Wednesday, September 07, 2005

# 69: The Power of Thoughts

Whenever a thought (the foundation of belief) is generated, energy is produced by that belief/thought. Though the energy of a single thought is infinitesimal, it may be received by some other individual(s) on the same wavelength (so to speak). Most often, the origin is unknown. Most of us have had the same thought(s) at the exact same time when in the company of a close friend or relative. One person emitted the thought(s) and the other person received it. Or did they both receive it from another source? Who did what?

Then, we have people who are clairvoyant or those who are “experts” in the practice of ESP. The point I am making is that thoughts are not physical, and they have/are the essence of power/energy to influence others. Thought-sharing has been studied to some degree, but never to the extent of its great potential, and always as an oddity.

The energy needed to produce premeditated, psychic-supernatural happenings on demand requires energy levels thousands or millions of times stronger than the energy emitted by a single random thought or desire. Here is the secret: In order to have strong beliefs/thoughts that influence not only others but also the inanimate, one must somehow eradicate most of the ordinary thoughts and desires that make up a large part of the thinking/belief process. Let me put it another way. Say a person has a million thoughts in a day. We can divide the energy released for the day by one million. Each thought is responsible for one-millionth of all the belief energy released. Though those million individual thoughts may have been received by others, they were wimpy, to say the least, and there were likely no visible responses.

If a person could somehow meditate on one area of positive thoughts for days or even weeks, disregarding all other thoughts and desires, that thought pattern could produce enough energy to perform psychic supernatural occurrences. That is not exactly how it works since the workings of psychic powers defy easy description, but it is the basic principle behind most seemingly supernatural phenomena. Again, they are available only to the single-minded person.

Here is the thing: In order to actually be singled-minded in the above fashion, most of our natural desires, which may be good and possibly necessary, must be substituted for the desired supernatural power. That is an extremely high price to pay, which leaves us with this question: Is that substitution even possible in our present-day pampered culture? It would mean giving up a natural lifestyle which is most certainly contrary to the psychic powers desired. In other words, we are not talking about only a thought-process change, but a life change—from a mere human to a powerful supernatural god. Most may say, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Powerful, energy-packed thoughts are the only ones to ever reach the Creator or whatever other source of omnipotence. However, half-hearted mediocrity will result in devastating disasters every time.

This is what Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul were talking about when they said that one must be born again and then die to the flesh (sinful nature) in order to become a disciple of God. If Jesus Christ did nothing else, He clearly demonstrated by His life that there is a supremely superior state of being available to anyone who is willing and able to pay the price. Like myself, many may be willing, but because of the number of seemingly necessary distractions confronting us at this time, many are not fully able. What is the price? The price is pure, unadulterated, single-minded belief in the availability of this supernatural psychic power. Again, that power is available through devotion to God through Christ, or by self-effort through a method similar to Eastern religions. Through Christ, psychic supernatural power is fully available in this lifetime, while the other methods may take many lifetimes.

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