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# 203: Little Gems: Deep Truths

The Christian Bible teaches what love is and what it is not; how to love and how not to love; who to love and not to love; and then clearly displays how to activate that love through faith in Jesus Christ.

Life is a journey of choice. When we choose to live as God commands, our journey will end in His presence. When we choose to live as the world dictates, we end up in the arms of the devil.

When people hurt you in word or deed, never hurt them in return. Instead, attempt to somehow love them, because that is what they unknowingly need. What they are desperately trying to do is to get you to share in their hidden hatred and unhappiness.

The Christian’s most beneficial potential in life is to become like Jesus Christ to the greatest degree humanly possible. We become like Him by believing, loving and living as He commands.

Webster defines fellowship as “companionship and intimate personal intercourse.” If that is what the New Testament means by fellowship, then we know what is missing in the majority of established churches.

While on earth, Christ was God in the flesh; since He is our supreme rolemodel, we also should attempt to live and believe as if we are God with a physical body. What an imposing aspiration.

God could not exist as a God of love without creating a people in His likeness with a free will to receive His love and reciprocate that love. We were created in His image for the expressed purpose of having that potential.

What the majority of the clergy does not tell (hard-edged verses) to the laity could be more harmful for their eternal Salvation than if they preached nothing at all.

The things we possess or desire attach us to this world, and as a result we place infinitely more value on them than they deserve, thus holding us back from placing more value on the things of God.

Desire without determination is a wishbone type of desire. And its result will be a big pile of dried-up wishbones. True desire will always be accompanied by determination.

We are saved by our new spiritual birth through our faith in Christ Jesus; at that time, we are actually given a spiritual credit card stating we are spiritual billionaires (the sky is the limit). If we truly believe what our limit is on that card, we will start to live like spiritual philanthropists. Nothing will be impossible for us. Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t believe this lofty principle.

Love for others is giving them God’s truth so they, through that truth, can believe and find lasting contentment in the life of Christ.

One can only enjoy life when living it the way it was originally meant to be lived. Then they can honestly say, “I am on a twelve-month-a-year vacation.”

Until we love the way we were meant to love (God’s way), we cannot live in a way that gives us complete and continual satisfaction.

The only time God gives us extra grace is for things we can’t do on our own, even though we are still living in and through Him because of His continual life-saving grace.

Jesus Christ’s power, love and authority came from knowing for certain who He was. Our love, power and authority will also come from indubitably knowing for certain who we are in Christ Jesus. It might be a great benefit if we all meditate on this sentence whenever possible, and then put it into practice.

They who pat themselves on the back need not be patted by others. Those who love themselves more than others need not be loved by God.

The more one gets to experience the secret life of Christ, the simpler life becomes. Believe it.

A genuine Disciple of Christ will have many enemies, but will be an enemy to no one except the evil one.

“My mind is made up; don’t confuse me with the truth.” Do you know anyone like that?

Jesus had several motives for conquering sin; one reason was to show us how to conquer sin, and all for the Father’s glory.

One of the greatest mysteries of all is to understand the power which is available to us through belief in God and Jesus Christ.

Do not rely on people and things to bring fulfillment; instead rely on God.

One must be willing to gain the hatred of unbelievers in order to receive the love of God. There is more truth in this little gem than most of us will be able to believe.

When we start to believe our Heavenly Father as Jesus did, then we will start to be able to live as Jesus did.

When evil is sugarcoated and labeled as “good” and then is tolerated and accepted by people who call themselves “christians,” that is a serious crime against God because it soils the holy name of Jesus Christ. Real Christians must fight this type of evil with tooth and nail by continually and publicly exposing it for the filthy lie it really is.

Possessions are one of the best ways to silently boast that we are something special. That is one of the reasons Christ said, “Sell your possessions and give to the poor.” Secret pride will keep us from Him. God wants his people to be barefoot and hungry, as it were. Luke 6:25. “Woe to you who are well fed now, for you will go hungry.” This command will not fly in the U.S.

The more moral and Scriptural preaching is in a church, the more deadly and insidious are its results if it lacks two of the main ingredients: love for God by obedience to Christ’s commands.

God cannot sin because He is a perfect God of love. Scripture tells us we will not sin because we are His children. Therefore, we will believe Him and sin no more. What a perfect and majestic goal. Click on post # 189 to confirm this truth.

