Thursday, October 06, 2005

#93: Seeing is Believing

Skeptics often say, “Show me your God and then I will believe that He or She exists.” You can say to them: “You can’t show me electricity, gravity, magnet fields, radio and T.V. waves, yet you still believe they exist.” Even though they are all invisible, we know they exist because they all produce a result or an action. One of the ways one knows there is invisible electricity flowing through a wire is by touching the bare wire and receiving a shock, or plugging an appliance into the end of the wire and watching it work. Evidence of gravity is displayed by the fact that we do not float off into space. We would be foolish to believe in the North and South Poles if the needle of our compass did not point to North or South. The wireless radio would be useless if invisible waves did not travel sometimes thousands of miles from the transmitting station to the radio.

God, who displays Himself through selfless love, is made visible through Jesus Christ. Therefore, His love life is evident in those who call themselves Christians. No love, no God. Love is invisible, but when it exists, it always has a visible effect. When there is no effect, one can rightly say there is no God. When skeptics say there is no evidence of an invisible God, most often they may be correct. They have a right to say, “God does not exist” since they can’t see much (if any) visible evidence of a loving God in the lives of those who call themselves “His children.”

Apart from God displaying Himself through His special creation (humanity), he is visible in nature and in the existence of the universe, but more so in the creation of all forms of life. If God did not create life, where and how did it come about? Well, there are many theories brought forth by skeptics on the genesis of life, but they are wrong (as I have mentioned several times in this blog) because none have been able to create life or explain in detail how it came about. Another great evidence of the existence of God is man’s/woman’s inability to create matter out of nothing.

Why is there a genuine need—though many are not aware of that need—to believe in the existence of God? Answer: We are the reason He is! His love is made manifest through mankind. All else in the material world is no more than circumstantial evidence for the existence of God. God gets no pleasure out of large rocks and huge balls of gas (celestial bodies). He can’t love them and they cannot love Him in return. God could not be a God of love without us. Who would He love, and who would love Him in return? Again, we are the reason He is, and He is the reason we are! Let me elaborate. The very nature of love dictates reciprocation. God cannot help but love His creation, but that love is of little value to Him/us when a whole-life response to that love is not received. Could God exist without our love? Yes and no. If God had no one to reciprocate his love—but that is not the case—He would, so to speak, cease to exist. Eternal love is the kind that is totally content with the love of one, namely Jesus Christ, as He is with the love of an infinite number. But at the same time, if God did not need our love, we would not be precious to Him. He needs our love for one main reason, and that is that He could not share His love with us without a loving response. In other words, God’s only need is to share His love with all who will believe Him and thus become like Him. He needs us to share his love, though that need is not life-threatening to Him. It would be a sin and a waste on God’s part if somehow He did not continually make every attempt to propagate His love life in every possible way. Repeating, He is the reason we are and we are the reason He is.

To deny the existence of God is to deny the sanctity and value of human life. If there was no God, why would our lives be more valuable than the cow which we may bite into for supper? Who made us more valuable than that cow? Our intelligence, our ability to reason? No. The only thing that makes human life of greater importance than the animal kingdom is our propensity to believe God and display an active love for Him by loving people as He does. Take that potential away—that is what atheists do unknowingly—and what is left is nothing more than intelligent and conniving animals, most of whom secretly believe they and their families are the most important animals in the world, and live accordingly.

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