Friday, June 22, 2007

# 206: Compassion and Mercy

Without God’s compassion and mercy, which spring from His love for us, there would be no Savior and thus no Salvation from the fires of hell. In order to function as required, we must consciously rely on all the goodness God consistently lavishes us with. There may be times we may not be aware of how His love keeps us fueled up, which enables us to live in a way that pleases Him.

We don’t deserve His mercy, but because of our commitment to believe in all that His Son Jesus Christ has done for us, God freely by His grace (undeserved kindness) gives us all we need to live in a way that fulfills His purpose for us. Apart from words, how can we thank God in a way which shows our appreciation for counting us worthy to live in His company? Or do we take for granted all His compassion and mercy, and make light of it? This blog has the answer.

We as genuine disciples of Christ may occasionally and unintentionally act in a way which displeases Christ. When we are aware of our error, we can go to Him in repentance (which implies we are sorry and will never do it again), and from the bottom of our heart, ask for forgiveness. And because of His great compassion and mercy, He will forgive us. Isn’t that wonderful? We can rightfully say that He is a Savior that meets our every need.

In spite of all that our wonderful God does for us through His Son Jesus Christ, there are areas of the Christian life where His hands are tied, if you will, in his ability to bestow His compassion and mercy on us. Personally, this is the area of the Christian life that has inspired the building of this blog. That is when people take on the name “Christian” because they possibly go to church and/or are active in other religious rituals, but do not live in a way that is pleasing to God. They continually take His compassion and mercy and use it as a tool (alibi) to live as they please. They do this either by continually being disobedient to the teaching of Christ or, more likely, ignoring much of what is required to remain in the good grace of the One who desires to have them with Him for all eternity.

They may be living this way because of lack of knowledge of what is expected of them, since they may not be intimately familiar with the New Testament, or, more likely, because many large denominations remain silent concerning much of what is required to live according to the truth. That is where this blog is a Godsend: to vividly, and in minute detail, describe what the New Testament Scriptures command. Usually that deadly silence considers precepts which go against what this world tells us is just normal. Click on post # 142: “Conspiracy of Silence.” This type of deceptive teaching (half-truths) results in parishioners unknowingly acquiring a lack of genuine belief which quenches God’s holy desire and ability to give them His precious grace (which is filled with compassion, mercy, etc.).

There is another area of the Christian life which hinders God from giving us His mercy, and that is a lack of fear of the Lord. Luke 1:50. “His mercy extends to those who fear him, from generation to generation.” Also, click on post # 193: “Fear of the Lord.” Some may ask, “Why should we fear the One who has such a great love for us?” That is a deceptive attitude. The reason we must fear The Lord God is because without that fear, we may take lightly His teachings; also, we will not be acutely aware of the retribution waiting for those who continually disobey God by ignoring His Will. And if we keep up this type of disobedience which springs from lack of belief, we will end up separated from God for all eternity.

In ending, as great, wonderful and powerful God’s mercy and compassion are, they cannot continually override the disobedience, unbelief and lack of repentance from many people who call themselves Christians; they take on this holy name just because it is honorable and respectable. And who will argue with them?

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