Wednesday, June 29, 2005

# 7: Does God Need our Money?

Would God help with the material needs of the helpless? Yes, if He had a physical body. You and I are meant to be His physical body. But, to help with one’s material needs is not a means in itself. That is only putting one’s foot in the door, as it were, so that we can give them the real help they may not be aware of: Jesus Christ. Sadly, once we start to mention Christ, they think we are going to pump religion into them. Most often, the result is that they take our physical goodies and reject the rest.

Many of us will say, “I give regularly to my church and they will help the needy in the name of God.” That is a lot of baloney. After all the salaries and administration fees are cared for, the utility bills are paid, after all these church expenses are paid for (which eat up the biggest share), the rest will go to propagate their church’s propaganda. After that, if there is any of your money left over, it will go to help their missionaries and possibly an orphanage or two.

Now, what about helping (loving) our neighbor as ourselves? This is the part of religion that is appalling: just give to your church to keep them from going into the red. Without a doubt, God’s most potent enemies are not people like Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Hitler, members of Al-Qaeda, or the cruelest of atheists. We know they are/were evil, but religious leaders (wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing) who every Sunday keep spewing holy bull are God’s most potent enemies.

By adding self-promotion (“God desires His people to be prosperous”) to Christ’s teaching, they have made the root of all sin a holy crucible. The religious are the ones who have made the beautiful name of Jesus Christ into a cuss word for the world, especially Muslims, to vent their anger on our Christ and His true followers. You wonder why this blog is chief in exposing the anti-religious.

Then there are atheists who will not acknowledge God or Christ as their Creator, and still truly love others much more than some “Christians” do. This action is good for the physical welfare of the needy, but at the same time is an insult and injury to God. That kindness most likely won’t lead the needy to their Creator. That giving, which America is full of, has no eternal value. In reality, it isn’t much more than caring for a needy pet.

To sum up, our material giving should be done in a personal way whenever possible (meeting the needy face-to-face) and always with a Godly motive (bringing people to the reality of God) to be of lasting value. This does not include caring for self and family; even pagans do that. Get involved. Let’s hear from you, either in the form of positive or negative comments. Without your input, this blog is meaningless.

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