Thursday, June 30, 2005

# 8: Short Notes

The main reason the religious hated Christ was because He exposed their way of life as ungodly. If the world loves you, it is because you are like the world.

Though Christ’s life demanded respect, He was still hated by all who thought they belonged to God.

Christ’s teachings seem completely ludicrous. Christianity, in its highest form of purity, would also seem ludicrous, especially to the religious.

The very intelligent and wealthy have the capability of being extremely dangerous to the cause of Christ, more so than average people.

Does God receive glory from the way you and I live our lives? Let’s be completely honest.

Christianity is God’s way of displaying Himself through the free will of men and women who would believe Him with pure belief.

Christianity is God doing His thing through the belief of willing men and women.

Though the origin of all animal life comes from God, that life cannot or does not display the life of God.

Though bees cannot worship God, He still receives more joy and glory from a colony of bees that live in harmony with each other than a colony of humans who are indifferent to each other’s needs yet claim to worship Christ.

Holy words that are expressed in an awe-inspiring manner are cheap if the life of the speaker or author isn’t identical to those words.

The fundamentals of Catholicism are founded on ignorance of the Bible.

No one can believe like Christ if one does not live like Christ.

God says, “I don’t hear your words, but I get your message by looking at your life.”

If you had the opportunity to help one person who was about to commit suicide, would you attempt to save him or her? Would you help those who are committing eternal suicide? They are around us by the millions; are we indifferent to their condition? We may say everyone has a right to live and believe as they please without our interference, which could be another form of saying, “They are not important.”

Yes, God loves everyone, but His love is unfulfilled (cannot be expressed) through those who don't do things His way. The love God has for the disobedient does not condone their lifestyle, but desires for them to believe Him and live accordingly. Here is the point: God’s love for the lost consists of a desire for them to change and not much more.

In order for love to be of value, there must be an element of need. Because of God’s loving nature, he needs to express His love to anyone who will receive it. If by some chance, God was unable to express His love, He would cease, as it were. That is to say that we are in existence because God needs to have those whom He can love and they in turn reciprocate that love. So many will never take advantage of His love and die as mere animals; what a shame.

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