To live in God’s love is to live a righteous life. What sin can anyone commit when we desire to love everyone, regardless of circumstances? Therefore, selfless love is the fulfillment of all moral laws. Any religion that does not emphatically express this basic framework of Christianity is a false teaching.

Where there is no active love in our lives, Christ is absent. It is expensive to love; it may cost us our lives.

God’s love in us attempts to make every effort to express itself; if it can’t, it will cease to be love.

Belief, holiness, purity and love bring us into God’s presence. Without them, we cannot know God as He desires to be known.

Christ says, “Do what I do; then you will be able to teach what I say.”

Our Salvation and our love for others cannot be separated. To separate them is like buying an expensive motor vehicle and not knowing how to drive, nor having the desire to learn.

We must use money sparingly, so as to minimize the cares of this world. That way our hearts and minds can stay on thee O Lord.

No one can say they love God and their fellow man and have much more than their immediate needs. God’s love is so powerful, it will consume us, if need be, for love’s sake. This action only applies to those who are genuine disciples of Christ. I am certain many will be thinking, “Now I know for certain this guy is nuts.”

Christ says, “I want to heal and do mighty works through you, but your doubts won’t let me.”

Everything we possess, which we value, gains its personal value through our belief process.

What was Jesus’ single greatest desire throughout His life? What was the most valuable commodity Jesus had? When you think you have the answers, then ask these questions of yourself. Be honest.

How does God view the visible world? He desires us to view it the same way. The physical is a temporary substance which He uses as a means of expressing His eternal values.

One of mankind’s most valuable possessions is our pride in what we have, do or are. What are we proud of? Let’s be careful what we say because it may be held as evidence against us.

Christ speaking: If one is not able to control one’s intake of food and drink, he/she may not be able to love me and display my love which takes a mountain of divine willpower. I have little or no need for weak- willed people.

Inanimate things don’t need man/woman for their existence: They get along fine without us. It is man/woman who creates a need for things without life, and then we become addicted to them. Think of the many ways in which this concept is true.

Some of these little gems may have to be read several times to get the depth of their meaning.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I have a question, where does it say in the bible, satan took one third of the angels with him when God kicked him out of heaven. Thankyou Erdman

JC said...

To Erdman

Thanks for your question.

I believe this may be the verse you are referring to: Revelation 12:9. “The great dragon was hurled down–that ancient serpent called the devil or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.”

If you have any more questions or comments, they are a welcomed addition to this Biblical blog.


Anonymous said...

THANKYOU..I have more questions than you could shake a Bible at.Why does the Christian church teach that Adam was created on the sixth day ? Why do they teach he was the first man created, I do not hear the Bible saying either of these teachings. I read from the Companion Bible, have you heard of this Bible. Erdman

JC said...

Erdman,Thanks for your questions. In Genesis first chapter, from verse 24 to 31 tells of the events of the sixth day of creation. That is where it is mentioned that God Created Adam.

As to your second question, in the New Testament 1st Corinthians chapter 15 verses 15:45 and 15:47, it is mentioned that Adam was the first man: “The first man Adam became a living being . . .” And, “The first man was of the dust . . .”

It would be helpful to understand this touchy topic if you were to click on the Table of Contents # 143. “Creation, Evolution and Intelligent Design”

As to your last question: no I never heard of the Companion Bible. I have over half a dozen versions of the Christian Bible, but not that one. althinker

Anonymous said...

MR. Thinker, on the sixth day, all humanity was created by God, Adam was created after God rested, he was the first man to bring God into the world that was made a mess of by Satan, you are teaching people lies, it sounds like organized religion lives with you.

JC said...

Erdman, thanks for your views on the creation story. What is the point you are attempting to make? Is what you believe about creation going to make a difference as to how you and I live and how we must obey God’s commands? We could bicker about a lot of issues concerning our differences in trivial matters, but if they aren’t geared in a way that could change our lives to the better, we will be wasting our valuable time, and the time of the bloggers who subscribe to this blog. althinker

Anonymous said...

Mr. Thinker, The point is this, TRUTH, what I believe will not make any difference to you, but to God it will, what you teach goes with organized religion, for many are called, and only the ones that believe the TRUTH are chosen.

JC said...

If you don't agree with God's Word as it is presented in this blog, go elsewhere. althinker