Monday, November 27, 2006

# 177: Exploring God's Secrets

What do we as humans know about God? Not much more than what the Christian Bible tells us via His holy prophets and Saints. Nevertheless, when we take past Biblical events and combine them with our knowledge of the present, there can be great spiritual growth from how much more we can learn, experience and become more familiar with God and His creation than was known 2 to 5 thousand years ago.

The five times the word “universe” was mentioned in the New Testament, its writers were referring only to the area around the earth (as far as the eye could see). What they couldn’t see of the physical universe didn’t exist to them. They believed the stars—instead of being gigantic suns of other solar systems—were small, shiny objects that would fall to earth during the great tribulation. Revelation 6:13. “And the stars in the sky fell to earth, as late figs.” The Bible writers of 2,000 years ago could never in their wildest dreams ever fathom the latest scientific figures as to the size of the universe (I say infinite); astronomers tell us about 12 to 14 thousand light years plus, in diameter, if there is a diameter. Either way, the enormity of the universe silently tells us more about God and His creation and how complex He is.

Bible writers believed the earth was flat and square: Revelation 7:1. “After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth. . . .” The sun revolved around the earth, and the earth was the center of interest of all God’s creation. I am certain if somehow God could have taught His ancient writers of the enormity and complexity of our universe—approximately 50 billion galaxies—He would have done so. Can you imagine God attempting to describe to them what a light year consisted of, the speed of light, the size of other galaxies, etc.?

Now that we know so much more about how the universe and our own solar system function, it is our holy endeavor to update our knowledge of God Himself. First and foremost, the potential is enormous (I actually think it is a certainty) for other planets similar to earth in our Milky Way galaxy and other galaxies to exist that already had (past tense), have (present tense), or will have (future tense) hospitable and congenial environments for life to thrive.

Our universal laws of physics explicitly dictate that physical matter cannot create itself out of nothing. So it is only logical that a supernatural being (God) created the universe–which took no time at all, since time does not exist in God’s spiritual realm. If God created the universe, which many deep thinkers, Christians and even a few atheists, believe, then there must have been a very specific purpose. Answer: to create physical environments that could sustain intelligent life—something like life on planet earth, but hopefully much holier—that could believe and live as God requires.

All that is required for other planets to produce life, besides large lumps of soil, rocks, etc., is water (H2O), air (chiefly nitrogen and oxygen, etc.), the right distance from their particular sun, and of course, GOD. Whammo! Life can/will make its presence. I am implying God-guided evolution, which Darwin explained to a small degree and was given credit for, while leaving God out of the equation.

Then, 180 degrees to the opposite of God-directed evolution is a large group of Christians who are a disgrace to the unequivocal logic the Christian faith presents; they have their heads stuck in the sand, still believing the universe is only 6,000 years old and that earth is the only planet that supports intelligent life. I could assure these naive Christians that the odds are more than 50 billion to one, and many times more, that they are wrong. Why would such an enormous (infinite) almighty God create a colossal universe and then put all His eggs in one small basket: earth, as if it were the only place where He can scrounge up a few faithful believers to be with Him for all eternity? These are the people that give ample ammunition to atheists like Richard Dawkins, and therefore, also make deep-thinking genuine Christians look like idiots. In other words, contrary to the opinions of hardened atheists and foolish Christians, there are areas where God and science can peacefully coexist.

Then these atheistic intellectuals believe the whole universe is just a bunch of chemicals that came from nowhere (the Big Bang), and then on their own, as time passed, came to form all the intricacies required to sustain the billions of galaxies, and better yet, for no specific purpose—just for the hell of it. There is no logic to their argument. A more logical probability is that God created the physical universe, while scientists with their fancy hypotheses attempt to study and manipulate it to their thinking, all the while ignoring the existence of a Creator.

I ask these unbelievers just two “simple” questions: Where did that physical stuff, energy, force or whatever it was that started the Big Bang come from? Along with that, of the six or more constants that exist in the universe, specifically referring to the gravitational constant, if it were off by one part in a hundred million millions, then the expansion of the universe after the Big Bang would not have occurred in the fashion that was necessary for life to occur. It is exceedingly improbable that it could have happened by chance. If they can’t answer those questions, then the logic to all else concerning “God is an illusion” and the origin of Big Bang is absolute foolishness. The one thing these nonbelievers don’t realize is that without God and the love He propagates, all activity on earth would have no specific purpose except for what atheistic human minds can conjure up: hurray for me, boo for the other guy.

Of course, if they were to concede to a theory that a supernatural intelligence created that initial stuff, and fine-tuned the universe so that life could exist, then a few of us could halfway agree with them. As they know, it is poor science for them to combine a metaphysical force in the formation of the Big Bang theory, as to the start of the universe. For that reason, they can never include God in the Big Poop [oops] theory.

