Saturday, August 05, 2006

# 161: Palestinian, Israeli, Arab Conflict

Has anyone figured out how to ease or end the tension between Arabs and Jews? It doesn’t look that way. It has been said by several in-the-know individuals that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is what has put the whole Arab world in an uproar. The disproportionate military strength the Israelis have in comparison to what the Palestinians have is disturbing to many.

In the last part of this post, there will be a short commentary on the American government’s crime against Jesus Christ.

Here is how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict accelerated: During the Second World War, many German Jews were escaping Hitler’s holocaust, along with some from Eastern Europe and a few other neighboring countries. These Jews migrated to Palestine in droves. Then, after the war, when the Russian borders were opened, many Russian Jews did the same thing. At this time, Palestine, which the Palestinians claim was given to them by their God, had been their homeland for fifteen centuries.

Of course, the Jews claimed God gave them the land of Canaan about 2,500 years ago. True. However, God scattered the Jewish people several times among the nation for their wicked conduct that they would not repent of. Proof of that: Where are the other ten lost tribes of Israel that were scattered by God through the hands of their enemies? Then, God’s last scattering happened in 70 A.D. by the hands of the Romans. In effect, the Jews were stripped of their homeland. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. So, whose land is it?

By 1948, the Jewish Israeli population in Palestine increased substantially and therefore wanted to be recognized as a state even though it only occupied a small part of that land. Of course, for that to happen, it needed the approval of the United Nations Security Council; also, for it to be approved, there had to be a unanimous vote. Harry S. Truman, President of the U.S. at that time, was advised by his Secretary of State George Marshal to vote no on the resolution. Well, secretly against the advice of Marshal, Truman—of Jewish ancestries—ordered our ambassador to the U.N. to vote yes on statehood of Israel. As the Jewish Israelis started claiming more and more of Palestine as their homeland, greater hatred emerged between the two parties.

I truly understand why the Jewish Israelis wanted some land that they could call their own—let me inject this non-historical “could-have-been.” We live on a large planet. They knew there was going to be friction in claiming statehood in another people’s (Palestinians) land, where they have lived since the 6th century. Why didn’t the Jewish Israelis go to some place where they would be welcomed with open arms and make their statehood there? I am certain there would have been a few countries that would have loved to have them as neighbors. Well, no crying over spilled milk, although there have been plenty of tears shed, to say the least, in the last 58 years.

Getting back to the subject at hand . . . that is when all the trouble started. Jewish Israelis were quickly supplied with money and state-of-the-art military equipment by the U.S. In that same year, 1948, war broke out between Palestine and Israel. The rest is history. The Jewish Israelis won that war along with 3 or 4 more wars in later years. Anyone can see why. The Palestinians had primitive weapons while Israel had the most modern arms available.

Since the American government has supplied the Jewish Israelis with its overwhelming military armament and financial aid since 1948, Americans are also hated by most of the Arab countries, although with some, it is a secret hatred, like Saudi Arabians and Arab Americans. It is a fact, although not often spoken of in the news, that all the terrorism against America, including the World Trade Center bombing on 9/11 by Arabs was because our government closely aligned itself with Jewish Israelis, thus, in effect, making enemies of the Arab world.

As in the present conflict, between Israel and Hezbollah—Hezbollah was created in 1982 to resist Israel’s invasion of southern Lebanon—the U.S. government is encouraging Israel to continue fighting Hezbollah until it is defanged. President Bush says Hezbollah is a terrorist group, and it is, but its actions were aimed at Israel, and it had no intention of doing any harm to the U.S. Nevertheless, Bush’s goal is to rid the world of all terrorists, even if they mean no direct threat to America. However, Hezbollah is suspected of bombing the Marine barracks in Lebanon, killing 241 U.S. service men in 1983. My question is this: What was our Marine barracks doing in Lebanon in the first place?

Here is a little-recalled fact that was published in TIME Magazine. In 2002, Richard Armitage, then the Deputy Secretary of State, was asked if Bush and his cronies were going to take revenge for the bombing of the Marine barracks–though it wasn’t said that way–on Hezbollah for the 1983 bombing in Lebanon. Here is his response, “Their time will come. There is no question about it. They have a blood debt to us, and we’re not going to forget it.”

