Wednesday, May 13, 2009

# 277: Delving into the Unknown

This post is being presented via intuitive speculation and not on known empirical truths, and is aimed mainly at wishy-washy Christians, atheists, agnostics and skeptics; however, it may also be beneficial to genuine Christians.

In Genesis, the first book of the Christian Bible, the first verse says: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Before that beginning there existed a powerful force that occupied the infinite universe and beyond, if possible. Let us give that force a name: the “nothing force.” Even though that force had limitless but latent power, it consisted of absolutely nothing according to physical standards; in short, it had no active functions.

In the eons of timelessness, this force became, by its own will and design, the complete source of all knowledge, although there was no present need or use for all of that invisible intelligence. In order to activate that intelligence, it had to create some form of physical life, and eventually, spiritual life.

Since time and space did not and do not exist in this realm, the forming of physical intelligent life could have taken billions, even trillions of years according to earth’s time, but in no time where time does not exist. This “nothing force” started to fill its universe with an infinite number of galaxies. These galaxies, like our Milky Way galaxy, have countless solar systems which have or had receptive environments capable of eventually sustaining intelligent physical life.

Our Hubble telescope informs us that there are approximately fifty-billion galaxies in our universe. But rather, since it is believed by some like myself that the universe is infinite, there must be an infinite number of galaxies in our universe, which our most powerful telescopes of the future cannot and will not ever be able detect. Think about this: with an infinite universe, every galaxy, solar system and planet is in the exact center of the universe. Therefore, it is correct to assume that our planet is the center of the universe.

The reason I named this powerful force the “nothing force” is because it can create whatever it desires out of nothing, or at least what we humans consider nothing. Once some planets with congenial environments were enriched with intelligent life--all intelligent life was created by the eternal laws of what we now call God guided Evolution--then this “nothing force” took on its rightful title as God Almighty. Most likely, God Almighty eventually started to communicate with open-minded individuals on various planets, as He does on our earth.

This process of creating livable planets has been going on for billions and billions of earth years. Earth years are calculated by the rotation of earth as it travels around our sun. Since that is the case, who are we to think that we can dogmatically judge a realm by earth’s time where time and distance do not exist?

Anyone who believes that our earth is the only planet in our universe with intelligent life is badly mistaken. Why would God, who is eternal, create an infinite universe and then make Earth the only planet He could communicate with? Good question, isn’t it?

One of the reasons this post is being written is to display to atheists and Christians alike that genuine Christianity is not a religion with its head buried in the sand. Although this post has gone out of the box according to traditional beliefs, it makes all the sense in the world that the heaven and earth, as displayed in the first chapter of Genesis, were not created in six 24-hour earth days, and that we are not the only kids on the block.

Even though I believe the Bible and the holy and moral values it teaches, it would have been impossible for God to teach Moses, the author of the book of Genesis, about the greatness of the universe, how large it was, and all the intricacies of its vastness. Therefore, the best and only way to make it so that this time period in question doesn’t contradict what we now know as fact is to expand the six-day creation period into several billion years. God did the best He could in explaining the creation of all things with the limited knowledge of the universe they had four thousand year ago.

To read a more complete explanation of the aforementioned, go to the Table of Contents and click on Post #200: “Science Removes Doubt”--that post will lead you to Post #143: “Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design.” These two posts are a must-read to get full understanding--if there is such a thing--of the reason(s) why and how God works.

It is clear that the main, and possibly the only, reason for the creation of the universe was that God could not be a God of love if He didn’t have free-will agents to share His all-consuming, never-ending love, and then for them to reciprocate that love. This logical reason for the creation of the universe contradicts many mainstream scientists who teach that the universe came into existence on its own by chance and for no apparent reason through the Big Bang Theory. If, by some chance, it did come into existence through that theory--even though that is impossible--then the universe is nothing more than a useless work of misguided foolishness.

God desires the use of the pronouns “Father,” “He,” or “Lord” when referring to Himself, which is the best way to describe Him. However, since there is no need for genders in heaven because we will all be like the angels, it would be acceptable for us humans to call Him “Father” and “Mother.” I believe the only reason “Father” by itself is more appropriate is because all the angels mentioned in the complete Bible are always referred to as the masculine gender. Mark 12:25: “When the dead rise, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.” In short, there is no need for the word “gender” in heaven since there will be no need for sexual reproduction. God’s endless love between all will be the prevalent emotion in our heaven and in the myriad of other heavens.

Allow me to get back to other worlds that most likely existed before Earth became the Earth we now know. I could almost dogmatically say that all the myriads of angels in heaven with God who were considered worthy came from other worlds, and the worthiest of all the angels was considered to take control of others’ worlds when the need arose, just as Jesus Christ did on planet earth. This is only a logical speculation.

