Wednesday, July 13, 2005

# 20: Be Like Jesus: The Best Christian

Have we been going in the wrong direction with our intellect? I am not saying I don’t enjoy all the conveniences that modern science has given us, but imagine if all the energy we expended in the pursuit of technology in the last hundred years or so was directed in knowing the secret ways of God and creation—we might now be living in a Godly world. Therefore, to become what we were meant to be, we personally must change directions if we desire to learn of God’s secrets. That direction is to acknowledge the awesome power of belief. In fact, I believe that inquiring about and applying God-type belief in our lives holds the secrets to knowing the reason for the vastness of the universe and the art of creation.

His secrets are available to anyone who is willing to seek Him/them with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. That doesn’t leave room for much else in life. Without a doubt, Jesus Christ was the best of all men and women. When we sing the song, “Be like Jesus is my song,” do we really mean it? If we do, then nothing in our lives will satisfy until we are doing everything in our power, with the inspiration of God, to be the best Christian (disciple of Christ) in the world.

Again, it is not religion’s rules or regulations (or even God’s written law) that coerce us to be the best—it is Christ’s Spirit within that compels. Praise God!

Short note: Evil will always desire to destroy good, and even though evil will eventually self-destruct, for love’s sake (love for God and neighbor), we must put up with this enemy and thrive.


Roland said...

Hi HolyBull -

I find your blog to make for good reading and you do a good job of explaining your opinion on some serious issues for which I would like to extend my compliments.

While you come down pretty hard on Christian churches in general, it looks like this blog has given you power to create your own church. I call it the the Church of the Blog.

I wish to take issue with your definition of God's Truth.

You claim as your basis the New Testament as the sole source of truth.

But that appears to deny other sources of truth that God has revealed to man.

Remember, Jesus boldly declared during his temptations "it is written, that man must live by every that proceedeth from the mouth of God."

John wrote towards the end of his gospel testimony that he could not record even 1/100ths of the truths taught by his master.

And also why do we have so many different versions of the new testament itself. Which version is correct? The original version contained

many books of the Apocrapha, but now many have been removed. Many prophets warned penalties against those who would remove plain and precious truths from

the holy scriptures. You appear to quote from the NIV New Testament. Isn't this one bible where many of those precious truths have been removed.

Who authorized these deletions nearly 1800 years after Christ and his disciples and his prophets recorded their testimonies.

You also appear to ignore the root source of the truths given in the scriptures. How did God give us New Testament? Or for that mannner the Old Testament?

It is entirely done by the Spirit of Prophecy. In his letter to the Corinthians, Paul expounds this as the single greatest of all the miraculous gifts of God.

Why is it so important? Becomes it is the power by which man (especially even the ancient prophets and apostles) is able to learn, understand and then

explain the important truths of God. The scriptures are very harsh against any man who would attempt to understand, explain or interpret divine truths without this spirit.

It appears that you recognize that many churchs are attempting to preach divine truths without this Spirit. The next logical question for your blog is how to recognize who has been given the authority to speak today on behalf of God. Otherwise, your blog is just one of another several thousand each claiming to have the correct interpretation of the truth. And this is why there are so many churches today and even more blogs on the internet today.


JC said...

Thank you for your challenging comments. It is easy to understand why you brought them up. I am sure many others feel the same as you. Nevertheless, by responding to the blog, you made yourself their spokes-person. Since I don’t get many comments, I will treat yours as precious. Although I take many liberties that extend far beyond the Word of God as dictated in the New Testament, I don’t see any of them defacing the holiness of Christ in God and Their purpose as to how we must live. If you haven’t noticed, my main punch-line throughout the blog is that the lives of many who claim Christianity, are not in accord with the two basic commands of Scripture: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all strength and with all your mind; and, love your neighbor as yourself.” “You have answered correctly,”Jesus replied. Do this and you will live’” Luke 10:27-28. Those principles are extremely easy to understand and to quote, but to live-out, is another question. Therefore, when a prophesy, teaching, writing etc. doesn’t lineup with those two commands that are the backbone of the Christian life, they are heresy and must be rejected. As I have made mention in the blog, there are many contradictions, especially in the Gospels, and why they are there. And still, if one can get past them, without excuses or losing faith, all so-called Scripture, along with all “godly” prophecy and every other opinion concerning what is truth and what isn’t, hangs on that immutable thread: to have an active desire to make every human effort to Love God and man/women with one’s all. That doesn’t leave room for anything that isn’t motivated by love, in the lives of Genuine Christians. Roland, if this short paragraph doesn’t accurately defend what is written in the blog and in my life, I ask you, tell me more of where you are coming from, in other words, what does your Christian life consist of and what it doesn’t. Thanks