This next paragraph is an excerpt taken from Post # 143:. “Creation, Evolution and Intelligent Design.” This post is extremely interesting and worth reading.

“That is what I am doing at this time: giving you a cutting-edge disclosure. I am mostly referring to the first four chapters of Genesis. In order for the creation of the universe and of mankind to make any sense whatsoever, those four chapters—actually, only the first chapter—of Genesis, which talk about the six-day creation period, must be expanded into about four and a half, to thirteen billion earth years. Then another question: Did God create Adam in a single 24-hour day, or was he the product of God-guided evolution? The answer seems clear. God mentioned Adam as the first in a line of people who would represent Him. Only thing is, Biblical evidence seems to indicate that God still created Adam through the natural process of evolution that took much more than 24 hours. Here is vivid evidence that Adam was not the only person on earth when God introduced him in Genesis 4:13-17: “But Cain said to the Lord, ‘ My punishment is more than I can bear . . . I will be a restless wanderer on the earth and whoever finds me will kill me.’ But the Lord said to him, ‘Not so; if anyone kills Cain, he will suffer vengeance seven times over.’ Then the Lord put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him . . . .” Verse 17: “Cain lay with his wife . . .” I ask this poignant question: Who were these other people, and where did they come from? These Biblical verses alone should make us believe there were other humans on earth who got there through God’s—not Darwin’s—evolution process at the time when Adam was first mentioned. Therefore, Christians can still believe the creation story and also continue believing the Bible. I do; it makes all the sense in the world to smooth (make more understandable) some of the conflicting material. For those who don’t believe the aforementioned, please give me a more logical reason as to where those other humans came from.

Continuing where left off: Though nonbelievers will never admit it, a large part of their denial of God is that they don’t want or need to be under the thumb of (subjected to) an almighty God that requires a life of holiness, belief and obedience to His Law of selfless love (altruism). In short, the above sentence can easily sum up the whole of genuine Christianity. Worse yet, many atheists/agnostics believe God is a fabrication of a needy humanity: those who can’t stand up on their own but need an invisible crutch to get them through the night (a lifetime). These atheists are self-sufficient, and don’t need antique rules and regulations as to what they can and cannot do, or how to live.

In fact, in the last few years, a large company of prominent atheists have written many books that were/are in the top bestseller list; they are increasing insistently to discredit the existence of any type of supernatural God. In order for Christians not to get sucked into their way of thinking (human logic), we must, more than ever, get as close to God as humanly possible by fervent prayer and strict obedience to all He teaches.

In general, the following are the attitudes of many scientific intellectuals: They have most likely had schooling for 20 years or more to get where they are now. Their studies, most likely, do not include a supernatural (God). Then, if they had to conform to what God requires, they would have to abandon much of what they have learned in their higher education. That sounds foolhardy to them. So they rationalize through evolutionary science that the reason for human existence is just by chance (make the best of an “I want it my way” situation).

In most religious circles, it is common knowledge that God is considered to be eternal. “Eternal” and “eternity” are words that are foreign to humans regarding their true meaning since we have never experienced either one. Since eternity and infinity are synonymous, the universe could just as well be infinite as not. Only thing, the human mind cannot start to comprehend anything that is infinite. That may be the reason why many reject the thought of the universe as being infinite and attempt to put limits on it as to its size, although I have talked to atheists who for some reason feel the universe may be infinite. If it is infinite, which I strongly believe, then any place in the universe is the center of the universe. Wow—for a universe that is infinite, there is no need for millions of universes as some will have us to believe, since one infinite universe is larger—if size could be put on infinity—than 300 million gigantic universes that have size.

Many Christians often wonder how God can be at all places at the same time (omnipresent). I would amend that: God is at all places where intelligent life exists for this reason: He set the laws of physics in place before there was a physical world, and those laws cannot be violated by anything physical that is inanimate. Said another way, there is no need for God to watch the inanimate universe while it continues to evolve, as the laws of physics—which are a law unto themselves—play their steadfast role in continuing to form and reform while creating new worlds.

Wherever God is, He is the exact same concerning His law of Love, etc.; there is not one iota of difference in Him. Where God is different than humans is that He has total unity within Himself as He multi-tasks an infinite number of assignments, if you will, in an infinite number of planets and individuals. To put it another way, He responds to everyone and every situation personally and individually through His Holy Spirit. This is difficult for us humans to comprehend. It is having an infinite number of identical Gods in One God.

