Saturday, July 21, 2007

# 210: Forty Interesting and Shocking Notes

1) What is the driving force behind your life that makes you feel loved, valuable and secure, something which doesn't have the potential to be fleeting? This is a good question to ponder.

2) The things, events and relationships that make our physical life precious inadvertently make our spiritual connection with Christ less valuable, necessary or desirable.

3) There is no greater joy for a parent (God) than to see Himself in the lives of His children.

4) When anyone actively desires to change what they believe about themselves, that change of mind will eventually become a reality.

5) One of the reasons the health care system in America is in crisis is because 75% of its budget goes to chronic diseases and sicknesses, mostly for the care of the elderly.

5a) David Walker, Comptroller General of the Government Accountability Office of the United States of America, recently proclaimed on CBS 60 Minutes News Hour that in 10 to 20 years, this country will be bankrupt, unable to pay its entitlements, e.g. Social Security, Medicaid, interest on our national debt, along with its other obligations. He said something has to be done, and now. We can’t continually keep spending more money than we take in [this is not a verbatim quote]. If you desire more info., check Internet Explorer: “David Walker Controller General on 60 Minutes CBS News.”

6) The only way for disciples of Christ to put wealth and prosperity into proper prospective is to actually experience the life of Jesus Christ.

7) In 1980, Americans were saving 10% of money earned; today that figure is 5%. What does that tell us about the way we live? Are we heading in the right direction?

8) Since our government can’t legislate morality, it shouldn’t have the right to legislate immorality. Personal morals/values must never be tampered with by any government or courts.

9) For those who truly belong to Christ, God makes them rich by making their needs and desires few. Desire makes poverty, regardless of whether one has millions or not even a red cent. True wealth comes from what one is on the inside, and not from what one has on the outside.

10) Any person who claims to be good is in essence saying that they are God. All humans are flawed.

11) God is my exclusive reason for living. What is yours?

12) God will comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Worldly comfort can be a killer. Are you and I guilty?

13) Lasting joy—it comes from what one is and not from what one has.

14) The emptier one is on the inside, the more one needs on the outside.

15) There are no shortcuts when it comes to spiritual growth.

16) By all logic, faith which is not shared is impotent, is most likely lacking in knowledge, and will eventually fade into oblivion.

17) Genuine faith in God will always produce obedience in all that Christ teaches.

18) There is little or nothing in an affluent society that has the ability to promote faith, love or humility.

19) The less one has, the more it is appreciated. The more one has, the more complacent, ungrateful and lazy the person becomes.

20) To justify immorality in the name of love, gives evil an acceptable name. You know what I am talking about.

21) Money is loved because it trumps all other things of value. Money makes a person “king of the hill,” as it were. That is the reason wealth, with all the pride, power and security it promotes, is detestable to God.

22) Spoiled and lazy people have an aversion to anything that is inconvenient. Of course, instead of using the words “spoiled” and “lazy,” they use the word “privileged,” which is a handy-dandy, pleasant-sounding euphemism.

23) The only way a person can submit to the radical concept which genuine Christianity commands is to be actually born of another world: the kingdom of heaven.

24) Authentic Christianity is a continual, wholehearted love affair with Jesus Christ.

25) In what way does God’s love for you affect your life? Think about this question seriously.

26) Physical life is not just an instrument as a means in itself, as many believe, but a potential stepping stone, a doorway to real life.

27) The world image of Christianity has greatly diminished since Bush took office, since he claims to be a born-again Christian. I am certain many non-Christians say, “If that’s the way Christians act, thanks but no thanks.”

28) There is mercy and compassion waiting for all who believe Holy Scripture, love God with all their faculties, and obey the teachings of Jesus Christ, but sternness to those who disobey.

29) Faith in Christ will always express itself through love. Some may ask, “What type of love?” The type of love which is displayed by good deeds, works and fruit of all types.

30) The less we need, the richer we are.

