Saturday, February 11, 2006

# 128: What is Life?

This subject may be difficult to write about; nevertheless, I will attempt to somehow excavate deeply into the fabric of humanity (what life is all about), so as to possibly find a palatable or reasonable answer. Many down through the ages have attempted to put on paper what life consists of. Have they failed? Without a doubt, human life is a combination of the physical, mental (mind), emotional, and spiritual, etc. The spiritual consists of soul, spirit, and heart (the inner being).

Because of our five senses, which we could not live without, we may place too much emphasis on satisfying our physical needs. And I understand why. The problem which can spring from giving this much attention to the physical is that the remainder of what we consist of may get neglected, leaving a void. Just look at the world around us and we can vividly see the focus on the physical body and the dissatisfied results.

If a person desires to reach his/her potential, there must be a delicate balance to satisfy the whole person, leaving no parts unattended. In order to do that, we must prioritize them as to their importance: attempt to figure out which one should come first and which one can tolerate ending up with the least amount of attention.

Then the question comes up, “What is humanity’s universal genetic potential?” In my mind, there is only one answer: If we were to take a survey of a thousand people, asking the above question, we would get a thousand different answers. I wouldn’t attempt to even guess what some of the answers would be, except most would have something to do with our physical makeup. Here is my answer: Make our inner being the most important entity, but as the same time, do not neglect or abuse the remainder of the whole person so as to become detrimental to the inner person (the real you and me).

This is the reasoning behind my assessment: The inner being, which is located in the head (mind, brain), most likely is the manager of all that goes on elsewhere in the body. If the manager gives the right commands, all is well. If the manager/controller gives the wrong orders, the result will be disorder. We must make sure that “the all-important part of us” is the one who truly resides there and is not shanghaied by an imposter.

I believe the Spirit of God is the rightful resident of everyone’s spiritual cavity. To have Him dominate our lives will allow anyone/everyone to reach their genetic potential, which is God in the flesh. Some might say, “That is an audacious dream.” And they may be correct. But that assessment doesn’t make it impossible. To get almighty God to dominate one’s life means anyone who is presently at the controls must be kicked out if it/he/she is malevolent, or if it is benevolent, put in its rightful place. Easier said than done. We all are creatures of habit. And to drive out or change those habits is a monumental task. We will not be able to hear God’s orders with so many distractions from other habitual entities.

Therefore, the Christian life, as described in the New Testament, with a little help from this post, is the way to allow an all-benevolent God (the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ) to occupy the inner being of all who truly desire to live life to it greatest genetic potential. Repeating, easier said than done. The reason is because in order to allow holiness to occupy anyone, all of life’s value will have to be turned upside down. That is an extremely difficult feat to accomplish, to say the least. The reason being, most of what we have been taught since birth does not accomplish or accommodate the path to true life.

For those who scoff at God and ask, “How can anyone be absolutely certain that a god even exists?” That is a legitimate question. And I will give an unambiguous answer to validate God’s existence with imperial evidence that science does not have/cannot do. The laws of physics, as far as we understand them at this time, say that physical matter, energy, or any other unknown force cannot create itself out of nothing. That is a basic uncontested law. With that fact established, I ask this question: “Where did our physical universe come from?” It could not have made itself. There had to be a creator of some sort that was beyond the physical. That leaves me with the FACT that a creator—which goes by the title Almighty God—could actually exist. Has science been able to create matter out of nothing to prove the big bang theory? No.

More evidence that an intelligent force beyond the physical could/must exist is this: How can animate life create itself out of simple or even complex chemicals, arranging and rearranging themselves, or organize sophisticated amino acids into a functional order, without a genetic code to dictate exactly how that life should form and reproduce? Or even more conclusive evidence for the existence of God is this: How could a/the genetic code (the DNA molecule which is the most densely packed information system in the known universe) design itself without a designer? If that were possible, by now we would have been able to reproduce the birth of the first organism in a test tube. Their failure is not so much to create life but their inability to present the mechanism of how it is done/how it happened. Only one big problem: Geneticists and physicists don’t have even a clue about how to start designing the DNA strand. Without that molecule, there could be no forms of life, plant or human. That is another winning point for the existence of some kind of metaphysical force, intelligence, or supernatural creator.

