Wednesday, July 13, 2005

# 19: Inside Story and the Embarrassing Riddle

Christian belief is probably the most misunderstood concept of all religious doctrines. First of all, Christian belief is not a passive word but an active word. Christian belief will always be displayed by an action. A person can believe that the world is round and that the earth circles the sun once a year, etc. However, that kind of belief is not what makes God real in one’s life. The belief that the Bible refers to will always invoke a response. Let me give a vivid analogy to make my point clear. Electricity may be in a wire, but that electricity is of no value until a light bulb or some other apparatus is made to function with that electricity. What I am saying is that electricity may be in the wire, but it is valueless until it is activated.

Belief is identical to electricity. Through the workings of the brain, humans have the ability (all the necessary equipment) to believe. We are like a wire with electricity in it. But that ability to believe is of no value if it doesn’t spring into an action. No matter how loud a person says they believe in a certain Christian principle, until that belief produces an action, it is worthless. No one knows for certain whether electricity is in a wire until it is activated. No one can be certain whether a person believes until that belief produces a coinciding action.

To put it plainly, a person can’t say they believe in Christ and then live like an atheist. Belief is not Christian belief when there is no action. It can’t be put any simpler. Of course, the only standard as to what Christ desires of those who claim to believe in Him comes from the Bible. We know many believe in Christ in a false way (for self-promotion) which is not according to the Bible. That also is of no value to Christ.

Humanity's vast ability to acquire intelligence was given to us through God’s—not Darwin’s—evolution process, not only as a means of improving our physical lives and environment, but as a way of bettering ourselves in a spiritual way by learning of God and what He is like. The knowledge of all the intricate sciences we have acquired in this last century is stupendous to say the least. And yet, with all this knowledge, physicists are not able to create life from inanimate material. Along with that inability, they have not been able to figure out where the physical substance (energy or whatever) came from that started or preceded the “Big Bang.” At that point, the laws of physics break down. Every physicist knows that and yet hasn’t been able to solve this EMBARRASSING RIDDLE.

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