Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Day Three


1) Lean body mass: About 121 lbs

2) Body fat: A little less than 7 %

3) Pulse: 57

4) Body Temperature: 97.0

5) Blood pressure: 133 over 68----120 over 80 is optimal: 160 over 100, is Grade 1 hypertension (mild), etc.

6) Body fluid’s pH display: 6.0------ 7.0 is neutral; any digits below 7.0 is acidic; any digits above 7.0 is alkaline. Most healthy people, especially the young, will usually have reading in the alkaline range, while most older people will have readings in the acidic range--that spells trouble.

7) Weight: 130 pounds.

8) Mental and emotional conditions: To my surprise, slight lose of memory and slight slowing of cognitive function.

9) Spiritual experiences: Up beat. I did much more praying than the previous day.

10) Physical condition: I am very weak. Pain in the small of the back was severe, but only at times. The third day is usually the toughest day. After today, the body will start to acclimate itself to receiving no food , and then there will not be so much discomfort, hopefully.

11) Daily activities: Listened to New Testament about 4.5 hours. Took a nap. Washed clothes. Continued working on the post for this weekend. My favorite activity is to sit down or to lie down

How will all the above figures and attitudes continually change my life/our lives in the uncomfortable and extreme conditions of prayer and fasting? Physically, your guess is as good as mine, but spiritually I am extremely optimistic. In the next few weeks, hopefully, we will find out.

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