Tuesday, October 18, 2005

# 99: Who Am I, Anyway?

After much experimentation and searching, a persistent person—after half a lifetime of effort—finally came up with a recipe that has all the nutrients necessary to sustain life. It is quick, easy, and inexpensive to make, low in fat and calories, and best of all, it is absolutely delicious, even after eating it day after day; it never gets monotonous or boring. This person has at least three choices: keep the recipe to himself/herself, apply for a patent, or give it away to whomever at no charge. He/she knows it will be a blockbuster winner unless it is kept a secret. To his/her disappointment, a patent could not be applied for, because it is a homemade meal. Now there are only two choices: keep it a secret or make it public. What would you do? Remember, this is the best recipe in the known world. Unfortunately, the above story is false; no such meal exists, and most likely never will.

Now, let’s change that meal to a lifestyle. After many years of searching, a person discovers an extremely superb way of living. It has everything necessary to live without the nagging addiction of desire for material goodies. It is not expensive; it does not ask for more than what is necessary; and best of all, it feels like one is continually living in Shangri-la. Still more than that, it provides a contentment that human words cannot describe. That is the type of lifestyle all humans were meant for. Now the question comes up: Should this person keep his/her way of living a secret, or attempt to tell the world?

The above scenario is what I am now experiencing, to a degree. As the Apostle Paul said, “Having nothing [of earthly value] and yet possessing all things [of real value].” And then, some will still ask, “Why do you spend your time and money on writing and talking about this unpopular, esoteric stuff that is foreign to our ears and eyes?” Answer: When a person is living in this type of grandeur, of actually allowing Jesus Christ to live His life through yours/mine, it is impossible to keep it to oneself. One of the reasons for sharing that life: It is another source of much of that joyful, Utopian-type elation. And I can guarantee you that if one is not experiencing this life, even to a small degree, it will sound like a make-believe fairytale. Then there are those who will ask, “Who are you, anyway?” I am a voice of one crying in the wilderness of excess and waste. That voice candidly tells the words of God that haven’t been tainted by the distortions of organized religion. If I sound high and mighty, believe me, I am not. Repeating, even a pack of wild horses couldn’t stop me from making this Christ-like life known to all who hunger and thirst for spiritual substance. But, as this blog testifies, it won’t be easy or cheap.

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