Sunday, October 09, 2005

# 94: Do We Know Who We Are?

What is the purpose for which we were born? This blog contains as much new information concerning what Christianity does and doesn't mean as an Air Force C-130 transport plane contains cargo. You'll be standing in the gallery of tears in shocked silence as Jesus Christ explains firsthand what He is about. Live this information or be prepared to die. Don't leave life without Him! Relying on the clergy to tell you the truth about Christ is like flying in an airplane with a pilot who only read the flying manual but never actually flew. While most Christian authors have their names in neon lights for having written about or preached on Christ for decades, I am a “nothing” showing you what Jesus is really like. God needs our complete body, mind, soul and spirit in order for us to function as Jesus Christ. Out of necessity, God had to create living beings in order to find some who desire to share all His goodness. It would have been impossible for Him to keep it to Himself and find any meaning to His own existence. The same is true of us. This is what is meant by “created in His image.” Heaven is a place where you will be so busy that you won't have any time for yourself. Everyone else will be caring for all of your needs as you care for others: total oneness. Life has no good end to it, no matter how one looks at it, unless one attaches him/herself through belief to the One who has no end. Christianity is not a religion that concerns itself with our well-being, but one that is concerned with the spiritual welfare of others. Organized Christianity is, however, infatuated with self. When we know for certain that we are a "god in the flesh" (child of God), not only in our minds but in our heart of hearts, then we will start living like Christ. The physical world, as necessary as it may be, is a thief attempting to get a firm grip on those whose lives are temporally devoted to Jesus Christ.

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