Thursday, July 07, 2005

# 13: Clones-of-Christ-in-the-Making

All those who become His disciples would learn how God desires humanity to live, and pass it on to the next generation. If, by some chance, the teachings and life of Jesus Christ are taught and lived in a degenerative manner by those who profess to be Christ’s followers, guess what? We end up with Christianity which has been corrupted from as early as the first century and has continued to degenerate until the 21st century, and doesn’t have even a slight resemblance to what the founder desired.

In essence, what I am propounding is that Christianity is nothing less than a number of clones-of-Christ-in-the-making, showing what Christ is like by teaching others how to live as God desires and then pass it on in its original form. Passing it on is one of the most important parts of Christianity. If it is not continually passed on, or if it is passed on in a distorted manner, it will most likely end up as some form of synthetic Christianity.

I in no way desire to belittle the Bible; it is the only writing that tells of God’s plan as to how His Christ has accomplished the impossible and amazing feat of living exactly as His Father God desires. That part of the Bible is as immutable as God Himself, along with the moral standards it sets. But many sections of the Bible are out of date and irrelevant, and therefore do not apply to our modern times. The writers of the New Testament wrote with the only knowledge they had of how the earth, moon, sun and stars functioned. That is not an error. Mark writes, “With many similar parables Jesus spoke the word to them, as much as they could understand.” Mark 4:33.

Let me give an excellent analogy: Henry Ford in the early part of the 20th century was making an excellent automobile for his time—the Model T Ford. It was the best that the average person could buy. Now, in the year 2005, if someone wanted the best auto made and for some reason, Ford was still making the Model T along side the new 2005 models, which one would the public buy? Oh, it would be nice to have an antique auto in mint condition, but for general use, it wouldn’t be practical in this modern age. The basic design is the same: the Model T had four wheels, an engine, a steering wheel, and several seats, yet there were few other similarities to our modern cars.

The Bible is the same. Our general knowledge of the laws of physics and all the other sciences nowadays is many times more than the early writers could ever dream of. Therefore, any Bible verses that are contrary to present-day knowledge and facts must be updated, at least in our understanding of the Bible, without taking away the authority of God’s word. If we don’t, what has happened and will continue to happen is that some of the greatest minds in the world will continue to shun God and the Bible as an out-of-date book that is made only for the unlearned and foolish.

I truly believe that God and modern science (evolution, biology, archaeology, etc.) could easily blend and become coauthors of what God, Christ, and the Christian life are all about. That is, in part, my seemingly impossible mission.

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