Thursday, September 08, 2005

# 70: Legitimate Lies? and Short Notes

A person may tell a white lie to spare an ugly person’s feelings when asked, “Tell me the truth; am I ugly?” Though this scenario is a hard one to call, there are many white lies that may have long-term consequences. For example, a mother asked a close friend, “Is my daughter on drugs?” In an effort not to hurt her feelings, the friend lied and said, “No.” That lie may have long-term consequences. The hurtful truth would have been the correct response. Therefore, I believe most, if not all, white lies are offensive to God. It may be more honorable to tell the truth and hurt one’s feelings than to deceive with a white lie. As we tell white lies, we must remember this verse: “When he [the devil] lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:44.

There is another lie that may be honorable and pleasing to God. This type of lie is acceptable only when a GENUINE CHRISTIAN is in a precarious situation: when a lie can save another or many from imminent death or mortal danger. This courageous person is possibly jeopardizing his or her own kinship with Christ to help another. To me, that is selfless love in action. I would call it a Godly lie.

What skeptics may need in order to believe in the existence of a supernatural God is hard-core evidence. That verification, most likely, is superhuman miracles that are produced by God’s people. I am not talking about self-imposed healing in the name of God. They are performed by needy people using their physics powers for self-betterment. Then they may say, “These miracles are proof that we are Christians. Follow us.” Don’t be fooled. Their lives will tell to whom they belong.

“Christianity,” especially when organized, has quite often been (and still is) a cover-up for individuals to engage in unbelievable sexual perversions that would turn the stomach of any decent person, and all that animalistic behavior is done in the name of Christ.

Many in America and throughout the world claim to be Christians, but the question remains: What is the criterion for genuine Christianity? The answer, as mentioned previously, is to believe what Jesus Christ commands and display by obedience those same dictations. In other words, how does a person live? Is it in accordance with what the Bible orders? If a person is serious about his or her religion, there is a surefire way that will reveal the truth.

Christianity is a two-fold religion. God’s part is giving us a Savior; our part is belief and obedience to all that the Bible and logic require. Here is the question: What do we display to God as hard-core, qualifying evidence to confirm (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that we are genuine Christians? Good question, ha? Christianity originated from the Bible; therefore, the Bible is the main source for understanding the makeup of Christianity. Read the Gospels, and take what they say literally.

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