Wednesday, July 06, 2005

# 12: Wasted Lives

When people do not live up to the potential expectations of the One who designed them, it is not only sad for the Designer but also devastating for the humans who have lived wasted lives. Through the power of belief, all humans were meant to become extensions of Almighty God. If you were The Invisible God, what would be the most effective and convincing way to display yourself to humanity so that they too could also become powerful gods? Remember that God desires to make Himself visible through people who not only believed in His existence but also obeyed what He commanded.

I am sure there may have been many ways for God to propagate Himself into humans, but what was the best way? One difficulty is that it was impossible for a spirit being (God) to teach and show His creation what He is like without some sort of visible, physical body. Of course, God could have come to earth in the form of an angel or some other heavenly form, but angels and the like would only terrify most people. God doesn’t want people to come to Him out of fear. Therefore, scare tactics were out of the question. He could have come as a fully-grown man or woman, but what about his childhood and where He came from, if and when He was asked? He couldn’t lie; He would have to tell the truth and reveal how He took the form of a human but wasn’t really human like the rest of humanity.

Here is another problem that would come up: He would have to teach not only with words but with His life. If He said—which He did—“I am your example as to how you should live,” the response would certainly be, “Sure, You can live the perfect life because you are not fully human as we are.” Therefore, as anyone can see, coming to earth in that manner wouldn’t work.

The only possible and practical way He could come to earth and show mankind what He was like was to come to earth as a baby who was fully human. Yes, God came to earth in the body of baby Jesus. But what would happen when He became an adult and finally died or got himself killed? Who would show, not so much tell, the next generation of humanity what God was like? Here is where genuine active Christianity—not holy words or even an inspired book—comes into play.

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