Sunday, August 14, 2005

# 50: Jesus is Alive/The Secret/A Problem/Gods

Having a noble aspiration of becoming a follower of Christ doesn’t come cheap. Although grace is free and gives us entry into God’s kingdom, the Christian life doesn’t end there. It requires that a person’s goals of self-interest be abandoned (having no personal agenda for life). The reason is because a person cannot allow God to take over one’s life while self-interest dominates, regardless of how good and honorable that interest may be. Repeating, one cannot live for material self-betterment and at the same time for the betterment of Christ’s cause; they are in conflict.

Though seldom mentioned by true disciples of Christ, most of the world’s religions, including much of Christianity, are a tranquilizing, SELF-SERVING device that exploits human gullibility with FALSE HOPE by pretending to pacify the shortcomings and inabilities of spiritually naive individuals.

Most anyone who reads the New Testament, even for the first time, can easily spot a deadly flaw in Christianity: Most who claim to be Christians don’t even start to resemble what the Gospels call “disciples of Jesus Christ.” I call it “Christianity” without discipleship. This is the type of Christianity we have had with us for almost 2000 years. You wonder why it is in shambles.

Intelligent life almost always thinks it is right (or desires to be right) regardless of its actions, in most everything it says, does, thinks or believes. Why is it this way? I believe it is because human life is inherently made up of the same stuff which God almighty is made of: God is always right about everything, so in that way, we are a chip off the old block. When life and intelligence similar to God’s are combined in physical form, there is a potential for God to emerge. And if He doesn’t get activated, a problem arises. When God does not manifest Himself in our lives, that fact doesn’t eradicate our deep inward compulsion to be gods (better than everyone else). This seems to indicate that all humanoids were meant to become powerful gods of selfless love similar to God Almighty.

If the preceding statement is true, where are all the so-called gods? Could the vast majority of humanity be in error? Is it only fair to say that we humans missed the boat? Is there a way to amend the world situation? In a very, very small way, I say that there is. It can only come through the belief process. This is where a belief system similar to most of the instructions in the New Testament can be activated to produce small groups of real followers of Christ. They, for certain, will be the most hated people in religion because they will expose the deadly flaws of the clergy and others who are continually spewing out words that I call “holy bull.”

That system of belief is simple in formula and yet extremely difficult in practice. Trying to make ourselves powerful gods to conform to the above through good works will end in failure. The only possible way is for someone to actually make us sons and daughters of God. Jesus Christ does this for us through His grace and our belief. We must believe we were made into powerful gods of selfless love possessing Christ’s status, and then start to live accordingly. At this time, we are not living to become children of God, but are living up to the type of life Christ said we, as gods, should live. It is that simple.

Remember that whatever people believe about themselves is the way they will live. If we are not living like powerful gods, it is only because we don’t believe we can. To live in this manner is to live life to the fullest. All other lifestyles will fall short regardless of the wealth, power, fame, etc. they produce.


Anonymous said...

i dont know man, i think you have a little to much time on your hands.just about everything you said contradicts itself. you got me all mixed up. do you believe in God, or not. you cant just believe in portions of the bible, or the parts that you like, and just make up the rest to fill in the blanks. there is only ONE God, all the other god's are the little g's of this earth. they are the ones who have power over all the stuff that God does not want anything to do with, it is not of Him. why do you think the world is the way it is. look at who is famous, look at what children like to listen to. they are the gods of this world. i'm sorry but i'm not a god, nor do i ever want to be a god of this world. i'll leave it for 50 cent, paris hilton, queer eye, and everyone else whose life passion is nothing but perversion.

Anonymous said...

so... al... i'd like to know more about you. most people think the way they do b/c of something that happen in there life. it can either change there thinking for the better or for the worse.

JC said...

Ashley, thanks for your comments. The very last thing I desire to do is to confuse anyone. What I attempt to do is to let the audience see the Christian life in its highest form. The only paradigm we have is perfection, and that is where everyone who calls themselves Christian must be aiming for. As to my use of the word god with a lowercase g, I most often use it in an emphatic manner, meaning instead of saying child of God or disciple of Christ, or Christian, or follower of Christ, the highest form of Christian is a-clone-of -Christ-in-the-making. That to me is a god of love and goodness, while in a human body. We all must remember, Jesus Christ gave us His status. If we believe that fact, I mean truly believe that fact, we can’t help but living up to His status of perfection (becoming more perfect everyday). And not to become Christians but because we desire to be like Him. “Be like Jesus is my song.” Never, never, never do I in any way ever associate this type of holy god with big-shot people who think they are so great in their own eyes that view themselves as gods. Please forgive me if I gave you that impression. If you read more of my posts, you will get the true motive for my writing. Thanks again, keep writing. I don’t have enough women who are interested enough in spiritual matters to comment on my blogs.