Wednesday, August 17, 2005

# 52: Intelligent Design

Much of the information in this post is similar to that which is in our companion blog “Unlocking the Mystery of Life’s Origin,” but with more boldness in the implication of a spiritual realm. Can the Bible conclusively prove that God exists? No. The Bible message is made into reality through the beliefs of those who have faith that it happened the way the Bible says. But that in itself is not proof that there really is a God. And yet there is collaborating, empirically and scientifically rigorous criteria that give credence to most of what the Bible teaches.

It is thought by some that evolution and science are enemies of the Bible. To the contrary, they are the very things that can prove the existence of a metaphysical force which has come to be known by some as God. Evolutionary biology has advanced 1000-fold in the past 50 years, as it is now able to peer into the functions of complex ultramicroscopic molecules. The evidence lies in the structure of life’s most basic unit: the cell. All cells are made up mostly of proteins, and proteins consist of nothing but amino acids. It was thought in Darwin’s time that the cell was nothing more than a glob of protoplasm. It is now known that the cell is a miniature molecular factory. In the lowly cell, protein is assembled from amino acids. (It was thought for a number of years that the assembling of protein was brought about by a chemical process without genetic instructions.) If the chemical process was formed via genetic information, how did that information get its origin, and from where? If one said the origin was DNA, then where and how was DNA formed? As we now know, the DNA molecule provides the instructions for assembling each of 30,000 different proteins and much more.

Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection does work in the development of different species, but natural selection only works when there is a functional advantage. In other words, natural selection could not have created the extremely complex DNA molecule based on natural selection. What I am saying is that a complex, information-rich DNA molecule must have had an intelligent author or designer since information cannot create itself, even with millions of years of random selection. It’s similar to saying that if one takes the 26 letters of our English alphabet and randomly keeps scrambling them, eventually, given eons, one could end up with an unabridged dictionary or the complex DNA molecule. Impossible!

Then, others may believe, it is possible for DNA to have been formed from chemicals arranging and rearranging themselves until finally the complex strand was formed. Since DNA is encoded with such complex, versatile information, that theory has been abandoned by many, evolutionary biologists.

Here is an even stronger case against chemical evolution: Some single-celled bacteria have what is called a flagellum, allowing them to maneuver in their surrounding fluid. This flagellum is, for all practical purposes, a well designed, miniaturized outboard motor which can function at 100,000 revolutions per minute in either direction. This motor is made up of 40 different complex protein parts. If so much as one part is removed from this molecular motor, it will not work. That principle is called “irreducible complexity.” The same is true of most intricate mechanical or electronic equipment. This is only one of many organs that cannot function unless everything is in place. Since natural selection only works when there is a functional advantage, that theory could not have had anything to do with its design and construction. It needed intelligence. There is no way this molecular motor could have designed itself. The implication it gives is that it had an intelligent metaphysical designer (God) from a realm that is not physical. This seems to be conclusive evidence, in addition to the Bible and other spiritual writings, that there is a force which exists beyond what we humans can understand or see.

Unlocking the Mystery of the First Appearance of Physical Matter

Where did the Big Bang stuff–regardless of how small it was–originate, since that is the prevalent theory behind our universe’s genesis? Well, it is sad to say, but that is where our laws of physics break down. As I have mentioned previously, and as everyone knows, matter cannot create itself. Again, the only logical answer is that a metaphysical force must now enter the picture. No matter how one looks at it, this force must be in a realm beyond the physical. And until that force (which is the intelligent designer) is recognized as God, the story is incomplete.

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Anonymous said...

The Big Bang theory is the latest in a series of many thories that change as our understanding of nature grows. Some day, we will find laws of physics that explain the Big Bang, and the role of God will be pushed back even further, just as it has been since Galileio and Darwin. Human understanding of the universe may never be complete, but never can one define a single point at which science stops and religion begins. The Big Bang is not that point, and neither will any others be in the. It simply does not exist.