Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The House Church Connection

Click on "comments" below to leave an email address, general location (city and state), and a few words about yourself that you desire others to know (for example: explaining what you are about and what is of importance to you). In this way, it will be easier to get in touch with others of like kind, or to join or start a House Church of your own.


JC said... Fort Collins, CO

Anonymous said...

just saw this url (can't even find where i chanced upon it now), and was happy to see it.

it is only this past year that my husband and i have become so fully aware of the deceit that has been so rampant in our own little church, and left to seek our Father's Will through His Word Alone, which is enough for now. however, we find this site to be a blessing as well.

our hearts have been broken by events that have occurred there (at the little 'nondenominational community church' we attended for years), but we are aware that this is going on ever-more, everywhere, 'ragingly' in these last days in 'churches' that call themselves Christian.
we welcome the Truth, no matter what, and welcome any contact with fellow believers in our most Precious Savior, Yeshuah, Jesus, the Lamb of God, the Lover of our Souls.

many blessings sent to you all, our brothers and sisters in Him, Who has never left us, and never will.

Anonymous said...

There is a great article on house churches in TIME magazine March 6, 2006.

Anonymous said...

HI!!! I found the flyer in my door knob this morning... and i really liked it and also it makes me think about "im not alone with the idea of the abolition of organized church" so thanks for be another one to share that idea....
When i go to church, and the pastor ask for the "holy donation", i give the donation for that organization, but i give my heart and my spirit to GOD....
Blessings with justice

Anonymous said...

Was seeking guidance God brought me here.
Universalism? am seeking truth it makes sense to me why should i not believe this!!

Anonymous said...

How do You Know who is a fake Christian or not.And be thankful you didn't create the world your way.No matter how hard we try we are incapable of not making mistakes.It is born within us.I believe God has his reasons for everything he does and it does not always coenside with our will.If God created a world without evil (which if you read the bible you would understand the origin of Satan's defiance and where evil arose from.Eden was perfect until that first temptation.)He would not have given us free will.If God wanted robots to choose him without choice he could have done that.What reward is that?What childs love is special that is forced or programmed.The truth is true love is a choice.The biggest reward in having children is greatly the love the return unto you,and being able to love them in return.

JC said...

I responded to this last comment on the comment section of blog #166: "If I Were God"

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there is actually a meeting place on this or it consists of just blogs? Thanks!

JC said...

Anonymous, Thanks for your question. To my knowledge, there is no physical location for a house church in Fort Collins CO. If you live in Fort Collins, send me an email and we could start a house church. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Bear in mind, individuals could just as passionately write about the churches they attend that lovingly teach solid Biblical principals as the ones that do not. Potentially, there are people who are just as upset at house churches as those involved in "conventional" churches. Who knows. It is important as believers that we strive for obedience, unity, and a passion to glorify God, disciplining and encouraging where there is a need inside the body. Some churches meet this call, some do not. Please keep this in mind before all "conventional" churches are labeled erroneous and apostate.

God's blessing upon everone.

JC said...


Thanks for leaving your well written comments. I totally agree with your first sentence. You are also correct in your second statement. Yes, there are house churches that are not much better than ordinary churches. Although, one thing they have in their favor: they don’t have formalities and rituals to adhere to, of course, unless they put them onto themselves.

Most people believe going to church on Sunday morning is a special time to worship God. Although we were taught it is our main source of worship, and it may seem as worship, that is a fallacy. True worship of God and Christ is something much more profound, and does not need the presence of other to perform. I am aware, we must, if possible, gather with others of like faith and belief. We should do that in a spontaneous manner; to share our joys and sorrows, etc. so that other can be intimately acquainted with who we are; while personally praising and thanking God for all He does through us, either good and sometime, as we see it, not so good.

I will partially agree with your next statement, concerning unity and what is of importance. There can never be unit of different faiths that do not fulfill what is required of them by Holy Scripture. If one church is qualified as being holy in God’s sight and another doesn’t, though both call themselves Christian churches, there can never be any unity between the lost and the saved. This is where tolerance and/or condonation may be deadly.

As to importance; you wrote: “obedience, unity and a passion to glorify God.” They are all of importance, nevertheless, of first and of primary importance is faith in Christ, that we believe He accomplished for us what we never could have done on our own. Second, that faith, if genuine will lead to love for God as He requires. And thirdly, if all else is correct, then will come obedience as CONFIRMATION to the genuineness of our faith and love. Fourth, all else that follows, when it is in accordance with the New Testament, is the Christian life.

As to your last statement, God has His few; they will never be grouped with conventional churches, regardless what anyone says. They are extraordinarily different. They will shine with Holy/Godly Goodness.

If I am correct, your writing tell me you are a professional church person. Bear in mind, the word professional automatically puts a cloud over your head. That means your livelihood depends on saying and doing what pleases those who pay you. Preach the disagreeable stuff the New Testament teaches, along with what this blog says, and you may be preaching to a much smaller congregation or looking for another job. I am sorry for being so blunt; I am just saying what makes common sense and is only logical. I am not saying anything new. The choice is yours.

Still, I pray God will bless you with the wisdom to do what is His Will.


Anonymous said...

If you are going to quote scripture to make a point dont do it in such away that ends up leading away from the message that is in the scripture.In blog 271 you state that the lord says to love your enemy but then go on to infer that that love will end up wasted and serve no purpose.Jesus pointed out that the only way into the kingdom of heaven was thru him but he spoke in parables.He understood that the only way in was to accept all that is as is.When he said love your enemy he meant have no enemy. All those out there who believe that others wont get into the kingdom of heaven because they dont do this or believe that will themselves not enter until they no longer put themselves before others. THE LAST SHALL BE FIRST AND THE FIRST SHALL BE LAST. The only enemies that exist are the ones created and fed with the thoughts of a careless or unconcious mind.THERE IS NO POWER OVER GOD BECAUSE ONLY GOD EXISTS....DO NOT JUDGE LEST YOU BE JUDGED AND BY YOUR OWN MADE UP ENEMIES NONE THE LESS.