we can’t do on our own, even though we are still living in and through Him because of His continual life-saving grace.

Jesus Christ’s power, love and authority came from knowing for certain who He was. Our love, power and authority will also come from indubitably knowing for certain who we are in Christ Jesus. It might be a great benefit if we all meditate on this sentence whenever possible, and then put it into practice.

They who pat themselves on the back need not be patted by others. Those who love themselves more than others need not be loved by God.

The more one gets to experience the secret life of Christ, the simpler life becomes. Believe it.

A genuine Disciple of Christ will have many enemies, but will be an enemy to no one except the evil one.

“My mind is made up; don’t confuse me with the truth.” Do you know anyone like that?

Jesus had several motives for conquering sin; one reason was to show us how to conquer sin, and all for the Father’s glory.

One of the greatest mysteries of all is to understand the power which is available to us through belief in God and Jesus Christ.

Do not rely on people and things to bring fulfillment; instead rely on God.

One must be willing to gain the hatred of unbelievers in order to receive the love of God. There is more truth in this little gem than most of us will be able to believe.

When we start to believe our Heavenly Father as Jesus did, then we will start to be able to live as Jesus did.

When evil is sugarcoated and labeled as “good” and then is tolerated and accepted by people who call themselves “christians,” that is a serious crime against God because it soils the holy name of Jesus Christ. Real Christians must fight this type of evil with tooth and nail by continually and publicly exposing it for the filthy lie it really is.

Possessions are one of the best ways to silently boast that we are something special. That is one of the reasons Christ said, “Sell your possessions and give to the poor.” Secret pride will keep us from Him. God wants his people to be barefoot and hungry, as it were. Luke 6:25. “Woe to you who are well fed now, for you will go hungry.” This command will not fly in the U.S.

The more moral and Scriptural preaching is in a church, the more deadly and insidious are its results if it lacks two of the main ingredients: love for God by obedience to Christ’s commands.

God cannot sin because He is a perfect God of love. Scripture tells us we will not sin because we are His children. Therefore, we will believe Him and sin no more. What a perfect and majestic goal. Click on post # 189 to confirm this truth.

To live in God’s love is to live a righteous life. What sin can anyone commit when we desire to love everyone, regardless of circumstances? Therefore, selfless love is the fulfillment of all moral laws. Any religion that does not emphatically express this basic framework of Christianity is a false teaching.

Where there is no active love in our lives, Christ is absent. It is expensive to love; it may cost us our lives.

God’s love in us attempts to make every effort to express itself; if it can’t, it will cease to be love.

Belief, holiness, purity and love bring us into God’s presence. Without them, we cannot know God as He desires to be known.

Christ says, “Do what I do; then you will be able to teach what I say.”

Our Salvation and our love for others cannot be separated. To separate them is like buying an expensive motor vehicle and not knowing how to drive, nor having the desire to learn.

We must use money sparingly, so as to minimize the cares of this world. That way our hearts and minds can stay on thee O Lord.

No one can say they love God and their fellow man and have much more than their immediate needs. God’s love is so powerful, it will consume us, if need be, for love’s sake. This action only applies to those who are genuine disciples of Christ. I am certain many will be thinking, “Now I know for certain this guy is nuts.”

Christ says, “I want to heal and do mighty works through you, but your doubts won’t let me.”

Everything we possess, which we value, gains its personal value through our belief process.

What was Jesus’ single greatest desire throughout His life? What was the most valuable commodity Jesus had? When you think you have the answers, then ask these questions of yourself. Be honest.

How does God view the visible world? He desires us to view it the same way. The physical is a temporary substance which He uses as a means of expressing His eternal values.

One of mankind’s most valuable possessions is our pride in what we have, do or are. What are we proud of? Let’s be careful what we say because it may be held as evidence against us.

Christ speaking: If one is not able to control one’s intake of food and drink, he/she may not be able to love me and display my love which takes a mountain of divine willpower. I have little or no need for weak- willed people.

Inanimate things don’t need man/woman for their existence: They get along fine without us. It is man/woman who creates a need for things without life, and then we become addicted to them. Think of the many ways in which this concept is true.

Some of these little gems may have to be read several times to get the depth of their meaning.