Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day Ten


1) Lean body mass: Still about 113 lbs

2) Body fat: Still about 6 %

3) Pulse: 55

4) Body Temperature: 95.1. If my temp gets lower than 95.0, I would be in the area of hypothermia, I would have to stop my fast, because that is in a dangerous area. I will get a new thermometer tomorrow to make sure my readings are accurate.

5) Blood pressure: 109 over 65----120 over 80 is optimal: 160 over 100, is Grade 1 hypertension (mild), etc.

6) Body fluid’s pH display: 5.5. the same as yesterday, but is still extremely unhealthy. The reason for a very low pH is this: the two main ingredients needed to keep the body fluids alkaline are calcium and vitamin D. Calcium comes from calcium rich foods and supplementation, like coral calcium, and the main source of vitamin D comes from exposure to sunshine; a poor source is from synthetic supplements. It is literally impossible to get enough vitamin D from food sources, since the majority of natural foods are almost void of natural vitamin D. Acidic body fluids is one of the main reasons for much of the sickness and disease in the world today. So I can understand why my body fluids are so low; I haven’t had any calcium or vitamin D for eight days. I am certain I will survive until the end of my time of prayer and fasting. My pH has always been from 7.0 to 7.5. ------ 7.0 is neutral; any digits below 7.0 is acidic; any digits above 7.0 is alkaline. Most healthy people, especially the young, will usually have readings in the alkaline range, while most older people will have readings in the acidic range--that spells trouble.

7) Weight: 121 lbs. Again, that’s great, I lost just one pound in 24 hours.

8) Mental and emotional conditions: my memory is at times a little foggy. My mental capacity is also slipping a little. Most likely, the reason is that the brain uses more cholesterol than any other organ in the body, and my cholesterol has always been low, and therefore I am feeling its effect.

9) Spiritual experiences: Again, I did a lot of praying today, and my faith is getting much stronger. Repeating, the reason for lack strong faith in the world nowadays is because of our modern, sophisticated lifestyle. Faith in spiritual matters is not needed, since our present-day culture has made it just about obsolete. Therefore, will we have enough faith to overcome this enormous barrier? The only way that will be possible is if that power is given to us by God.

10) Physical condition : I decided again, to just lay around, and therefore conserve energy. I get a little tipsy at times, and feel lightheaded occasionally.

11) Daily activities: Listened to the New Testament, 2.50 hours. I took the longest nap that I have ever taken in my life: one hour and 45 minutes. Drove the car to the bank. Worked on Christian forums.

How will all the above figures and attitudes continually change my life/our lives in the uncomfortable and extreme conditions of prayer and fasting? Physically, your guess is as good as mine, but spiritually I am extremely optimistic. In the next few weeks, hopefully, we will find out.


Anonymous said...

JC, maybe if you drink warm-hot water it'll help bring up your temperature!!!

JC said...

Thanks for your suggestion. One or both of us are mind readers, I started drinking warm water yesterday, and started putting on more clothing, along with making my apartment a little warmer, It worked. My temperature is now normal. JC