For that reason, it is imperative for good obedient Christians to change their hardheaded attitude that the earth and the heaven were created in six 24-hour days. If they could do that, the door would be open for many nonbelievers, etc. who could then accept Christianity as a logical religion founded on reasoning and scientific evidence, not on myths and old wives’ tales. If and when these hardheads take a beginner course in geology, astronomy or anthropology, they could quickly and unequivocally understand with all the present-day knowledge we have acquired that it is total foolishness for anyone to still believe that the heavens (plural) and earth were created in six 24-hour days and that it all started about 6000 years ago according to Old Testament genealogy.

The best evidence for determining the age of carbonaceous materials is the use of radiocarbon dating. Webster’s Dictionary teaches that it is a method of establishing the approximate age of fossil remains, etc. Everyone should remember this: since time does not exist with God, what was His hurry? 2nd Peter 3:8: “With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.”

When you are confronted by an atheist or whoever and are asked, “Where did your God come from?” you can confidently respond with this answer: “First, you tell me where that minute object came from that was the genesis of the Big Bang, and then I will give you the answer as to where my God came from.” That answer will make unbelievers depart with their tails between their legs.

It is important to know the possibilities that are not mentioned in Holy Scripture, for the more we know about God, Jesus Christ and creation, the less we will desire material things and the less we will have the need for worldly pleasures. John 16:12: “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. But when he, the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.”

Thoughts are made up of spiritual substance. Since thoughts are invisible, they instantly travel vast distances. The only ones who can receive another’s thoughts are those who are on the same spiritual frequency/wavelength. Once a thought is produced, it cannot be destroyed by the one who produced it, even if it is forgotten; it has a long shelf life. In short, this is called “thought-sharing.” This is why people who are in tune with God through the Holy Spirit will be exposed to God’s ways. God will not keep this from happening, even though He is somehow able to hide some of His secrets until the proper time. This sharing of thoughts is a universal law. I touched on this topic in this blog several years ago.

In the early years of the United States Patent Office, a strange phenomenon was happening that seemed to have no logical explanation. Patents for the same inventions from different countries were arriving within days of each other. This was not a unique, one-time event, but was noticed quite often. They came to the conclusion that there must be some kind of thought-sharing going on at all times. This sharing of thoughts is still going on to this day. Mob violence is just another example of what a person wouldn’t do if they were not in the midst of the mob. This seems to indicate that there are no secrets, at least on this planet.

The underlying reason preachers cannot accept the time frame described in this post and what it teaches as valid is because if they did, they would most likely be excommunicated. The hierarchy cannot change their beliefs concerning this matter without creating turmoil throughout their denominations. Therefore, expect no changes from most churches. That is a sad situation for any organization to be in. But that is no reason for any layperson to reject this post as heresy.

In ending, delving into the unknown is risky business, but when guided by God’s Spirit, it can have many unexpected rewards, such as being more confident of our Salvation above and beyond words, and being more certain of the love God has for us, to the point where that love gives us inexpressible joy and contentment in all circumstances. In short, when someone loves you, that love produces joy and contentment. Along with that, we will have the courage to tell others of the joyful life that is awaiting all who have a vibrant faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...

Your God is dead!

When you get to "heaven" you will wish you're in "hell."

Why would there only be ONE god per gallaxy in a universe full of gallaxies(milky ways), when society thinks our world was created by the one and only god. Why is there nothing of "our" god creating all the other gallaxies. If he's so all knowing and powerfull he must have created other planets capable of sustaining life. And also why's there nothing about the dinosousres in the bible. OH yeah, there is, It was just a trick, oh good job. It's all fuckin pointless anyway. In the end it's all adds up to an equation of 123 321, and until we get it right we're doomed to keep on repeating the same pointless exictance. So hurray! to ur god and his all knowing infinate power. Your god is like an 8 year old playing GTA or the Sims. It's all some sick twisted joke that won't end until "he's" satisfied with the outcome. I hope you like repetition, 'cuase you're god sure seems to like it.

Anonymous said...

Love the encouraging article. He's such a great God. Thanks. : )

Claudia said...

What a great God. Thanks for the article. : )

Anonymous said...

love is something that ur god didnt give us,,god only gives us his way of love not understanding what love is to us,,got is a god of the greatest pride,so tell u the truth i dont need his love cause im used to what i can touch or who i see give them love not a story book god,,,ur god is a god of heartache........i dont need ur god to feel love or to love the ones that love me.....

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