Wednesday, July 27, 2005

# 34: Challenging Questions, etc.

People who are content with what this world offers do not need what God offers, except to complement their present contentment.

Why does God require His people to love Him with their all?

What does it mean when God says to “love Him with your all”?

Is it possible to love God with one’s all and still live in the physical world?

What must a person do and not do to love deity with one’s all?

The main reason God desires us to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength is so He doesn’t have to play second fiddle to the physical world.

Every imperfect food subtly poisons the body, while every imperfect thought overtly poisons the mind, body, and soul.

The most exciting activity in the world is becoming more like Jesus every day. Praise God!

To understand God more completely, we must personify Him to the greatest degree possible without His greatness and glory. By faith, we must deify ourselves by accepting and living out all that Christ did for us (giving us His status).

Christ came to destroy self-centeredness, which is the origin of all sin.

Life is not worth living if one is not living for a great cause. Let me live like Jesus or let me die. If God could combine all His gripes that He holds against the Christian religion into one sentence, it would be this: they don’t teach, and they especially don’t model, the potential all people have to become powerful, walking, breathing, human Christ's.

If I can’t love God with my all, I don’t want to live at all.

What would you and I give to become a God of selfless love?

Do we who belong to Christ have hard-core evidence, besides the Bible, that God loves us?

In what way does God love His own that He cannot love the lost?

Religion, which is supposed to embody goodness and love for neighbor and God, is most often nothing more than promotion of self and family.

People do not become followers of Christ with their mouths or minds, but with their lives.

The Good News which Jesus preached via the Bible is bad news to those who “have it made” on earth.

Self-importance can never properly and permanently be devalued until something of much greater value is first discovered and embraced.

Giving is quite often tainted with self-advancement because of tax write-offs for churches and charities (lowering the amount due to the IRS.)

When someone is actually experiencing the love of God, everything else is trivial. When someone does not have that love, nothing is trivial.

What is more important to a person, what one actually has or what one believes he or she has?

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