Tuesday, July 26, 2005

# 33: Ultimate Ambition & Little Gems

Could you imagine a conversation between a father and his children such as this: “I am going to teach you the right way to live, but I am not going to teach you everything I know because I don’t want you to be as good and powerful as me”? Could you imagine Jesus saying the above statement to His disciples (us)? Ridiculous. There are no limits to the goodness and power we can achieve while Christ is our paradigm. We may set goals as to our limits, but they are faults. Pure, unadulterated belief in God has no limits. When the Bible says, “We are created in the image of God (Christ),” that means we have the capability to be like Him while in a physical body. Jesus indisputably proved that fact. He said, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father,” and He lived accordingly. The Christian motto should be, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Christ.” Now that we have read these POWERFUL words, what are we going to do, and how are we going to live?

To reach its full potential, belief in God must not be in competition with any other beliefs that are of great value. In fact, if a person is not single-minded in his or her belief in God, it will amount to nothing more than some form of self-centered religion. Belief in God will lose every time when one’s belief in worldly things is of equal (or greater) value.

God has so much goodness and love to give away, but there are not many takers; what a waste.

When we care for ourselves more than for God, we are in essence saying, “We are more important than God.”

For me to claim that I am a Christian tells me that the Bible doesn’t mean what it says.

There is no goodness within if it is not lived out.

Belief, when not put into action, is of no value.

Reality is in the eye of the believer.

It is hard to believe that God’s saints and the vilest of men/women are made up of the same physical material.

Godly love is meant to connect people.

Another name for the devil could be “The Distracter.”

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