31) Wealth allows the rich to buy what is not really needed. That is waste. All waste in the Christian life is unholy since it should/could be going to those less fortunate.

32) Being loved makes a person successful. Doesn’t everyone desire to be successful?

33) Some will say, “You must be crazy—wealth, fame, power, etc. are what make a person successful.” God says otherwise. Scripture dictates that “What is highly valued among men is detestable in God’s sight.” Luke 16:15. Could it be that God is wrong?

34) There are several reasons why Christ doesn’t have much good to say about wealth and financial prosperity: Wealth does not make anyone a better person. Wealth creates secret pride, which God hates, regardless of how kind and generous a person may be. Wealth does not promote Christian humility (considering others better than oneself). This is the main area where Christ turned our monetary value system upside down. This is an area which the majority of people who call themselves “christians”—and people of this world—will never adhere to. To them it is totally idiotic. It is their primary rationale to strive for the very opposite, by working their buns off, or by hook or by crock, or in hopes of winning the lottery. So the daunting question remains: Does God consider wealthy and prosperous people better or more important than the less fortunate?

35) Genuine Christianity is not a part-time job; it is a whole hearted, full-time devotion to the one we made Lord (Boss)—of everything we say and do—when we accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of our lives.

36) Much of the foods Americans consume, which agree with our palate, may mean trouble for the stomach, along with the ensuing health problems. This is a somber warning to all Americans.

37) Do not believe every beautiful smile; a loving smile can conceal envy and jealously, etc., thus deceiving its onlookers.

38) The year of the S.O.B.s. Until this year, it has been a rarity for ordinary girls and ladies in public places to show off their breasts to the point where there is little left to the imagination. Quite often, we would see females sporting their boobs on magazines, TV or the silver screen, etc. Do they show them off because it is the style, or do they get a latent thrill from indiscriminately teasing the virile male gender? I am certain there are many reasons why the ladies desire to be showoffs. Are they aware that anything which is visually sensual is a mental/emotional aphrodisiac for most, if not all, males who are capable of copulation? I am certain Christian men like myself prefer not be exposed to this form of nudity. I have a question for the ladies. Send in comments and tell us boys the reasons for this action, other than it being a sign of the end times.

39) The tough love which Scripture clearly documents in the gospel will offend “christians” who are living for themselves in the name of Jesus Christ. This is where a majority of traditional Christian preachers are nothing more than a lot of theater and are not forthcoming to the laity. This blog will be a big help in exposing that ongoing battle: Religion vs. Christ.

40) A sure sign of Christian maturity is that when we don’t get our own way, it doesn’t ruffle our joy; we still maintain a genuine smile.

41) For many things in the Christian life, less is better than much, although we by nature desire an abundance.

42) Thoughts are a critical component of God’s invisible realm. They have an extremely long shelf life (till the end of time, i.e. judgment day.) They just hang around waiting to manifest themselves, by making their home in receptive individuals. For that reason, whatever we wish on others will, in time, come full circle and we will be affected—good or bad–when what we secretly wished on others ends up in our lives. Galatians 6:7. “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” Actually, this is a universal law. For that reason, and for love’s sake, we should wish good things on all other people, if possible—even our enemies. That also is a variation of the principle of “Love your neighbor as yourself.” If you love, you will be loved, if not by humans, by God. This is something to remember: Once a thought is manifested, try to destroy it. It can’t be done. (I didn’t say to forget it.) Have you ever wondered why a certain disagreeable or blessed event may have happened to you? Think back: Most likely, you wished that same thing on a certain person or persons, possibly years ago. This is for real; believe it.

43) True humility considers others better and more important than oneself. Do you and I have true humility? That is a distinguishing mark of genuine Christians, and can be translated as authentic Godly love for others. We have nothing to lose when we live in this manner except worthless, unwarranted pride and self-centeredness. All pride comes from the devil. Besides the devil and his human cohorts, who likes proud and self-seeking people? Not God.

Actually, we end up with 43 notes.

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