Sunday, May 14, 2006

#145: Just a Touch of Hell

Jehovah God is loving, merciful, forgiving, gracious, compassionate, etc. He expresses these qualities/attributes to anyone who desires to live and believe as He desires. But to those who live as His enemies (anyone who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior by faith and obedience to all He commands), He is a vengeful God. Hebrews 10:30. “It is mine to avenge; I will repay . . .” Revelation 19:2. “For true and just are his judgments, He has condemned the great prostitute who corrupted the earth by her adulteries. He has avenged on her the blood of his servants.” Also, there is a multitude of verses in the Old Testament telling of God’s vengeance to those who displease Him. I will mention just one at this time. Nahum 1:2. “The Lord is a jealous and avenging God; the Lord takes vengeance and is filled with wrath. The Lord takes vengeance on his foes and maintains his wrath against his enemies.”

Even though we live in the age of grace, God’s grace does not apply to stubborn nonbelievers, of course, unless they decide to venture into the realm of belief in God. To His enemies, He is a stern-faced avenger–eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Most of that revenge will be manifested in a place many don’t believe will exist: hell (eternal separation from God). Some would call that scare tactics. Yes, that could be so, but more important than that, it is only fair for God to somehow attempt to tell everyone the consequence of living in a way that violates the laws of love for God and neighbor. There are over twenty New Testament verses that speak of hell or a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth. That is strong biblical evidence that a large venue consisting of eternal torment is actually a part of God’s reality. Mark 9:43: “. . . where the fire never goes out”– That will be waiting for all who are God’s enemies.

There are many types of objectionable behaviors that are offensive to God. Most likely, several of the most grievous are “christian" hypocrites and those who exploit children. As for those who have read any of this blog know, I have already written extensively on church people that are hypocrites. Now it is time to speak up on crimes against children. There are three verses in the first three gospels which are just about identical, and they tell the consequences of crimes against children: Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42, and Luke 17:2. “It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.”

This next section is extremely graphic; blogger discretion is advised. I have known of childhood abuses for some time, as we all have. It upsets me more than anyone can imagine when I hear of these abuses—I have four children of my own and five grandchildren. I have either an extremely sensitive natural or God-given empathy when it comes to children being mistreated. I heard of one atrocity several days ago on TV news that was most likely one of the worst. In fact, I wish I had never heard it. Since I did, I was inspired to write this blog.

A subhuman monster, even below the animal level, went to Russia to adopt a five-year-old blond-haired, blue-eyed baby girl. He must have had false documents showing that he was married (otherwise, the Russian authorities would not have consented to the adoption) or he had a female accomplice, married or not, in America, waiting to be sort of a surrogate mother to the little girl (making her conform to his orders).

The first day they arrived in America, he started to abuse her sexually, with a Camcorder rolling. Now put yourself, if you can, in the place of this little girl. She didn’t know what was happening or why. Most of what he did to her was—and still is—available on the internet. This treatment went on for over five years. He nearly starved her to keep her looking young, and kept her locked in the basement much of the time. They finally caught the bas . . . . She is now thirteen years old, and was asked to tell her story to Congress—as I write this, I can’t stop the tears from streaming down my cheeks. What bothered me even more was when the news anchor said there are thousands worldwide, at this time, in her hideous situation. No one could imagine the rage that came over me at that time and hasn’t left yet, at what is going on in this world. When older females are abused–and many are—in evil ways, at least they may understand, to a degree, why this is happening to them, and it possibly allows them to cope a little better.

Then there are children who are bought or kidnapped in countries like India, China, etc. that are put to work as slave laborers. These children are never allowed to see the light of day, just work, work, work. Besides that, there are children that are bought or kidnapped and made into professional prostitutes as very young girls. Then there are the Internet predators who prey on young girls in chat rooms. Let's not forget the diabolic Internet homosexuals that love preying on young boys, along with the shameful Catholic priests who do their dirty work in the name of Jesus Christ. Has the world always been this evil, or is it happening more now than ever? If I dwell on this subject too long, it will literally drive me mad. Let’s not forget what is happening in the genocide of children and adults in Darfur, Africa: something that is difficult to believe. What right does anyone in America have to sing, “It’s a big wide wonderful world we live in”? Answer: out of sight, out of mind. They just stick their heads in the sand and say, “No skin off my back; I am doing just great.” Shame on you.

