Monday, August 15, 2005

#51: Our Intelligence is Being Used Nonsensically: Not So Much How, But Why?

To my knowledge, the Bible (Old Testament and New) is the best written source of who God is and what He expects from intelligent life in physical form. And yet, our Bible does not mention other worlds that most definitely support intelligent life. The writers of the Bible knew absolutely nothing of the possibilities of intelligent life in our Milky Way galaxy or in the rest of our vast universe. Their conception of the universe was that the flat earth was the center of the universe and the stars in our Milky Way Galaxy were just small objects to light up the night skies as they revolved around the earth. The Bible seems to portray God’s concern with life only on this planet. Well, that portrayal is incomplete.

Could anyone imagine what the result would have been if God somehow attempted to reveal to Paul or Jesus the vastness of our universe and the potential for intelligent life in these other worlds? My theory is that there is an infinite amount/number of worlds which God has created, or is in the process of creating, which are capable of supporting intelligent life. It is now believed that there are 400 billion stars in our galaxy and 50 billion galaxies in the universe. Of course, that is according to the distance our present-day telescopes can peer. Again, I believe, there is an infinite number of galaxies in an infinite universe, which in turn supports an infinite number of intelligent God-like beings.

Though the physical makeup of that intelligent life may be extremely different than our human race, most may have the ability to believe in an abstract God. I ask this question: What is our connection with inhabitants of these other worlds? Answer: Once intelligence is developed, through the process I have coined as God’s evolution process, most, including ourselves, have the ability to believe in an abstract God. Before a person is able to live in a way that could bring completeness of life, one must in no way attempt to evade this most crucial question: What is the reason for the existence of our vast universe, or does it exist for no apparent reason, as some believe? If one says that this fact is beyond our understanding, that answer is unacceptable. They are evading the question that can tell us more about ourselves than any other question. I truly believe that the universe was created by God through the laws of physics for one explicit reason: as a means for God to infinitely duplicate himself.

That seems to imply that God is made up of an infinite number of beings like Himself. Every God has its own world to govern and must somehow continue duplicating Himself, like the ameba. Since all these entities (Gods) are unified with one purpose, we must go to the singular and say, “There is and always will be but one God.” Jesus Christ is the God of planet Earth. Let me elaborate on the aforementioned and possibly repeat myself in the next few paragraphs of the next post.

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