Thursday, July 14, 2005

# 21: Logic of the Miracle

In the miracle birth of Jesus, God created a sperm containing His divine nature that attached onto Mary’s ovum. Why didn’t God also create the egg with His nature instead of using the one which Mary’s body produced? Jesus needed a human nature to be completely human. Mary’s ovum did just that. If the egg was also divine, Jesus wouldn’t have had a potentially sinful human nature, and it is this nature that makes us human. If Jesus didn’t have a human nature, He wouldn’t have been able to sin. If Jesus wasn’t completely human and didn’t have a potentially sinful human nature, He would not have been qualified to sit in our place. And why would He deserve glory, honor and praise if living a perfect life was not the most stupendous and difficult human event that ever occurred in all of history? He couldn’t have done it without genetic help from His Father.

We also are given spiritually genetic help from Jesus by believing He gave us His Spirit–we live by faith. God empowered Jesus, and Jesus empowers us. God’s plan to bring a few of us into His presence was, and still is, perfect.

Now that God has done His part, it is our place to bring His perfect plan to completion by believing (having faith) and living according to all that Jesus teaches (the active: our part, along with the passive which has already been accomplished: God’s part).

The battle we are engaged in with our human nature is the same battle Jesus had. Jesus’ divine nature won over His human nature by believing in what His Father said. We too can win that battle if we believe that Jesus gave us His victory and live accordingly. As I always say, it won’t be easy.

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