Sunday, July 24, 2005

# 30: Words of Wisdom and a Father's Instructions

The pain we personally make in our lives creates despondency, while the pain God creates for doing His will generates strength.

Let me live like Christ or let me die. No in-between.

All lifestyles produce emptiness except the one that aims at having the goodness and power of Christ.

Who wants to live an empty life? Not me. We were meant to be powerful gods in this world; praise the Lord now and forever. Life is not worth living unless one is living for the greatest cause on earth; nothing else will satisfy. Praise, honor, and glory to Him who is almighty.

Christ lived as He did not only to save us, but more as an example to show us how to live.

A person cannot function without a body, but that does not mean he or she is nonexistent. The body is not the person. The real person is invisible and occupies no space, but cannot make his or her will known without a body. At death, a person loses only the body. At that time the real person, now invisible, is totally incapacitated (asleep).

To worship God in spirit, people must devote all their time and energies to Godly things, save the absolute necessities.

Out of necessity, God was destined to become man, and also out of necessity, men/women were destined to become gods.

My God (Jesus Christ) is a God of the underdogs.

Belief that is dressed in the true knowledge of God is what real life is all about.

One can’t love God with all one’s heart, mind, soul, and strength, unadulterated by worldly competitors, unless one believes God with all one’s heart, mind, soul, and strength.

A father was about to instruct his children on a very short lesson that could change their complete lives. He started out by saying, “The reason your mother conceived you, with my help and permission, was so all of you could someday be like us. All that is necessary is to believe you can accomplish that task. And if you really believe it, you will live exactly the same way we do and obey everything we command. Of course, because you are young at this time and lack experience, you may slip and fall on occasion. That is okay. I just want to know who is aiming in the right direction. To those, I will give my full attention. It wouldn’t be smart to force any of you to obey me, as that would only create rebellion. To those of you who do things your own way, I will still love you by desiring the best for you, but that broken-hearted love doesn’t condone your lifestyle, nor will it do you any long-term good.”

The moral of the story is this: do you and I really believe that Jesus wants us to live exactly like Him while we are in a physical body like He had? The answer is an astounding, YES! Quite often, we are so content to just live on the peripherals of Christianity—which is not Christianity—never thinking that we are wasting the great potential we have to do the same work Christ did. We don’t desire to live this Christ-like life to earn our salvation; we desire to live like Jesus because it is within our means once He counts us as His own. Belief, especially in God, is that powerful. We have all the abilities necessary to do all that He tells/commands us.

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