As the above information demonstrates, the scientific community holds deceptive theories concerning the formation of the universe and the creation of the first living organism; they also have no empirical evidence to back them up. They are just man-made theories in an attempt to disqualify the existence of any supreme being. Therefore, with all the UNEMPIRICAL evidence in place, how can any group of scientists/atheists dogmatically attempt to put a belief in place which says there is no God, or God is just a myth, or He exists only through people’s faith? Though God is not a myth, it does take faith to believe in the logical facts, just presented, that there has to be a God. Remember this vital point: There are no empirical facts that make God nonexistent. At the same time, apart from faith, there is strong logic that some sort of superhuman, supreme entity must exist.

With that said, let the truth be known that humanity's greatest genetic potential is to become a close facsimile to the best and most powerful being in the universe. Any less and we would be compromising. Consequently, to any deep-thinking student of the Bible, LIFE IS ALL ABOUT becoming—or better yet, being made into—one of the absolute best individuals in the universe. Repeating, finally, we know humanity’s greatest genetic potential. And that is the only reason why God created the universe: to eventually have offspring that can actually identify with Him, which He Himself will bring to fruition (perfection). This is not a “pie-in-the-sky” dream; it is logical reality at its highest level, to say the least. Remember, a person can never rise higher than his/her aspiration. With God, the sky (Christ) is the limit.

At this time, some might be thinking I must be some type of fruitcake. And if I am, what harm am I doing? I just aspire for the greatness that was meant for us. Does it not say in Genesis 1:26, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness. . . ”? Therefore, to those who see me as a fruitcake, I will accept that degradation as a complement: a Biblical fruitcake.

Let’s tap into the pearls of wisdom with this thought. Before Jesus Christ came into the world, who would have ever thought/guessed in their wildest dream that Almighty God could come to earth in the flesh as a perfect human being? If God could do that, is there anything that is impossible for Him? God is waiting for us to realize our potential; then He can start to work on us, but only to the degree we believe He is able. That is where holiness comes to play: to separate ourselves from the status quo of traditional religion and the world.

By the way, this complete blog does a pretty good job of describing in detail exactly how anyone aware of a need must realize there is more to life than what is seen around them; they can do this without getting entangled in organized religion. The topic of creation, evolution, and intelligent design is described in greater detail in post #122; click on the Table of Contents.


Jay said...

Dear Al. How many different churches have you tried. I just don’t understand your judgment against all organized religion. If I knew how many different churches failed you I might have a better feel of where you are getting this animosity from. I have attended 8 different churches. This is after I was born again. I have to say not one was a perfect place. What place is? We are ever growing to perfection. Two of the churches were filled with people just doing thier Sunday duty and not knowing God and what he wanted of us. One was way off in thier interpretation of scripture. They were subtle, it took me almost a year to see what they were preaching. Talk about wolfs in sheep’s clothing. The others were different denominations with different ideas on what God expects of us. They were neither completely right or completely wrong but sincerely seeking God’s will in there fellowship. I picked a denomination that I am comfortable with, what they believe and how they worship. There are some things in thier doctrinal statement that I don’t interpret the same way they do. But theses are things that will not put your salvation in jeopardy. What this place is a place that preaches God’s word and gives me a place to worship Him in music and praise. If you are right in giving up on any form of organized religion you will have to take some of the scriptures God has given us and just ignore them. Examples; Some of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Preaches, Pastors, Overseers. Without a church are we not going to miss out on these gifts? Laying of hands to heal the sick where are we going to find the elders but in the church. (2Ti 4:2) 2Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. If there is no church where is His word to be preached. I could go on and on but I think my comment is long enough. I am sorry that it took so much for me to make a point. . Jay

I liked your post #127 I have my own list of sermons never preach you gave me a lot more scripture. Thanks

JC said...

Jay. I understand where you are coming from. I never counted all the churches I have attended. But over a 20 year span, it must have been over several dozen. I never meant all that go to these regimented churches are heading for hell, that decision is God’s only. What makes me angry is most churches don’t preach on extremely important topics that the laity doesn’t desire to hear.

The saying is true, “What one don’t know may/will hurt him/her.” What I mean is if you were going 50 MPH in a 30 MPH speed zone, and you were stopped, you told the officer you didn’t see the sign, is he/she going to excuse you and let you go free? I don’t think so. Also on Judgment day, when the Lord asks you why you weren’t obedient to all those 60 plus Bible verses and you answer, my preacher never told me about the importance of obedience. Do you think Jesus is going to say to you, no problem head upstairs. Think about that.

Another question, of those 60 plus verses in #127, how many of those subjects have you heard preached from the pulpit? I don’t need to know your answer, but be honest with yourself. That is religions crime against God, that I am attempting to expose. With that said, still God knows those who are His, and I am sure some belong to established churches. Thanks for your comments. I pray that God keeps blessing you and yours.