Friday, August 03, 2007

# 212: Is God Fair?

This will be the most challenging subject I have ever attempted to write about. When one looks at all the inequalities on earth concerning “Is God fair?”—the answer would be no. When one looks at all the hell many are going through, I again would say no. When one hears of suffering of all sorts, one would have to say no.

Is it fair when children and babies are abused by their parents for no reason at all, or when they are abducted, abused sexually and used as porn stars possibly for the rest of their lives? Is it fair when people are born with disabilities they have to live with all their lives? Is it fair when some are born in countries where everyone is poor and uneducated? Is it fair when many are born in countries whose major religion is ungodly and satanic? Is it fair when many are in jail because their parents did not teach them the right way, or they live in cities where crime is the only way to survive? Is it fair when children are born with deficient brains and are mocked for their stupidity? Is it fair for those who are addicted to drugs, either legal or illegal, because of a deficiency of some sort? Is it fair for those who are hooked on pornography to satisfy an unfilled sex drive? Is it fair when people are born ugly or with some other deformity they will have to live with the rest of their lives?

This list is endless as to the unfair conditions the majority of humans must endure. I ask this question: Since God knew about all these horrible conditions that would come upon this earth and since He claims to be a God of love and goodness, what right did He have to allow this hell on earth? I see no love in all these deplorable conditions.

I have heard many say, “Why did God allow this horrible thing to happen?” I mean things like the holocaust. I am an extremely tender- hearted, empathic person. As I write this post, I am getting mad. It feels as if I personally am taking the pain of these people. Then some may wonder why I can’t wait to leave this world. Also, it isn’t fair to make people like myself who have to suffer for the pain of others. WHY? I am writing these words with many tears.

Then the question comes up: What right do the many cruel and selfish people born with a super brain (far superior to the general population) have? They are the ones who take advantage of all who fall into their greedy clutches. What right do many have to either be born rich or get rich by wheeling and dealing or legitimate thievery, e.g. doctors, lawyers, ministers of mega-churches, CEOs of large corporations, property owners of large complexes, etc.? It seems the wicked and greedy are the ones who are being blessed—not by Almighty God—so they can enjoy easy carefree lives. And what is more unfair is that most of the younger generations go to college with hopes of getting rich, so they too can live off the fat of the land at the expense of the less fortunate. Something in this world is screwy like my uncle Louie. It just isn’t fair.

Listen to what Jeremiah, the Old Testament prophet, says as he asks the Lord a few questions: Jeremiah 12:1. “Why does the way of the wicked prosper? Why do the faithless live at ease? . . . You are always on their lips but far from their hearts.” There are more than a few verses in the Old Testament that tell the same story. Along with that, the Old Testament is abundant in describing the plight of the poor.

It seems no matter where a person is in life, the vast majority are being treated unfairly in one way or another. And then some have the naiveté to sing, “It’s a big wide wonderful world we live in.” No doubt there are a few who do have it made in every way and feel the world is treating them in a fair way, and therefore sing a happy song. But how long will it last?

As I look at the unfair ways the majority of us are under, what is God’s perspective on the world’s situation? Yes, to Him, it also is unfair. Some may ask, “Why doesn’t He do something about it, since He is a God of love?” Answer: God knew beforehand about all this evil and injustice in the world. But because it was imperative to give all humans free will, His hands were tied, as it were, preventing Him from doing anything about it. Oh, He could have destroyed all the evil-doers, but who is without sin? For more info., click on post # 166: “If I were God.”

If God continually looked on all the unfair situations in the world, without keeping in mind the blessed joys of the coming age for the few who are His, the pain would have killed Him—if that were possible. You see, it is impossible for Him to use any form of coercion to get some to believe and live as He dictates. Therefore, He had to allow this unfair situation (allowing evil to thrive) so that others would not be intimidated into doing things His way. What good is it to scare people into doing what is right so they can get to heaven? God doesn’t work that way. They must make their choice because of the love and goodness they create and desire.

There is some good that comes out of all this unfair evil in the world: A very few will say to themselves, “Is there anything better?” Then, and only then, some will start to investigate the Spirit world of God and of His Son Jesus Christ. One can see why those who have it made as to material prosperity, etc. would have little or no incentive to delve into the reality of God, other than in a superficial way to make themselves look holy.

With that in mind, God is fair to a few of those who are hurting and being treated unfairly by the world. Without their pain, they would have little or no desire or incentive to seek all that God offers. But that does little to ease the pain of those like myself, who share the suffering of those who are being treating unfairly by the vicissitudes of life.

Consequently, for me, having to unwillingly share the pain of others motivates me even more to speak the truth as told in Scripture, regardless of how much it offends and infuriates the hierarchy along with the laity who have been indoctrinated to believe all the holy bull preached from the pulpit. Then, hopefully they will put me out of my pain, as they did to the prophets of old, along Christ and the apostles. That is my holy grail. Is it unfair and selfish for me to want to leave this self-centered world? Leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

God never promises fairness in this temorial world but eternity is the great equalizer. Read revelation 18 and you see what happens to this whore of america which are so full of them selfs they proclaim to be doing Gods will we will all find out how short we are of Gods glory. PRAISE jESUS ARE ONLY HOPE

JC said...

Anonymous, thanks for your bold and truthful comments. I echo your every word. If you are new to this blog, as you read more posts, you will see that we are on the same page, as to what you said in your comments. I have to warn you, there is much off-the-wall stuff that many times makes it easier to understand God’s ways. I would like to hear what you have to say about them. There aren’t many that speak as you do. althinker

JC said...

Correction in the above response for the use of a wrong word in the last sentence. Change the word ‘that’ to ‘who.’ althinker