Friday, September 09, 2005

# 71: Notes and Adages

Only a truly great person is able to stoop down and cater to the less fortunate without fear of tarnishing his/her image.

Except for giving His attention to a very few who are actively desiring to reproduce the life of Jesus Christ, for all practical purposes, God has abandoned this planet.

Life is either a continual battle as one promotes the cause of Christ, or a futile attempt to make life’s seductive mirage a reality. One might ask, “What do you mean by ‘LIFE’S SEDUCTIVE MIRAGE’?” The answer is anything—goals, attributes, attitudes, ambitions, or accomplishments, etc.—that seems to promise lasting contentment.

One destructive aspect of belief in God is that many people add formalities and rituals to their belief, thus converting it into mere man made religion.

Possibly the most distasteful aspect of genuine, active Christianity is a need for self-abandonment.

Once a person is saved by God’s grace, what does God expect of that person—one’s very best, or whatever one feels like doing? People generally exert as little effort as possible in Godly matters, as we do with other aspects of our lifves.

At this time, God is more interested in telling the world what Christianity isn’t than what it is.

Other than activating the opportunity for Jesus Christ to live His holy and powerful life through receptive individuals, human life, with all its cycles of life and death, is generally nothing more than intelligent foolishness if we don’t live with an all-consuming purpose for our existence.

When someone actively desires to change what one believes about himself/herself, that change of mind will eventually become a reality.

When Jesus Christ is not dominating one’s life, even life at its very best is like traveling in a dark tunnel while continually looking everywhere/anywhere for light to end that pitiful darkness.

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