Tuesday, August 23, 2005

# 56: Believe to the Max, & Odds and Ends

Of all that God has created, including the vast universe, His greatest accomplishment is the devising of belief in physical form. Belief is the foundation of all attributes and the most complex of all things in existence. When we talk about intelligent belief, we are tinkering with the stuff which God is made of. Yes, the basic ingredient of God’s makeup is belief. Don’t let this preceding statement surprise you. Though God’s belief and our belief are basically the same, there exists a vast difference. God’s belief is strong–He is sure of Himself. Our belief, most often, is shrouded in some sort of doubt which makes it impotent. In order for our belief in God to be powerful, it must be continually and single-mindedly nurtured. This type of belief has power over the physical world. Sadly, powerful God-type belief is as scarce as hen’s teeth, especially in this faithless world. Most of humanity does not believe in the existence of this sort of belief, nor belief in its availability to normal people. But that does not have to be the case. No one said that it would be easy to acquire this powerful belief; in fact, it is most likely more challenging than any other accomplishment one can embark on. If it wasn’t so challenging, every Tom, Dick, and Mary would be performing God-like miracles.

A wise person learns from experience; a wiser person learns from the experience of another (Jesus Christ). We can learn from Jesus’ teachings, because His teachings came from His experience.

Most of what I (jc) write will be met with cries of “impossible!”

Without using too many words to explain what real Christianity consists of, here is a short and sweet definition: making Christ’s business our business. No more, no less; giving God a human nature. In other words, how would God live if He had a human nature?

Christian Love is having an active desire to take another’s pain, sorrow, anxiety and needs, and make them our own. Love is to be motivated to give the best of whatever we have when the need arises. Love is not so much what may seem good for us, but what is best for the next person in dire need. If only a few of us who call ourselves Christians possessed this kind of love, what type of impact would it have on this selfish world?

Godless religion teaches that Christianity should feel good or one’s life is in error. What a lie. Christ’s life and teachings are the standard for all who desire to be Christians.

We desire too much to be something we are not. One problem with the world today may be the desire for instant gratification.

The biggest problem for many who desire to become good Christians is that they must get out of their own way; their way stops Christ from emerging.

Try not to think what we dare not say out loud.

God can possess anyone’s body. All that is needed is for the individual to relinquish his or her own life, thus making room for the life of God. One can know with certainty whether he/she is possessed by God’s life when all his/her attention is doing God’s business and not much more. God’s business is to show the world His love, power, and displeasure. Genuine Christianity is actively making God’s business our business. No less will do.

The universe is full of thoughts. Their only desire is to gain life by manifesting themselves in people who will accept them by making them part of their lives.

How we live will always reflect what we believe.

God will judge everyone according to the quality of their belief. That quality will be determined by how people live their lives. Genuine belief will always produce a corresponding action.

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