Monday, September 05, 2005

# 67: Our Psychic Potential

What is the greatest potential output of the human brain? Though the sciences of psychology, neuroscience and psychiatry have made many astounding advances in understanding the mind’s functions, I don’t believe they’ve even uncovered the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the mind’s psychic potential. These sciences are mainly geared toward the study and treatment of abnormalities in human conduct. That means that our present studies of the mind, are probably not heading in the most productive direction. These investigations into the functions of various parts of the brain are all well and good, but I don’t believe that they reveal its limitless psychic abilities. If one asked the experts what section of the brain generates psychic powers or belief, their answer would most likely be, “We don’t discuss or investigate that subject.”

Let us take a penetrating look at what possible outer limits of activity the mind is capable of accomplishing. This is my understanding: The major means of communications in extremely advanced civilizations (possibly millions of earth years of evolution ahead of us) is through the use of their psyches. If our brains were to evolve in that psychic direction, it’s possible that in several thousand years of further human evolution, our vocal cords would atrophy from lack of use. Psychic verbalizing is far superior to our present-day types of audible communication for several reasons: It violates all language barriers, domestic and alien, and there would be no deceptions or falsehoods. Everyone’s life would be an open book—-I like that. Also, this type of communication is in no way physical, though it originates from a semi-physical transmitter (the brain); therefore, time is not involved in its conveyance. Here is the point: Light travels at about 186,000 miles a second. At that speed, light, (which is physical) would take about 1.5 million years [?] to travel to the galaxy Andromeda (the Milky Way’s closest neighbor), which is about 1.5million light-years away. Thoughts can travel that distance in no time—not even a second—since they are not subject to the laws of physics. This concept may be difficult for us to fully understand; think of it as the realm in which our intelligent God, who created all things, operates. As God cannot be confined in time or space, the psyche is in that same realm.

Thoughts exist wherever there is a receiver/transmitter (intelligent life). If the evolutionary creator has anything to do with physical intelligent life (a potential relationship), that life must have some similarity to His life; we are created in His image. That similarity is belief. Throughout the Bible, God claims to be a God of love and goodness, and I wholeheartedly believe it. But, I ask, what is the makeup of love and goodness (what is God made of)? There is only one very basic ingredient: BELIEF ! God believed it would occur, and it came to be. God is a creature of belief—excuse my expression. Funny, but we are also creatures of belief. You don’t believe it. Is there anything you and I mentally possess that didn’t get there through our belief process? Certainly not. At this time, the only major difference between God’s belief and ours is that we still have a physical body and a material world to contend with. Emphasis on that body with its natural desires and the world’s enticing paraphernalia must be minimized to the greatest degree possible for our belief in psychic powers to gain control. Though God and humanity are made up of belief, the quality of that belief is immensely different, to say the least. Now, here is the enigma: For our belief to be even minutely similar to God’s, we must somehow make it our only priority in life to get in tune with His wavelength (desire). That wavelength is to have one desire, AN ACTIVE DESIRE, to promote and propagate Christ-like selfless love and obedience through faith in God, our Savior.

To be continued in the next post…

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