Sunday, July 10, 2005

# 16: Continuing #15 and then Confusion

All this spiritual work is done for one main reason: to get closer to Christ. The closer we are to Him, the more real our belief becomes. As God becomes more real, the doubts in our lives will start eradicating. Then, we will be able to present our requests to God and know with certainty that they will be fulfilled. Without a doubt, our requests will have no self-interest but only to make Christ known as He desires to be known. It is quite simple to write these words down on paper, but to put them into practice is extremely difficult, if not next to impossible. If that wasn’t so, the world would be full of Godly faith.


We, as humans, are two in one. We are totally physical like animals, and we are invisible (spiritual) which is beyond the physical. Most of us live on the physical plane, not even knowing much, if anything, about the invisible. Here is the problem: only material events and things can satisfy the physical person—e.g. when things happen in our lives that are pleasant, we experience happiness. That happiness satisfies the physical being while leaving the invisible person starving. Although only our animal part is satisfied, we feel completely satisfied. False satisfaction is not only sad, it is disastrous. The reason is because things and events that satisfy the spiritual part of us are distasteful to our human emotions. That invisible part of us is the part that is meant for God to occupy. Satisfying our human desires does not make God happy.

In ending, as long as we are content and believe that life is good, we don’t have a ghost of a chance to see what a really wretched condition we are in. We are no more than happy-go-lucky, intelligent, self-centered, human animals.

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