Sunday, July 31, 2005

# 38: How, When, and Why the Islamic Extremists’ Situation Began

“On November 29, 1947, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution for the establishment of an independent Jewish State in Palestine. . . .” This resolution needed recognition from all the members of the U.N. Security council before it could take effect. The United States and the U.S.S.R. were the big super powers and therefore played a big part in its recognition. Harry S. Truman was president at that time. Truman, having sympathy for the Jews, sent a letter of recognition without notifying the U. S. delegates or the top-ranking State Department officials. Truman knew that George C. Marshall (the Secretary of State at the time) was adamantly against that recognition. Marshall was also the U. S. Army Chief of Staff and was the main architect of the Marshall Plan (European Recovery Program).

“Throughout the Roosevelt and Truman administrations, the Department of War and State recognized the possibility of Soviet-Arab connection and the potential Arab restriction on oil supplies in this country, and therefore advised AGAINST intervention on behalf of the Jews.” Truman did not take their advice. It will never be known if that influenced his decision. Then, on May 14, 1948, Israel became a state. The recognition of Israel as a de facto state inflamed most, if not all of the Arab nations. There were more than several wars between the nation of Israel and their Arab neighbors. But what infuriated the Arabs even more was the cozy friendship between the U.S. and Israel along with financial aid (gifts) the United States was giving to Israel, in addition to all the military equipment and know- how. And for the last 57 years, American tax payers (with or without our consent) have been donating billions yearly to support the nation of Israel. In the last several years, we gave as much as 3 billion American dollars in aid annually and from 9-13 billion annually in guaranteed loans. “Guaranteed” means that if Israel can’t pay them back, America can forgive them.

I personally have nothing against the Israeli/Jewish people, but at the same time have sympathy for the Palestinian underdogs who fight with stones and suicide bombers against Israel’s sophisticated weapons of war including nuclear missiles. In 1948, could anyone in their wildest nightmare have ever dreamed that the recognition of Israel as a state could have escalated into a world-wide terror network, along with the never-ending chaos in Iraq? The moral of the story is that the U.S. has made Israel the mighty and secure nation that it is.

Then, on top of that, matters were made even worse when President Bush preemptively attacked Iraq on the basis of false information that he and Vice-President Cheney slyly conjured up. Is there a solution? Yes and no. Here is the best solution, yet it will not and cannot occur: stop all financial and military aid to Israel; stop being Israel's cohort; remove every last American soldier and adviser from Arab soil, along with every American ship and all aircraft carriers out of all waters surrounding Arab lands. Arab skies are a no-fly zone to U.S. aircrafts. Close all American embassies; recall all ambassadors, diplomats, reporters, cameramen/women, and visitors from Arab/Islamic countries. On top of that, buy no more Arab oil–ouch. Doing all of that will most certainly end the animosity the Arabs have toward America. Of course, there will still be friction between Israel and the Arabs, as has been the case for over 3000 years.

By the way, the Arabs ask, “Who made the U.S. the policeman of the world? Leave the Arab/Islamic countries alone.” They say, “Let us kill each other if we choose; let us violate your standard of human rights if we choose; let us worship our faith as we choose; let us fight with Israel if we choose; and let us mistreat our women if we choose. Arabs are one big family. And without American interference, we will get along fine; even if we don't, leave us alone. In short, don’t meddle in any of our affairs. This is all that we desire.”

But because of Jewish influence in this country, and other poignant reasons, it will never happen. But I have to ask whether the Arab world can get by without all the goodies only the U.S. supplies. I don’t think so. If none of the above will materialize, what will be the outcome of this war against Islamic terrorists? Answer: there is no definitive solution, so it will continue until who knows when, maybe until the end of time. And guess who started it all in 1948? Now it’s time for someone (a country or all countries) to pay the fiddler. If anyone finds any errors in this short essay or has strong personal opinions, send in your comments. Some might ask what this topic has to do with “Religion’s Crime Against God.” You decide.


JC said...

Roland, thanks for your comment. Those are the kind of comments I appreciate, instead of your Christian religion is right and her/his is wrong. As you may have figured out, the Islamic religion shows itself to be satanic; the main reason is because of the approval of killing those who don't agree with them. Are we to tolerate their religion, or attempt to destroy it? Tolerate it, but at the same time expose it as ungodly. I hope I made myself clear, but everytime I don't, let me know.

Anonymous said...

I stopped attending organized religious meetings because I find myself sickened by the hypocrisy. I live a simple life and do what I feel my creator wants me to do. I do as I will and harm none. Funny to say such a comment when I was raised an Evangelical Lutheran. I find more hope in paganistic writings than I do from the forked tounge of the pulpit.

Anonymous said...

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