President Bush’s vocal support of Jewish Israelis’ extremely aggressive action against Hezbollah, and not wanting a temporary cease-fire until a long-term cease-fire is on the table, is the partial payback that was spoken of in 2002 by Armitage. That means that America is fighting a grudging war against Hezbollah by proxy through Israel.

Now, the question I pose is this: What right or obligation does the U.S. have to support the Jewish Israelis? This statement is not anti-Semitic: The truth is, all the influence the Jewish American community has in all three branches of our government (and other areas of government), along with many gigantic commercial and financial institutions, they have the clout needed to convince the Pentagon to supply the latest high-tech military equipment to Israel, along with funding sufficient money so that the Jewish Israelis can defend itself from its Arab neighbors. You will never hear this said anywhere else, for fear of being labeled anti-Semitic, though it is no secret.

Now for the Iraq war. I have written about this war previously in other posts, but it’s worth repeating. If President Bush had studied the history of the three sects—Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds—that occupy Iraq, he or anyone in their right mind would have never invaded that country. Here is the story: A year or two after the First World War, the British became the occupiers of at least three Ottoman provinces: The Ottoman Empire that belonged to the Turks included SE Europe, SW Asia, & NE Africa. The Brits merged the three provinces into one state, and Iraq was born. They chose the Sunni minority to run the country. The Brits occupied Iraq until 1932. All that time there was infighting between the three sects.

After 12 years of expensive hell for the Brits, they were glad to abandon that desolate desert. All this time, the Sunnis abusively lorded over the other two sects. Then, when Saddam came to power, he was even more beastly, but that brutality somehow forcefully unified and made peace between the three parties. A mixture of sweet and sour was palatable for the majority, although not the rest.

When President Bush started the Iraq war, his aim was to get Saddam Hussein and destroy his “weapons of mass destruction.” Even with the false intelligence, many knew it was a mistake, including myself. He didn’t have any idea what he was getting into. After three years + and many thousands killed on both sides, not to mention the wounded and the hundreds of billions of dollars we had to borrow, making our national debt even higher–around $8 trillion—what do we have? A civil war that is getting out of control. Now, what are we doing there in this part of the game? Acting as a babysitter to a civil war? Yes. Or supplying security against whom? The Sunni insurgents, or the Shiite militia? No. At this critical time in the war, I ask, “Exactly who are we fighting or protecting?”

The Arab nations have an evil view of my role model, Jesus Christ. They believe Christians are warmongers because the man who claims to be an Evangelical Christian, George Bush, received his inspiration to start the war against Iraq from a higher power, Jesus Christ. This is the part of the conflict that angers me most of all.

Christianity is a religion of love for neighbor that includes love for our enemies, not the killing of our enemies. I have written on this subject extensively. And I have to bring it up again. How can anyone who is a genuine Christian start an unprovoked war against a country that was no threat whatsoever to our country? Not only has our Christian faith been slandered, but the world’s image of Americans has dimmed considerably in the last 3 years. We now have an evil reputation, and all because of George Bush and those that voted for him. In his action, Bush has committed a grievous crime against not only Jesus Christ but every genuine, God-loving American Christian.

The irrepressible conflicts going on in Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, and who knows who else is going to get involved, either purposely or by default, is getting more complex than a jigsaw puzzle with no picture or colors to figure out where the pieces go. There is a partial solution for the U.S. Just turn the pieces of the puzzle on their back and a watermark of Jesus Christ will slowly emerge; now the remaining pieces can easily be put in their proper place and the instructions will become clear on how to solve the terrorist problem, at least in America, by displaying the solution in plain English.

Here is His solution: 1) Permanently stop supporting Israel with money and weapons. 2) Get every last American soldier and advisor out of Iraq. 3) Stop supporting the Afghanistan government and get every American soldier out of there. 4) Get all American military advisors, reporters, and camera persons, etc. out of all Arab countries. It is that simple; or is it? I can guarantee you, it will never happen. Why? Because the American Jewish influence in our great U.S.A. is that powerful. If you know it or not, they, for the most part, run our country. Is that anti-Semitic? No, it is the truth.

