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# 199: America and its Immorality: Why?

How far has life in America separated itself from Biblical absolutes? This post will examine that question in attempt to find out why. The first question: Why is the God of the Christian Bible set against any sort of sexual immorality? We who belong to God know all sexual immorality is an abomination to Him, but I ask, why? To my knowledge, that explicit answer is not in Scripture. I stayed awake half the night a few days ago in prayer asking God for an answer. The answer: There are several reasons. And yet, the reasons why God hates all sexual immorality can be summed up in one short sentence.

Human beings have several extremely strong natural instincts. They all go under the heading: “survival of the fittest.” The top contenders are to acquire food, sleep, sex, some sort of shelter, along with the ability to flee from danger, etc. And they all are legitimate.

What happens when one of these instincts gets skewed (too much or not enough attention) is that the rest of the instincts may suffer in one way or another. For example, if we take in more calories than our body needs, we become obese, which will in turn affect how we see ourselves; if we have insomnia, our awakening hours are like hell and we just can’t function correctly; if we can’t flee from a ferocious bear, we get mauled or eaten up; if we can’t find or make adequate shelter, we will suffer from exposure or something worse.

I do want to mention that God’s rules as to immorality apply only to disciples of Christ. The rest can live as they please by doing whatever their human instincts dictate.

If our sex life is not contained with one partner in marriage, our whole life is thrown out of kilter. Consequences: jealousy, strife, hatred, etc. and a possible separation; that is not only difficult for mom and/or dad; the children are the ones who suffer the most. The children, without even knowing it, attempt to make up for the loss of close-knit family ties with other, sometimes dangerous, episodes. But the greater damage is not the present pain, but the damage to future generations when divorce is accepted as normal—are we there yet? Most children mimic their mother and father whether they want to or not. The end result: Society is harmed by lack of household stability, as we can vividly see happening all around us. All because of infidelity. There can be volumes written on the harm extramarital sex creates outside the marriage bed. I think you get one idea of why God does not condone adultery by his holy people.

The subject of premarital sex is another touchy subject. The song Debbie Boone sang about 20 years ago goes something like this: “How can it be wrong when it feels so right?” I could truthfully say that this is an incorrigible situation. Come hell or high water, it can only get worse. There is no possibility of turning back to good old-fashioned chastity. I am not certain the main reason why God frowns on this type of lifestyle, other than it will change how girls and boys will respond to sex and life’s nuances for the rest of their lives, like the old saying “Monkey see, monkey do.” Said another way, “We become like those we gaze at.” What I am implying is that the actions of the young today will affect future generations (if it was okay for mom and dad to do it before marriage, we can also).

When our sex drive is exploited at a young age before marriage, it can easily become the primary thing on their mind. It may affect other areas of life where truth, credibility, good charter and high morals are required, not to mention the potential of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, which can affect them the rest of their lives. Most who engage in promiscuity will later in life call them “the good old days.” What is funny is that many used to feel it was okay for boys to do this stuff, but for girls it was a no-no; that attitude has changed because of the birth control pill. Regardless, in God’s sight, boys are as guilty as girls.

We must remember that sex was originally mainly a means of procreation between a husband and wife. And before standard contraceptives (condoms) became widely available, safe sexual activity was conducted during the safe time of the month (the rhythm system: a certain number of days after a woman has ovulated; others say it is safe until the next period) or by other home-contrived forms of safe sex.

Another reason God condemns premarital sex is because the more one engages in youthful sex, the more one needs it; that urge becomes even more addicting. And when the thrill starts to wears off, they change partners with whomever they please. They think, “Something new, hopefully is a greater degree of ecstasy.” God desires His single people to derive their euphoria from being in union with His Son, Jesus Christ. Our God is a jealous God.

Throughout the Bible, God demands His chosen people not to live as nonbelievers (pagans, heathens, and atheists, etc. do). God does not consider those who live as the world does to be His children, even if they call themselves Christians. Any sexual immorality is an abomination to God.

This is another reason why God detests those who are sexually immoral. They do not raise themselves above the animal kingdom. They are beastly. They have sex with whomever, young or old, kin or no kin, whenever and wherever they desire. When people live their lives in an immoral way, in God’s sight, they are no better than the wild beasts. This could be the main reason all immorality is such a detestable thing to Him.

I repeat, anything worth writing is worth repeating: This principle of whatever we do or don’t do becomes an example for others to follow.

Concerning illicit sexual immorality, the Old as well as the New Testament seems to imply that homosexual activity is most disgusting. The reason for that may be because it is abnormal and hard for God and the straight population to understand how anyone can have sexual feelings for a person of the same gender. The reason I say that is because of why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. This type of activity puts them below the wild beasts. For more input, click on the Table of Contents # 167, “God, Gays and Unlawful Sex.”

Of course, gay issues are extremely different in America at this time. The freedom for gays to openly express themselves sprang from the egalitarian premise which our constitution provides. Regardless of how our law interprets equal rights, that doesn’t change God’s laws. And I am glad they have their freedom to live as they desire; they are still human. I am certain God objects to how active gays have legally infiltrated many “christian” churches. In reality, these churches are just showing off their true colors. That is not saying celibate homosexuals or lesbians can’t be disciples of Christ.

If this trend of emulating the gay lifestyle—especially by the young, since they are impressionable—continues as it has in the last ten years or so, America will in time be another Sodom and Gomorrah. That may be another reason why God strongly expresses His disdain for them. In reality, all sexual immorality seems to, in a sense, be pervasive in future generations. Although this post gave a pretty good answer why God hates illicit sex, I still don’t understand why heterosexuals have an attraction for the gay lifestyle.

Even though all sins grieve God, especially from those who claim to belong to Christ, what sin is the most grievous/inexcusable offense against God? I am certain many would say murder; I personally don’t think so. It most likely would be a draw between committing a blatant sexually immoral act against a small child–for graphic details, click on Table of Contents # 145: “Just a Touch of Hell”–and the sin that brings security, power, pride, esteem, etc. which the majority of humankind desires to engage in: WEALTH. Click on Table of Contents, # 175: “The Dark Side of Money.” This post and several others tell how God views riches, wealth and prosperity. It may be difficult for many to believe, but in God’s sight these two transgressions are synonymous. These offenses attack Christianity from two complete different perspectives; one is hated and the other is loved.

I do want to mention that for people who don’t believe in God, and for others who claim to be Christians but neglect obedience to Biblical commands, it is understandable and even necessary for them to engage in the pursuit of wealth and immorality since money can buy just about anything; many times the two sins are kissing cousins.

We in America believe having sex is love making. Not according to the Bible. Nowhere in the Good Book are the words “sex” and “love” combined or synonymous. Even though in a marriage situation, sex could be considered a form of love, real love—I mean Godly love in human form—far surpasses what sensual love seems to portray. Godly love is to consider others better than oneself. That type of love is as scarce as hen’s teeth, but it does exist.

In ending, as already mentioned, most likely the main reason God does not approve of any form of sexual immorality in Christ’s church is because that type of conduct is beast-like. Wild beasts have no code of ethics. And it is a sure thing that no beast-like people will inherit the kingdom of heaven. For those who disagree with some of the aforementioned principles, I would welcome your comments.

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