The accomplices to these internet predators (those who get turned on by this disgraceful and disgusting display of filth) are just as guilty as those who actually create the videos. If it wasn’t for them, internet child porn and other means of electronic porn would not exist. Have men always been this way, but had no way of fulfilling their ungodly desires? If that is true, I am ashamed of being a member of the masculine gender.

Why haven’t computer scientists and other computer and electronic geeks found a way of tracking where this filth originates and where it’s being received? If we can put a man on the moon and back, and make other great accomplishments in electronics, why can’t we get rid of this type of devil-inspired stuff? If extremely intelligent engineers were given big bucks as an incentive by the government to do just that, instead of blowing billions on the stupid Iraq war, we could soon have this internet child porn—and the worse than hellish abuse these young, helpless, innocent victims go through—come to an end.

Now, let me suggest appropriate punishment for these heartless, animalistic, depraved freaks. This next paragraph or two might be too much for some people to even read; again, discretion is advised. DEATH BY SLOW TORTURE. These wild animals deserve the most extended, intense torture possible. Think about this: Somehow, have all the world leaders come to a consensus that this problem must be solved once and for all. Make the punishment so severe that these non-human perverts, after seeing the consequences, would think twice before engaging in any type of child abuse. The only countries that have no need to participate are the Muslim countries, since most Arabs are brought up to be extremely modest when it comes to exposure of the human body. In these countries, any sort of child porn is nearly nonexistent.

Every country is responsible for making torture chambers to the specifications initially agreed upon. Now, this would be a more than fitting form of torture: Dig gigantic holes in the ground, about eight or nine feet deep and a hundred feet or so in area. Leave the bottom and sides of the hole just as the backhoe left the dirt. Every four feet, drive wooden posts into the ground. These posts should be about eight feet tall. All the posts would be four feet apart in all directions; next, put the main bearing beams to rest on these posts; next, onto the beams, put the ceiling joists; next, on top of them, put some ¾-inch exterior plywood; next, on top of the plywood, put a layer of dirt about eight inches or so deep. Planting grass on the dirt is optional. We now have a perfect torture chamber just fitting for the deeds these guilty pieces of filthy scum deserve: dirt floors, dirt walls and a lot of torture poles; also, a few small vent holes in the ceiling will be the only light and ventilation they receive, along with one stairway with a heavy steel door.

Those sentenced to death by slow torture will receive a speedy trial with no chance of appeal, plea bargain, probation, clemency or any other form of leniency. The law prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment in America must be amended, but only for child abuse.

Since they are not humans—according to ethical human standards–give them inhuman treatment. Shackle every prisoner to a post, hands above their heads and feet fastened to the bottom of the post. This is the way they will remain until death. But we don’t want them to die very quickly, so we will feed them and give them water. Here comes the nasty part: They now will be tortured daily and systematically by men or women with strong stomachs, or even by the victims or their friends and family. Those doing the torturing will be required to wear protective gear and gas masks to prevent the spread of contagious diseases. For good pay, they will torture these men and women according to specific instructions. Remember that we want these perverts to live as long as possible. The torture will be severe but not life-threatening.

Here is what it will be: hot soldering torches to make small burns on all parts of the body; razor blades to make small cuts; pliers to squeeze fingers, toes, private parts, ears, noses, and if there are any other protrusions. A hammer to hit wherever, but not too hard on the head; we don’t want them to die too soon. Electric shocks, but not too long or to cross the heart, to prevent death by electrocution. Legs and arms are the safest places. Since all the feces and urine will be left in place, this will be a great place for flies and rats. So we throw in a few rats and some fly larvae just for good measure. Also a few snakes for “pleasant dreams.” Why not include a few hundred vampire bats to do their blood-sucking served on a platter? These perverts and even a few women accomplices will all be stripped naked. Then, there will be no place on the body the torture crew can’t access.

For food and drink, a collection program of scrap food from restaurants, markets, and other places where scrap food would be available—which usually goes into the landfill—will be a cheap source of food. For drinking: river water. Some will of course refuse to eat or drink, hoping to die as soon as possible. These will be force-fed. Since their hands will always be above their heads, all food will be administered by special teams. When some refuse to eat or drink, they change their minds quickly when extra shots from the hot flames of the torch are applied to sensitive parts of the pubic area. The longer they remain alive, the bigger bonuses the torturers will receive.

