Sunday, July 17, 2005

# 24: God is Disappointed and Angry and The Big Scam

Just because God is Spirit, He does not want to remain in hiding. He would love to show Himself, especially His awesome power, for all to see; this is His most earnest desire. He did just that for a very short while as He displayed Himself to a few thousand people through Jesus Christ. He was hoping to continually display Himself through those who call themselves His disciples. What a shame; what a waste. God is disappointed and angry, to say the least, at Christian religions in general, though there are a few small enclaves hidden here and there that know His desire and pain and are working to accomplish His will.

You may ask, “Isn’t He a God of love?” Absolutely! But that love doesn’t stop Him from getting angry at those who claim to believe in Him and then do their own little thing in His name. Most Christian religions are a scam to get naive and gullible people to give their hard-earned money to leeches who claim to be men or women of God (the clergy). The clergy intimidates and gives guilt trips in the name of God. They have been doing a great job of getting unearned money; in fact, if one is a good showman/woman, their business could become extremely lucrative. The helpless parishioners don’t dare hold back their money for fear that God might think they are stingy or greedy. The clergy’s ploy is, “God loves a cheerful giver.” “Love your neighbor as yourself,” is the second-greatest commandment. It doesn’t say to love your neighbor by giving to your pastor. I would go so far as to say that this is a form of legal and well-thought-out Mafia thievery. Yes, it is a perfected spiritual form of organized crime. If you don’t give, God will get you or bring hard times to your life. It is a perfect plan to get unearned money, and worst of all, the IRS approves of the whole thing under the guise of “Donate to one's religion as a tax deduction in the name of charity.” No doubt there are many underlying motives behind why people give, but I believe the main reason is that on their own they wouldn’t be able to understand the things of God and Christ, and they think a learned person of God must teach them.

Instead of giving to one’s church, one can easily do more good for God if they take their tithe, or whatever one calls it, and go out and find those who are in real need and spread the Gospel of Christ in that way. Of course, it would take much more effort to do that than to just drop the ransom money—give or you die—in a basket and pray that God will bless you. That giving is not only the lazy way out, but it deprives the giver the personal joy of spreading the Good News of Christ.

The needy world has a right to say, “First feed me, or pay my rent, or buy my kids’ shoes, or pay my heating bill, and then tell me about—or better yet, show me—Christ.”


JC said...

Roland, thanks again for your comments. I should tell you, my ex-son-in-law is a Mormon, and my daughter was one for-a-time. Therefore, I am quite familiar with your way of life, and your beliefs. In fact, I also studied with your Elders a long while ago. Your religion has many pluses. Yes it is noteworthy how your higher archie is structured, and the distribution of your monies to those in need. And how your young elders and other young-ones are dressed and well groomed. These qualities and many more, are to be praised. Yet, because of several activities Mormons are engaged in–which I don’t care to mention at this time, except for one–I cannot with a clear conscience before my God, subscribe to your belief system. One clear violation of the New Testament is how Mormons encourage members to become wealthy. If they claim not to encourage it, they openly condone wealth. That in itself tell me something is out of wack somewhere, most likely when Joseph Smith was in control. Remember wealth/money is the most highly valued asset in this wicked world. And, as I have mentioned several times in this blog , I will repeat this verse one more time as spoken by Jesus, “What is highly valued among men is detestable in God’s sight.”Luke 16:15. Many other verses virtually say the same thing. This verses cannot be ignored. Mormons are not the only church that desire wealthy church members. In fact most organized churches do the same. Shame on all of you. Even a fool would know that the richer the members, the more money they have to tithe, and the richer–tax free--the church becomes to do whatever. Another thing with Mormons: if one can afford it, and doesn’t tithe, or cheats on his/hers tithe, they are warned then warned again, then silently/secretly excommunicated. I don’t believe most Mormons will admit to that charge, if they even know about it. I don’t know of another denomination that does that.------Just because I disagree with some of your beliefs, we still can communicate on things we agree on. A genuine Christian is always learning new things of God. Once one stops learning of God, one is already dead or close to it. Roland, thanks for listening to my tough talk. I am really a softy.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Al

Just a point of clarification from a Mormon "deep on the inside" -- members are not chastised or excommunicated for not paying a tithe.

The only "punishment" per se is that non tithe payers cannot enter and attend the temple.

Non tithe payers are welcome to attend regular worship meetings in church houses and can even hold some callings within the church. They are not frowned upon or anything of the sort. Paying a tithe is an individual faith-based decision.

Thanks for such a thought-provoking web site!

JC said...

Mike D. Thanks for your comment. I am sorry to say, this weekend, May 19 or 20, I will be publishing a post on the Mormon religion and about Mitt Romney. I don't have many nice words to say about the Mormons, but if I didn't write what I believe, I wouldn't be true to my Boss Jesus Christ. Feel free to comment on what I write. Please don't take what I write personally. God Bless.