Saturday, July 11, 2009

# 281: Do God and Heaven Really Exist?

This is a valid question. Could the Nation of Israel and first-century Christians have fabricated the whole story about God and Jesus Christ? In the minds of some, they could have. There may be several reasons for unbelief; the first is that seeing is believing. How can anyone bank his or her whole life on an invisible and demanding God? And I can understand their grievance.

But when we look at the whole picture of life on earth and the vastness of the universe, this question must be confronted: why/what is its purpose? If there isn’t a purpose for life and the universe, then why does it exist? You see, atheists cannot answer that question. And the next question I ask of nonbelievers is this: how did physical matter make its appearance? We all know that according to our laws of physics, physical matter cannot create itself.

That leaves an opening for a super-powerful force to make its appearance in the origin of physical matter. If this force had intelligence, there would be a reason for its creation; but atheists and agnostics cannot give a reason. That goes to show that in a court of reason, their logic would not hold up as even a possibility.

And yet, the scientific community contends that there does not have to be a reason. With that said, their whole theory as to the genesis of the universe is hogwash. Of course, then they will mention the Big Bang theory. As I have said several times before in this blog, if by some chance the universe was created via the Big Bang theory, it was God who was that super-powerful force with intelligence and a purpose who made it happen.

I truly believe that anyone who doesn’t believe there is a God must have a very small brain, like that of a chimpanzee. Then some don’t want to believe in God so that they won’t have to live under His thumb; they desire to live as they see fit.

You see, the more intelligent people are, the less likely they are to believe in the existence of a God. Most intelligent people live by the rule that seeing is believing. And that is a good way to live unless it involves God.

Can anyone imagine what this world would be if everyone had no one to answer to (God) for how they lived? God is a moral God and therefore His rules/laws are moral. That moral code can be summed up in one short sentence: believe in God and love Him, and love others as one would love oneself. Then, Jesus Christ came to fulfill that law of love.

God’s reason for the existence of intelligent life that would spring from His universe was for a single reason: since God is an individual, He desired to be in the company of like-minded individuals. And this He does by putting all humans under a test here on earth to see who would conform to living as love dictates. He would bring those who pass the test to his abode (heaven) to enjoy the full measure of His love along with the selfless love of others for all eternity.

Therefore, all logic seems to point to the fact that it was possible for some sort of extremely powerful force with intelligence to exist. On this planet, that force chose to display His intelligence to the Hebrew people through the belief/faith process, as recorded in the Old Testament. His name is Jehovah God.

If anyone who is an atheist or agnostic and is reading this post, please leave a comment telling us what life is all about other than caring for self and company. Without a God, other than our intelligence, how are we any different than the animal kingdom?

When God, through the Holy Spirit, gives us a taste of His Divine love--which He gives us freely with conditions--this is the primary ingredient that makes us potentially valuable to Him, and then we become heirs to His love kingdom. With that hope, we can surmount any and all obstacles with joy. What keeps me and most true Christians going is the fact that there had to be an unknown force (God) that started it all and with a good reason.

I think that many people don’t believe in God because they watch the ungodly lives of many people who call themselves Christians. I can honestly say that there are many atheists and agnostics who live better and more loving lives than so-called “Christians.” You see, people who call themselves Christians and ignore/disobey critical teachings in the New Testament are unknowingly atheistic Christians; for them, it is as if there is no God.

That is why I have said several times in this blog that those type of fake “Christians” do more harm to the Christian cause than any atheist can do. That is one of the main reasons for the genesis of this blog: to expose false Christianity. And if these people don’t start living as the New Testament dictates, their punishment will be more severe than any atheist’s. It is never too late to change, even though it won’t be easy. In fact, it may be impossible for some to live as required, even if they truly desire to change. The reason is that the genuine Christian life, as the Bible teaches, is the most demanding life in existence. Has anyone ever heard that said by a preacher?

Let me repeat myself: when unbelievers don’t use logic--and logic is an important part of Christianity--in how they believe and live, their lives are lived on a theory that uses absolutely no reasoning. Therefore, they have no foundation to their belief that there is no God. Of course, to believe there is a God and then to live as they like, is just as bad--or even worse--than believing there is no God.


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your website today.In paragraph 8 of blog 281 you say God will bring to heaven for all eternity those who pass their tests on earth. But we won't be in heaven for all eternity. Revelation chapter 21 says God will set His throne in the New Jerusalem on earth, not "in heaven" for all eternity. Study your Bible. Get the facts straight.
Another True Christian

JC said...

Thanks for your comment. As I believe, wherever God is, that is where heaven is.