The stench that is emitted from these sites via the vent holes will be unbelievable, as will the horrendous sounds of continual screaming; therefore, locations a great distance from living areas must always be selected. When some start to die, which will happen to all eventually, they will be left on their poles. As their bodies decay, the stench becomes even worse. Eventually, after the rats and bacteria have done their job, all that will be left is a bunch of skeletons. After everyone is dead and decayed, the bulldozers can fill the gigantic stinky hole, wood beams and all. All that is left is a mound of dirt with one cross on the top. After that, another location is picked, but it need not be as large since internet porn, most certainly, will be on the decrease.

Eventually, all types of child exploitation will hopefully be a thing of the past. To let those who may have engaged in child exploitation know exactly what is going on in these torture chambers, viewing via Camcorders will be used to take vivid pictures of the ongoing torture and ungodly screaming, along with time-lapse videos showing the slow process of death by slow torture.

The moral (punch line) of the above torture is only to display “JUST A TOUCH OF HELL.” Can anyone imagine anything being more painful or for a longer duration? Most of us just don’t think about the real hell that is reserved for all predators of young children, along with those who don’t live and believe as Jesus Christ dictated in the New Testament. In hell, whether it will actually be fire or just a metaphor for the pain (separation from God) that fire creates, will be similar to that of a hot torch. That pain will endure for eternity. In fact, hell, as it is described in the New Testament, is so gruesome that it is dismissed as reality by many, since a loving God could never do such a terrible thing. Fire, hell and the pain that will accompany it are so prevalent in Scripture–close to 40 to 50 verses–that hell just can’t be ignored. This continual, excruciating pain in hell is something we as physical beings could not endure or fathom.

Here is the thing: At the end of time, in heaven, I am certain all who are blessed by God for their belief and obedience to Him, including God Himself, will experience permanent amnesia as to the existence of what is going on in hell, or even that there is a hell, or even who is in there. The reason I make this speculation is because there could be no tranquility of mind, which will be the norm, for anyone in a heavenly environment with negative thoughts of loved ones, family, and friends that never made it. After all that has been said, God does not want anyone to live as He requires out of fear. Love for God and neighbor must be the incentive to do things God’s way. Of course, that love does not come fast, easy or cheap. The Bible, along with this blog, testifies in detail to the formula of avoiding hell and being accepted in heaven.

Another thing that concerns me is that the vast majority of people, religious or not, believe that there is a God because logic says there must be an intelligent metaphysical force/energy out there of one form or another, because something as significant as our gigantic universe couldn’t just have happened on its own, and for no rhyme or reason (just by chance). And still they take this logic lightly and do nothing about it; they just do what comes naturally. That type of belief in God is less than worthless when it comes to being qualified as citizens in the company of Almighty God.

The reason for “Religion’s Crime Against God” is to get concerned people thinking about the unpleasant aspects of God and life they may not desire to think about. “For-profit” religious institutions can’t/won’t talk about those distasteful topics for fear of dwindling finances and membership; therefore, week after week, they just keep shoving that pleasing holy bull, which churchy people love. On the contrary, this blog glories in that hard-edged stuff that is required by Christ from all who claim His name. We (including Christ) don’t want your money; we desire only one thing: your full-time, loving devotion to the cause of Jesus Christ, and not your Sunday-morning, entertainment-type Christianity. Amen and amen. Since massive “death by slow torture” is an extremely unique concept, I would appreciate your positive or negative input. Feel free to share this post with your friends.

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Bianca said...

Well said. I couldn't agree with you more on this topic. It is unfathomable that brutally harsh, unbearable penalties for such extreme crimes against the innocent/helpless do not exist. According to the following statistics, ( child sexual abuse happens to between 15% and 25% of the children in America... And as high as 35% in Africa. This is a crime that is too passified and unfortunately, instead of forcing the issue and preventing it as you've described, there are recent movements asking for the world to see these detestable scum bags as good/non criminal people with an uncurable disposition. Read the following article if you do not believe me...

Keep up the great writing... You are amazing and I love you very much!