By the way, who made the U.S. savior, protector, and the forceful police of the world, especially of Jewish Israelis, who have been rejected by God for not recognizing or accepting their promised Messiah, Jesus Christ? Not Jesus Christ. He is a God of love, with only a few participants. Must have been our mighty unmatched military power and wealth that made us act like a super god.

Let the Palestinian Arabs, Hezbollah and Jewish Israelis kill each other, let the Shiites and Sunnis fight to the death, if they desire, or let them make peace or whatever; it is their business, not ours. We have enough domestic challenges to be concerned with. So, our gas prices will double. Hey, that may be the price we have to pay for peace of mind and real security.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you color inside the lines when you were a kid?
Did you not have little plastic soilders to play with?
Or one of those plastic machine guns and helmet?
Didn't you retain the knowledge they wanted you to learn?
Did you play well with the other sheep, I mean children?
Don't you read the NIV of the Bible that left out entire pages/words....

Well, Mr. Koresh....
Ye best get back into the fold with the other sheep,
or your server will be burned with everyone, I mean everything in it!

These people can do anything they want to do. All we can do is keep spreading God's true word,
and hope that don't make that against the law as well.

53,000 in korea
52,000 in Viet Nam
??,??? in Iraq

Remember the truth hurts, and cuts deeply.
And angers those that have been brainwashed.

Take Care Brother Althinker,

Anonymous said...

The above was just my thoughts as to this world,
but after looking at it a second time, didn't look the way I wanted.

we're pretty much helpless in the world,
except that we have the power of prayer,
a direct line to Our Great Father.

Everyone should pray for this great county before it's too late.

Take Care Althinker

JC said...

No Comment! Althinker

Jay said...

You said “Why didn’t the Jewish Israelis go to some place where they would be welcomed with open arms, and make their statehood there? I am certain there would have been a few countries that would have loved to have them as neighbors.” Are you serious ? The world hated them in 1948 and they hate them now.
You seem to bash our president a lot. You know what it says in Romans 13 “ for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” When it comes down to it there is no authority but God. When we read in Revelations the things to come, and where they are going to take place, and to who, the world is going to come against. Then maybe we can kind of understand what is going on over there.
So lets say some country would have been opened to the Jews to make their nation in a corner of their country. How could John’s vision that is in revelation come to pass?
I really don’t think God picks all the leaders and authorities in the world. ( but He could if he wanted to.). I think He is telling us He is allowing these people to govern. He has a plan that His Son will be coming back someday. He has given us a chapter to sort of tell how it will be. 1 Peter2:17 tells us to "honor the king” That king was Nero, Was he a good man? Peter tells us to honor him anyway. You can dislike or like any authority you want to Al, but just remember what authority but him in that authority.
Your last paragraph you say “Let the Palestinian Arabs, Hezbollah and Jewish Israelis kill each other, let the Shiite and Sunnis fight to the death, it’s not our business” Where’s the love Al? Paying $6.00 a gallon just doesn’t seem as important to me as seeing all of these people dying and not knowing Christ. We just have to put up with the ones mentioned in Romans 13 and concentrate on our real assignment.

With Brotherly love… Jay

JC said...

Jay, thanks for sending in your comments. I will respond to all of them. Concerning the hatred of Jews. Your comment concerning everyone hated Jews and still does is absolutely false. After the holocaust, multitudes were sympathetic for them, except the Arabs. They were loved and respected by many countries, and looked forward to having them come and be integrated into their society, even today. They are, by all means, the smartest and shrewdest people on this planet. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be where they are now.

Concerning Romans Chapter 13. “Everyone must summit himself to the governing authorities, . . .” If you read a little further down, it talks about those who rebels against authority. Paul is talking about physical rebellion. I never in any of my 160 some blogs even give a hint of aggression against anyone, let alone Bush. Yes, I disapprove of him more than word can say. He has done more damage to our country than words can exclaim. That is not what bothers me, but that he claims to be a Evangelical Christian. By the way, does Romans chapter 13 also mean Hitler and Saddam Hussein? Enough of this foolishness.

Your last paragraph: All the love I have, in fact, all the love God has for every person that is being violated in the middle East and Iraq, is not going to remove the hatred that is systemic in that region. Therefore, if we can’t fix it, what is the use of Americans, our reputation, money, and soldiers being wasted there.

With love, althinker