Tuesday, June 28, 2005

# 6: Short, Mind-Provoking Notes

Like ourselves, God had—and still has—a choice. He could have been a God of love and goodness or a God of hate and evil. But in reality, there was no choice for Him, because evil will always self-destruct in time or in eternity. However, love will always create more selfless love; love is eternal. Anyone who thinks about it seriously can’t help but make the right choice. A naive individual may ask, “What is evil?” The origin and cause of all evil is self-promotion. In contrast, goodness with no strings attached is the lack of self-interest. It’s that short and sweet. Where do you and I stand?

Once a person thinks a thought, says a word or does a deed, one has created a permanent, invisible substance which will go into the archives of humanity for all to share. There are no secrets; all thoughts are an open book. If the thought, word or deed was good, it will be available to all benevolent, Godly people; it can never be taken from them. If it was bad, even if one forgets it, it can never be parted with; it is available on request for all the evil ones to examine. All one needs to do is to tune into the desired frequency as determined by one’s life.

Thoughts are indestructible. You don’t believe it? Try and destroy one (I didn’t say to forget one). They have a very long shelf life: until the end of time.

Sin is not so much what one does, but what one does not do (sins of omission) in loving God with all one’s ability.

What does it mean to believe in Christ? Answer: to do our very best by making every effort to love and believe God with all our ability; that doesn’t leave room for much else.

To love your neighbor as yourself has no eternal value unless one actively desires to love God with all his or her heart, soul, mind, and strength, and one cannot love God with their all unless they love their neighbor as themselves. When they are separated, their eternal value is zilch. This concept is of vital importance.

Many of us claim to love God and then are indifferent to the needs of those around us. That is a contradiction. How can anyone love God and at the same time disagree with His ways? His way is to want the very best for all individuals. Most certainly, God does not approve of the ways of the wicked. Still, He desires the very best for them spiritually, and wants all people to know Him and become like Him in this life.

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