Tuesday, September 06, 2005

# 68: Our Psychic Potential (Continued)

Here is another one of my off-the-wall hypotheses: Advanced civilizations are most likely able to engage in timeless interplanetary travel from one celestial body to another by propelling their psychic abilities. The functions of the advanced brain (meaning the intellect, thoughts, memory, emotions and all other attributes) are propelled to the desired destination. Upon instantaneous arrival, they can temporarily or infinitely take on a body and have a symbiotic relationship with their animate or inanimate surroundings. Their supernatural bodies are most likely visible and tangible, but not physical as we know it. In this psychic form, they are impervious to gravity or the laws of physics, though at times they may appear to conform to them. It is a shame that we humans on planet earth are not heading in the direction of intensively investigating our psychic possibilities. That means our carbon-based animal civilization will have to wallow in the mire of our physical limitations just that much longer. It is very sad to say that as long as we cater mainly to our animal instincts and our high-tech advancements, those psychic abilities may never manifest themselves. The reason is that our psychic probing must dominate our every desire. That is by no means an easy endeavor. It is just natural for us humans to want the easy way, and the easy way is doing what comes naturally. Though psychic activity can become natural to physical beings like ourselves, it will be undesirable to start with because it is like traveling on foot in a dark forest. We would rather know and see where we are going.

Jesus Christ came on the scene 2,000 years ago, thousands of years before His time. We, too, can be thousands of years before our time if we follow His formula for life in every detail. Christ displayed and told the people of His time about this available psychic power (faith). Though some of Christ’s apostles used it for a time, they didn’t understand its function and therefore couldn’t pass it on to the next generation. Strange as it may seem, this supernatural psychic power is also available without our God’s assistance, since it is a natural law of the universe. But without God, it could take hundreds, even thousands of years for a civilization to acquire this limitless supernatural psychic power. And then, some civilizations (earthlings) may never fully experience their psychic powers before we are all terminated by natural or self-imposed catastrophic calamities.

We have heard of people in India and other Eastern countries who have just touched on this power. Why they haven’t advanced in number and strength in the last century, I still don’t understand. These dedicated gurus seeking the unknown may take a lifetime of devotion and meditation to experience just a touch of this supernatural power.

And yet, there is a shortcut in acquiring this power; though short in time in comparison to hundreds or thousands of years, it is not simple and is extremely undesirable to our human nature. It is through the power of belief in the ability of Almighty God to perform supernatural events in response to our requests. I’m referring to requests that only further the cause of Jesus Christ. It is acquired through the belief process, and the belief must be pure, not contaminated by rival ambitions.

Some might be asking what the purpose is of having this bizarre topic on a Christian blog. There is only one reason: to somehow inform the readers that belief is much more powerful than we can imagine or conceive; in fact, there are no limits to the power of belief, especially psychic belief. How many of you believe that flying saucers really exist and that it is not just a bunch of factious hullabaloo? Now I am going to give you a firsthand account. Several years ago I became a firm believer with physical evidence to verify my story. I am not so much talking about the saucers themselves but the occupants of these vehicles. It was a warm late summer night; the sky was clear. I stepped out to my second-story, covered balcony to get a breath of fresh air. As I was looking up at the beautiful star-filled sky, I saw two bright lights doing extremely fast “whirlies” in the sky. This grabbed my attention. But that is not the strange part. After whirling around several times at about one revolution per every five seconds, they merged into one vehicle and then flew over my balcony. I can’t estimate the exact distance over my home, but it must have been about a hundred feet or so. As it was passing over my house, it went out of sight, as my roof was in the way. I ran down quickly to see where it was going; I could not find hide nor hair of it. Now here is the really strange part: At that home, I always had a vegetable garden in the backyard. In that garden, I had a rather large pumpkin patch. As I was surveying the garden for weeds and bugs the next morning, I noticed a rather small, part-green, part-orange pumpkin. There were also several large, fully mature pumpkins ready for picking. But half of the small pumpkin was missing. It was cut exactly in half, with half of the pumpkin missing. I asked myself who in heaven’s name would want to steal half of a small, immature pumpkin. In all the years I lived there, I never had so much as a tomato stolen. And besides that, there were no kids in that neighborhood. After thinking about the matter for a while, I wondered if it could have been the occupants of that flying saucer. Could the aliens have wanted it to investigate what our food was made of? They must not have realized that green pumpkins were not good eating. I quickly got on the phone and called the local police to see if anyone else saw the strange object(s). The answer was no. I told my teenage daughter about what I saw and about the half of a pumpkin that was missing. She became really frightened. And to this day, I can’t talk to her about that bizarre incident without her stopping me and saying, “Please, Dad; don’t remind me.” She is evidently trying to put it out of her mind. Are skeptics also attempting to put the topic out of their mind? It could get scary. For me, seeing is believing.

Now the question is, how many years ahead of us in the evolution process are these intelligent beings in spacecrafts that defy our laws of gravity? Several thousand, several million, or several billion years? Your guess is as good as mine. I do want you to know that I am not an irrational person; what I saw, I saw. I think that will answer why I brought up this strange topic.


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bro, Thanks for your comment. How do you know for a unequivocal fact, that there are no advance civilizations in our vast universe?

If what I saw were deamons, etc. what was their purpose in cutting half of my pumpkin, and leaving the other half. There is no Biblical evidence thay work that way. An why do deamons need flying vehicles? Thanks anyway.