Wednesday, July 26, 2006

# 160: Survival of the Fittest

There may be more truth to this survival technique than most of us realized—I will make this post short and to the point. One thing is for sure: Survival of the fittest is wise but cruel to the disabled and handicapped, physically and/or mentally. Before modern medicine and skilled surgery came on the scene, survival was left to nature (the strong/smart survived).

As a result, this medical technology now allows many to survive that were, by nature, not meant to survive. That’s okay, but it makes the human race more vulnerable to many other insidious maladies. These effects may not be all that apparent at this time, but when we work against nature, usually in the long run, we will be the loser. God’s natural selection is extremely intelligent.

But there already is an apparent downside. The result of our innovative medical techniques and medicines keeps us living longer, with less pain, etc. That is the reason 75% of all healthcare costs are eaten up by seniors. If it wasn’t for that medical intervention, the vast majority of these seniors would have died by nature’s survival laws, and therefore, would have been spared old-age miseries (a decrepit lifestyle).

Then the question comes up: Why is there so much sickness and degenerative diseases, mostly in the aged? Though there may be many reasons, the main one is that we have disobeyed God’s laws that keep people healthy until death. What is it? The desire for an easy lifestyle. 1) Eating too much of the wrong type of foods, most of which are processed, which includes most restaurant foods; 2) not enough physical exercise, sweating, or energizing sunshine; 3) the overwhelming desire for sedentary, high-paying employment; 4) a stress-related lifestyle, which may be one of the biggest culprits; 5) filling one’s mind with negative junk: TV and movies, etc.; 6) and lastly, with no controlling and dominating purpose in life, just going with the flow. These easy- does-it lifestyles take little effort or willpower to live by, which is why they have been so popular. We love to take the course of least resistance.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few individuals who, for the most part, didn’t/don’t take the easy way of living: Somehow, they were aware of the detrimental effects of violating survival’s natural laws. These people may possibly experience the best years of their lives in their golden years (not having to work just for the sake of making a living).

As briefly mentioned above, survival of the fittest—a short-term survival until physical death—is a law designed by God which has a specific purpose: so that we can hopefully have a chance to experience God’s long-term survival. The majority of us don’t think of God’s Salvation from sin as survival of the holy. Most don’t desire to die physically, although we all will. Those who don’t believe in long-term survival most likely never had/have a second thought of the coming onslaught.

If there is an Eternal God—and there is—and if He has a great purpose—and He does—the purpose of putting human life on this planet is for one exclusive reason: so that a few of us can share His company for all eternity. That’s it. What would life be for us who believe and live the gospel message if we never had that hope? Just ask an atheist or agnostic or someone who claims to believe but doesn’t live as directed. They say, “Just live for today, for there is no tomorrow.” When all things are considered, they are the reason this poisoned and heartless planet is in the shape it is in, especially in the Arab world.

In the next few paragraphs, I will sound like a broken record, though I feel it is necessary. Once a person believes he/she has started on the road to spiritual survival, then the emphasis must be on sharing this incredible good news (the gospel) with as many people as possible. In fact, if a person isn’t making every effort to share God’s love life in every way possible, that is creditable evidence that the person may have never possessed God’s life to start out with. If it is really being experienced, it will not/cannot be taken lightly. This God-life is that influential.

The gigantic chasm between survival of the fittest’s physical edition and spiritual survival is this: Basically, physical survival silently says, “ Hooray for me and company, and boo for all others.” Another way they put it: “I love me; who do you love?” With a few exceptions, the me-first lifestyle is seen wherever one turns, even in the Christian community, in this asphalt jungle we all live in.

Those who are experiencing long-term survival never think that way. It is literally impossible for one who possesses God’s love life to be stingy with it. In fact, the more generous one is in sharing the Gospel, the more blessed she/he will be with the goodness, love and power of God. In effect, every person (who calls him/herself a Christian) is offered the PRIVILEGE–not so much an obligation, though it is, of being a representative of Jesus Christ, to show and tell what He is like. Could there be a better or more fulfilling life? Absolutely not. That truly is living the high life.

In conclusion, survival of the physical, which is necessary, has self-interest in mind, while the basic motive for survival of the spirit has the interest of others in mind. And the motivating power behind that selfless love for others comes to life when God’s love is activated by you and me. Simply put, we show and tell others how to experience being loved by God, and how to reciprocate that love back to God so that others can also pass it on. That is continual long-term survival. Amen !


Anonymous said...

Well said Al Thinker. Sadly, most people won't accept God or His great love for them. They are so wrapped up in their own little worlds, not seeing anything past their nose, in bondage to debt and sin, just sheep following the crowd.
God always reminds me that I was once like them, thinking that I was in control of my life and the things in it. But there comes a time when we crash and burn. God extends His hand to all of us, an invitation that will change their life forever. Will they accept? Hopefully, all will accept before He comes back for His children. It's one thing to talk the talk, but will we walk that walk when everything we loved, worked so hard for, hoped for has been taken away from us, that one moment that defines who we really are? It's easy to hate and distroy. That's the way of the world. Being a Christian is the one single hardest thing I have chosen to pursue, the closer one gets to God, the more we are attacked. But, once you learn of God's true love for us, you learn what real love is. Forgiveness comes easy in time, because we were once like them. All have sinned, and Jesus Christ died so that we could stand before The Father sinless! Jesus could of walked away. Why did he do it, because of His great love for us. Thank You Al Thinker. "J"

JC said...

"J", Thank-you so much for your well worded comment.It is great to know we do really agree on many aspects of the gospel message. I invite more bloggers to write this blog-site and tell how they believe concerning the great love of God, or other Christian matters. Thanks again. althinker