Sunday, August 28, 2005

# 61: Reproduction & Notes

In the physical world, reproduction is always by chance. Prospective parents never know how their offspring will turn out. In fact, no one was ever asked to come into this world; everyone was forced (so to speak) into a world they might have not chosen to be a part of, especially if they had known about all the pain, sorrow, and uncertainty they might have to experience.

In the world of God, reproduction is always by choice. God makes sure that everyone in His Kingdom actually chooses to be a partaker of His company. He does this by discerning who actively desires to believe and obey Him while on this earth. If we say, “We desire to be with Him in heaven,” but show no evidence of that statement by the life we live, that is proof enough that we are nothing but talk; we will be rejected. If we do not desire to do things God’s way while on earth, what would make anyone think we would change our ways in the new life? Reproduction by chance is not fair. One may be born into an environment that is less than desired; one may be born ugly or fat or stupid or short or mentally impaired or deformed or some other distasteful handicap. What right do some people have to be born intelligent, gifted, good-looking/beautiful, talented, rich, having famous parents, and every other desirable attribute? Reproduction in the physical world is totally unfair. However, there may be at least one good outcome about this unfair world: when people “have it made” in this world, why would they desire to seek anything better in the world to come? Clearly, they may be at a disadvantage when it comes to seeking God and His goodness. Can’t one be rich, good-looking, talented and still seek God? Yes, but that is highly unlikely even though one may seem to conform to all the outward signs of being God-like. Doing things His way (living as God requires) is not an easy task because it requires the abandonment of self-interest and self-accomplishments. This is difficult enough for ordinary people and almost impossible for the privileged. We cannot serve two masters. We must choose: worldly success or God.

If God could somehow make vivid to me the awesome power human belief/faith can generate, I would stop everything and endlessly concentrate on belief in what He said and who He is. Though God is the same yesterday, today and forever, He is not stagnant; He loves to continually reveal Himself to any individual who FERVENTLY seeks Him.

No matter what or how much we know about God, He has so much more to tell us; KNOWLEDGE OF GOD IS NEVER COMPLETE. No one should attempt to dogmatically dictate to anyone what God is like, what His ways are, and what his displeasures are, because knowledge of Him may be more complete tomorrow. “All this I have spoken while still with you. But the counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” John 14:25. Was Jesus speaking only to His disciples, or are we also included?

Organized Christianity is a religion of words—“holy” powerless words. I call it holy bull. Much of the Christian religion is a form of atheism in the name of Jesus Christ.

Being loved by the Creator makes people feel truly great. And they actually are remarkable in God’s sight. That is what we secretly desire. All human loves, no matter how wonderful they may seem, will not satisfy completely. Amen and Amen!

The miracles and healing which Jesus performed were kid stuff in comparison to the potential His true followers now have. The reason is that there was only one Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago; now there is a potential for a great number of His disciples who could be doing His miraculous work of displaying His power and love.

Do you and I have a reciprocating hotline with God, one that is not cluttered with self-interest? If not, why not?


JC said...

Roland, thanks for your comment. I will whole heartily agree. But we must make sure all that great religious life at home, has eternal value.

Anonymous said...

Al, It does have eternal value when God is the center of all we do. There is no other way. The only ones who will be doing more and fancier miricles than Christ did, are the antichrist and his legion. Are you a part of that or what are you really saying?

JC said...

Thanks for your comment. I agree that the antichrists will be performing many great miracles. In fact they are doing that right now in the name of Jesus Christ. That doesn't mean that God's people won't be performing their share of miracles. Jesus said, you will be doing greater miracles than these, and several others verses are similar to that one. I am glad you realize that every miracle that is performed supposedly in the name of Jesus may be done to deceive people into following false leaders.
Again,thanks for your comment.