For example, while God is dealing with affairs on earth, He is in touch with every person at the same time that belongs to Him through His Holy Spirit. And when necessary, He silently responds, as He remains behind the scenes, to all that come to Him with love and faith. And many times His response is not what we humans desire, although it is what is best for the particular situation. To make it more clear, each Christian has his/her personal God (the Holy Spirit). That sounds great. Click on posts # 82, 83, 84: "Your Own Personal God."

Some of the Christian clergy postulate that our heart, spirit and soul, and even the Holy Spirit—to those to whom these qualities are given—are independent from our brain. That is an error. Those spiritual parts of us function through and in conjunction with the workings of the human brain. That means the brain is a semi-spiritual organ. Of course, neuroscience completely rejects that thought. They have enough to be concerned with without applying the spiritual to the equation.

Still, I am not certain if brain imaging has been performed to corroborate the brain as being a semi-spiritual organ. Yet, in years to come, one’s connection to God may be confirmed or denied by brain imaging. And even if that is not possible, here is another reason for the brain being a semi-spiritual organ: Are thoughts physical? No. They are invisible/spiritual. Are emotions physical? Absolutely not. And yet they are generated in the brain. Then if it is offensive to call the brain a semi-spiritual organ, it is unequivocally a physical organ that produces invisible/spiritual substance (our thinking process) that can have physical and spiritual results.

Since we are on the topic of thoughts, think about this: Thoughts are permanent. I can hear the laughter. Okay, then; try to destroy one. I didn’t say “forget,” I said “destroy.” So we must be careful what we are thinking about because thoughts may last until the end of time. Here is the dangerous part of thoughts: Anyone in the same wavelength as the sender can receive their thoughts regardless of where they are on earth. Thoughts are spiritual; for that reason, they are powerful. I wrote extensively on thought-sharing, but I forgot which post it is in. Sorry.

Back to the topic at hand: God’s secrets. You see, God’s hands are tied, so to speak, when it comes to violating our free will. But no problem:, Since He knows the end result, He has the ability to work around our free will and still have favorable results. The advantage God has in being secure in all He does is that He is omniscient (knowing all things). To God, every event is like watching an instant replay or rerun. There will be no unexpected events. It sounds like divine cheating, although it is Godly love and power in action. Godly love is always certain of the results and will always win in the end. That is an excellent reason for all of us to make absolutely certain we are on the winning team. When we are involved in a life of selfless Godly love and obedience, which comes as a result of faith/belief in Jesus Christ, we can know with certainty that God is behind all the good we do and all the evil we don’t do. Philippians 2:13. “for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.”

1st John 4:8. “. . . God is love.” Although it is not apparent at this time on this planet, love—that is, God’s love—is the most powerful force in the entire universe, bar none. What does that tell us? It tells us that we live in a universe that was created because of love, for love, and by love. How does our planet fit into that category? As things have been going on for the last several thousand years, especially the last fifty years or so, it doesn’t sound like planet earth fits into the Godly love description.

Is that the way God feels? Yes, and He is making the best of a bad situation by gathering the few He has and going on His way to places where there are better pickings. Are we on God’s side?

Some might be asking, “What does it mean to be on God’s side?” Answer: Anything and everything that conflicts with wholehearted love for God and selfless love for others in need is ungodly.

Concerning caring/helping the needy, we must decide who to help and who not to help; we must be extremely discreet and make sure that we don’t throw our pearls (hard-earned bucks and effort) before swine, the lazy drunkards, those who would use our love gifts for unhealthy purposes like smoking, drugs, sex and anything that is physically or mentally destructive and not up-building.

In summation, in this modern complex culture we live in, there are many secrets God through His Holy Spirit wants to reveal to us. The only way God can do that is for us to be fine-tuned to His desires and motives. That is easy to say but difficult to do. For many, it requires a drastic lifestyle change. Think about it: Wouldn’t most of us love to learn about other’s secrets, especially those in high positions? Who is in a higher position than Almighty God?


Anonymous said...

I am wondering if the bible has being on every star out there because God is going to burn the earth in the end and create a new one,

JC said...

Anonymous, Thanks for your comment. It only makes logic to think that the only two things that will be identical to our world is God’s love and the belief and obedience of the intelligent beings to their God. Most likely nothing will be the same. Nothing else meaning the being’s size, shape, language, desires and ever other thing. They may be the size of bees or larger than elephants, and even the same design as bees and elephants. They may not have written languages or be so advanced that their communication may be telepathic. They will have no need for our Bible.

Yes, our Bible does mention a new earth, even though that earth my not be physical. Physical of otherwise, either way, it will be a blessed existence. Are you prepared, according to the New Testament, to be in the company of Jesus Christ? God bless. althinker